Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Never Too Late To Change

Dear Family & Fans,

It has been quite some time since anyone has called me “duck”. I actually can still speak like Donald Duck.. I think anyway.. Not so sure. I still remember when dad would talk like that to us and I would just laugh. But now I know how to do it!

Well I was wondering what happened with the package. We have that guy here named Efrain who is the tour guide and he told me he if would have known earlier then he could have looked for her or something. I don't know, but what's done is done and there is no use crying over spilled milk - right? I'm sure that I would have loved the package but I'm alive and happy that my family would go through all that effort to try and get me a few goodies. =) But why was it so expensive to send a package from Honduras to Belize? They are relatively close and I can't imagine how hard it would be to get here? Maybe if they would just throw the package on a bus and I could have picked it up. Just kidding...

Can everyone really believe that I'm going to be 21 years old? How old is that? Man I'm as old as the dirt now, huh? That means that I can go and be a full blown adult huh? But maybe if I pretend that I'm not that old it won't be so bad. Maybe we can pretend that I'm turning 16 again! I still remember that birthday by the way. Or even my last birthday in the mission. It feels like just the other day I was celebrating my 20th birthday and now I'm 21. I think that I need to stop getting older.

Megan is going to meet the Jazz? I'm very excited for her but not too excited about how they are doing.. I ask some of the guys here in the branch how they are doing and normally they have no idea who the team is. If that shows how great they are doing. (haha) I think that Megan should just go and play for them. But either way, I sure hope that she takes some pictures with them so she can show me. =P

It seems that whenever lacrosse is starting the weather seems to kick up. I'm not sure why? It goes to show that only men can really play that sport. =P But I'm looking forward to hearing how the team is going to do this year. I have high hopes for you all! I mean it’s the best high school in the whole state!

1 – Are you still feeling “under the weather” with ?????? Is there something I could send you to help?

Well I'm actually feeling a lot better than last week. I was definitely feeling a little sick but it got over me fast. I don't know what it is but it is running around right now. Tons of the Latin elders are getting sick. I know I'm not Latin but I sometimes pretend like I am.

2 – Do you have a “real” bed that you sleep on with mattress, etc.?

Well yes I do have a real bed. But that's about it. I've been sleeping for the past 2 months without a pillow but it’s a good experience. I think it’s building my character, right dad? But honestly, I can't complain. I have a lot more than most people here in Belize. Unlike in El Salvador, they tend to use wood a lot more in their houses here which can be good and bad. But luckily our house is well built and it looks nice. =)

3 – Do you ever get invited to eat with members?

Well definitely not like I used to in El Salvador - maybe once a week. And if that does happen, we're wayyyy happy. But like I said not many members really understand what it’s like to be missionaries slash have much money so we're basically on our own. According to my scale here in my house which is quite inaccurate - I weigh like 160. That is about what I weighed before the mission. But it’s actually a great mystery how much I really do weigh.

4 – Did you get yourself some inner soles for your “sweet” b-ball shoes?

Well not yet. I haven't really had the chance to go and look for them either. It’s not quite as easy as the states where we can just go to Wal-Mart and buy everything there for cheap. But I literally have to look around to find it. It’s definitely not the Americanized style of thinking. Who would have thought.. (hahah) But I did manage to wash them and they are still in the process of drying out because man they stunk up a storm in the house. I wasn't too sure how to do it but I did my best. I can't see a wrong way of washing shoes..

5 – How’s the food different in Belize than in El Salvador?

Well definitely 100000 times more greasy here. They have fried chicken, fried rice, fried jacks, fried creole bread.... I don't understand it because the people in general here have good figures even though they eat so much fried things. Then in El Salvador they tended to be more chubby. Genetics is a weird thing.. Then there is me. Tall, skinny, a little fatter I think and out of shape. =D

Well to wrap things up this week we had a baptism of Sister Desiree Humes. But this lady is amazing! She has 3 kids and is single but is a fighter. She is an accountant and makes good money but she made so many changes in her life for the good and now she is starting to receive all the blessings of the restoration, of course there are more but things are starting to work out for her. I admire her a lot.

Well I love you all and I hope that everyone is happy and healthy like I am. The lesson for this week is that it’s never too late to change - whether you’re 12 or 68 it doesn't matter. If you want to be happier, turn to the Lord. He can make you permanently happy.

Love Elder Sutton

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Choose to be Happy!

So here is the thing! I got your e-mail last week and I was so excited to get a sweet package from you and all that, so my comp and another missionary went down on the bikes to the boat dock and looked and looked and looked. And guess what.. they didn't find her?????? Then the worst part of it all is that we haven't heard anything from her? Like if she dropped it off with someone or what happened? I think it disappeared off of the face of the earth.... I sure hope that it gets found. I even talked to that Pres. Chi to see if someone called them but they didn't...

Well it sounds like, as always, Megan is running around like a crazy girl and having tons of fun at the same time. I just feel bad for you all having to have a whole house full of teenage girls running around screaming and all that.... hahaha But I’m sure that it was a blast. No big deal right, at least they all had some fun getting ready for the game. I also remember good ol' Coach Smith. He used to get pretty upset with us too. So you can tell Megan that I know how she feels. But as they say in show business - the show must go on.. =)

Also I was remembering about Dad's birthday on the 22!!!!

Happy birthday dad!!!

But really I’m all up to date on your birthday, dad. =P (haha) But to be honest I’m really not that good with the whole dates and all that - as you know.

So Dan came back from his missiona and Jenny Webbre? I saw her in the MTC at the same time as me... Man that means I’m getting pretty old in the mission then!! But I sure hope that they all did great and enjoyed their missions like I’m enjoying mine.

1 – Have you been playing b-ball yet? (We heard that is a popular sport in Belize….your sis is going to “burn” you when you get back J)

Well the thing is that I’ve been feeling a little bit under the weather these last few days so I haven't played really much of any sports. I’ve just riding around in my bike hoping that I’m not going to get any fatter. I don't believe that I’m fat - just not as skinny as I used to be. Probably because I don't play lacrosse here for 4 hours a day. Crazy to think that huh?

2 – Photos for your family?

Photos? Well they are to come soon... I didn't bring my cable to the camera with me. Plus I’m pretty sure these machines here in the cyber have viruses so I’m a little hesitant to put my things into them after my hard drive experience... But every few free moments that I have I’ll send you some pictures just keep reminding me and I’ll do it. =)

3 - Have you been able to resolve your hard-drive issues or do you need a new one?

Well I gave it to the computer guy and I’m pretty sure that I have all of them recovered but I just need to go and get it back from them. They had this recovery program that found everything... I hope..

4 – What’s your favorite scripture of the day?

Helaman 5:12.. That was the first one in my head - then probably Alma 40 and 41. I don't know I have tons.. I have really fallen in love with church literature lately. Probably because I actually pay attention to it now... on the mission of course. But before it kind of just went in one ear and out the other and now I can see applications for it all.. =)

5 - What was your excitement for the week?

Well this week..... We have like always been running around like crazies and doing the very best we can to have fun. But one of the best things that happened is a sister Desiree Humes is going to be baptized this week. I mentioned her to you a while ago but she is the accountant and on Saturday she is going to be baptized. She really is an amazing lady.

Also, I have a quote from Elder David A. Bednar "for every question in life either a Doctrine or a Principle is the answer" or something to that extent. So to fix all of our problems we just need to look for the doctrines and principles behind it that we need to strengthen to fix our problems. Cool huh?

Well as for my life here in Belize it’s going really well. I can't complain at all. I have a happy family and a healthy one at that. I have friends that love me. I know why I’m here and what I’m doing and I’m not lost like so many more people in this life. I have so many things to be happy about and I choose to dwell on those happy things and not bother getting myself down on the sad ones... =) I choose to be happy.

Everyone should choose the same.

Elder Sutton!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Immigration/Visa Time

My dear family!!!

How of a hectic day I’ve had. I'm sure that I’m going to die.... We have the immigration papers and my work permit just got out so I need to go pick that up BUTTTT--- I am going to look for this lady, Suzie! That is such a surprise! Man look at how small the world is and how much my family loves me! Sending packages with her and all that. But I know exactly the information that is there. Jaime Chi is like the boss here. But I’m going to look for her like today!!!!!!!!!! Probably not until after I finish up in the office here. =)

OK, so what’s been up this week with you?

Man, the only problem is I have to go... But right now nothing is happening here except all the immigration stuff and all that. We are running around pretty stressed. I'll write you a lot more maybe later....

Has the weather still been pretty rainy?

Well the rain has stopped and now it’s some extreme heat. I’m sweating worse than in Sonsonate. It’s just that we have bikes to help dry off the sweat!!!

Are the bicycle legs getting stronger? Any accidents?

Well me personally I haven’t had any accidents. I've seen some elders get in some but I’m a little more careful! But my legs are super strong now.

Are you still with Elder R or have you had changes yet?

I'm still with Elder RABANALES!!!! And, yeah everything is going good for us. He is always up-beat and happy. I love that about people who are truly happy.

Family I’m so sorry.. I have to go to immigration department right now. I'll attempt to write you a little more later but for right now I’ve got my hands tied.

I love you all

Elder Sutton

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HAPPY 2012!!!

Oh my dear "baggy" family - how art thou?? I hope that you are all having a great week and had a great week especially because it’s the New Year!! This is 2012 - or when the 2 Mayan calendars have come together and the world will end.... Or so they say... haha Just so my opinion is out there, I don't believe that the world is going to end. =)

So as I can see you are all remaining really busy with your 100000 things, and just so you know I’m keeping quite busy also. (Megan and her sports and school; Amanda's new job; Mom is always working and keeping the stuff down; Dad with work also and then helping mom with the Christmas and soon lacrosse!!) I sure hope that there is some family time in there! You do know that is the best time of the day!

1 – Tell us all about San Pedro Island (everything on down to the boat rides).

Well as you know I did some traveling this last week and I went to San Pedro! So just so you know a little about it. It’s a giant island here in Belize and it is very Tourist oriented. Let me just tell you that it’s one of the most beautiful places that I’ve seen in my life. The water there was clearer than the water we drink, I’m sure. But as you know I got to ride in a boat out there (like 1.5 hour boat ride). Even on the way out we saw 3 cruise ships in the port. But the island is huge and there aren't many cars just like gas powered golf carts. But like I said, it’s very “touristified”. About 3 tourists for every native person, I think. That’s what it looked like anyway. But if I were to bring you here to Belize, one of the first places I would take you would be San Pedro.

2 – What kind of wildlife do you see in Belize (we realize you’re in the city, but maybe)?

Well just today I saw some “howler monkeys”. On Sunday we saw a guy riding a bike and he had a “giant anaconda snake” in his hands. The puddles on the sides of the road are often filled with lots of little “fish”. I saw lots of beautiful fish. But yeah the biggest coral reef is in San Pedro. (haha)

3 – Does the mission president have a regularly scheduled time that he comes to visit or is it randomly every month?

Well the president has a schedule for when he comes but it’s like every 3 months or something like that. Very rare. So when he does come, he has district things he needs to do and then interviews and when it all comes down to it, we only get a few minutes with him. But don't get me wrong - they are great minutes. He is just a very busy man like ourselves.

4 – Is there something you would like for you “birthday” that you’ve been missing? (Hopefully your birthday package will get sent off within the next few weeks…..)

Well something that I would like are DVD's. I have the normal ones like The Testaments, On the Lord's Errand.... but maybe something new that I could let some of the members borrow. Or something cool like a good book written by an apostle or something spiritual would be nice!! I do have my very nice journal that I can't wait to write in... For my birthday, I don't want a lot. Maybe you could all go out and eat dinner in my honor. =)

5 – What’s the craziest and/or best thing that happened last week?

Well the craziest thing just happened TODAY!!! We went to Lamani (means sunken alligator). It’s an ancient ruin here by the city of Orange Walk. Man we had to get up at 3.30 in the morning to go there. We were afraid of the roads being bad because it was raining really hard yesterday, but at the end it was amazing. Man, some of those ruins were bigger than the buildings we have in the United States. And don't worry, I took TONS of pictures. I just don't have my camera right here with me to send you some pictures. But I really was taken back by how amazing it really was. How the people built giant buildings!!

Also on the way we, passed through a Mennonite village. They could be comparable to the Amish. But they come from Germany and they really have a lot of people living out there. But they don't use the same technology as us. No cars, cell phones, and they make their own houses - everything. It’s a very beautiful town. Very simple. Lots of horse and buggies. But they are a great people and very humble and helpful. I've learned a lot from just seeing them in town and how they treat everyone.

I even got to drive the car today!!!!! So president gave us two (me and my companion) permission to drive and man in the beginning I was definitely rusty, but I got the hang of the stick. It was different because the stick was on the dash. It wasn't "on the trunk" or whatever they call that. But I can definitely get used to driving around. Man we are really spoiled here in some aspects.. (hahaha)

Well I love you all family. I hope that you are doing great. I'm awesome - just exhausted. I'm giving it my all right now, and I hope that you are all too.

Love your son

Elder Sutton