Monday, September 26, 2011

"Sickly" Companion

Well the thing is that I have come a long way. I can definitely see a big difference between before the mission and right now. I´m hoping that you all will see it too. But we won’t know until we can really talk face to face in like 10 months.. (hahah - that’s crazy).

But I’ll tell you about how crazy this week was actually... Sooooo - let’s start at like 2 am on Friday.... So I woke up to my comp (Elder Tamayo because we did interchanges) and he said that he felt a huge pain in his side and he was yelling and moving around kind of destroying my room. So I gave him a blessing and he told me to go back to bed and that he would just wait until it went away. But I decided that I shouldn´t wait but to like call the nurse. But at this time it’s like 2:30 in the morning... (hahah) so I called 3 times and finally the nurse answered!!! After some really funny stuff which included poking him and getting him on his toes and falling to his heals, she told me we needed to go to San Salvador (like 2 hours away) to a hospital and that it was his appendix!!!! (hahah) So at this time, the crazy calls started… There was like 8 calls in 2 minutes - from President Cordon (who was in Belize), from our bishop, from the assistant and the nurse, etc. Man was that insane! After almost an eternity the assistant got there and we started the drive to the hospital which also took what seemed like a year. But the good news was when we got there, they took about 15 minutes of exams and then said "yep, we´re going to take his appendix out"... hahah… so at this point it was like 4:30 in the morning. I went upstairs with him to the operating room and waited until he got out..... So actually I had fallen asleep for about 20 minutes when the doctor came out with a little pot in his hand and something that looked like a big worm... It was his appendix and it was 3 times as big as it should have been.... man that was gross...

But everything went well on the surgery and so my job at this time was just to sit with him in the room and do nothing until the next day.. I sat there reading (but you can only do that for so long) We had a huge big screen TV there that we couldn´t watch. Then we had hot water (the best news I’ve ever had in my life...) So all I did was I took 5 showers and then drank water.... Man that was the longest day of my life.... (hahaha) But I got back here in Sonsonate at like 8 pm on Saturday.... I crashed until the next day... THE END

Well I’m going to write great grandma a letter soon. So you can tell her all about that story. =) But like always, I have go. I love you all!!!

(I´m sorry if my English doesn´t make much sense.)

Love you all,

Elder Sutton

Monday, September 19, 2011

American Barbeque

Bueno, So I just want to say, “Megan (yet again) wins the injury of the week award!!!!!” I showed some of the guys here your black eye picture and they thought it was quite the good one. It looks like someone got a little too excited playing soccer... Speaking of which, I played soccer today. So as a zone we planned to make an American barbeque thing with hot dogs and hamburgers and then while they were cooking we played soccer and not to brag...... hahaha...... but I made quite a few goals. I think my team won. We didn't keep score but we did really well!!!! Even the hamburgers turned out good. But most of all, we got to run around for a little. =P

Well also this is for Bryant!!!! I met someone that knew him named Delmi... but she told me to say hi to him. She is a young girl like 15 or so but maybe she was in his area.

OHHH so the packages!!! Yeah I did get the package from grandma - with chocolate chips and the gummy rings!! I kind of went out of control and ate just about everything in 3 days but man were they so good. I´m still rationing the chocolate chips and making my famous chocolate chip pancakes!!! But man they are sooooooo good.

I think it should be story time right now.... Well I don’t know what to tell you. Okay so like in the mission every once in a while we do interchanges with the other missionaries for various reasons, like to do baptismal interviews, teach the elders how to work better or be taught and sometimes just to see how their area is going... So I went with Elder Reed this week, and man did we laugh our heads off. That day was a terrible day... like no matter what we did nothing worked out, like we went to all the lessons that they had planned and nothing worked. So we ended up knocking on doors all day and even the members were busy, so it was us against the world but the funny parts were at night and afternoon. So the only Latin person in our house was Elder Lopez and man he is super hilarious. What we did was we put on the national anthem of the USA and full blast to wake him up and then periodically during the morning and when it would come on the iPod we would sing it at the top of our lungs. Elder Lopez would just get up and leave the room. We could all tell he was just trying not to laugh & be serious at the same time - Elder Wilcox, Elder Reed and I. Then poor Elder Lopez, he actually knew my companion before the mission.

Well apart from that, we had a sweet movie night last night. We watched the life of Pres. Monson with some people from the ward; not a whole ton came but man that movie is super awesome. We´ll watch it when we get back, but maybe not in Spanish..... =P

Well right now I need as many prayers as ever from you guys. First of all, we are going to a new part of our area called El Jobo.. (haha like hobo) but we found some families there and a girl named Rosa who needs your prayers and then family Sanchez. Alcohol and all that junk are not helping stuff out. But I need your prayers for them.... Love you and thank you. =)

But really I think that I might buy me some jerseys because man they are sooo cool here. I think that I’m slowly turning Latin but that’s alright. I like lots of new stuff now. Maybe I’ll even watch the funny soap operas on the TV in Spanish when I get back because here that’s the big huge thing. BUT I saw Grey’s Anatomy though!! - “lol” that’s for you mom. =)

So I’m outa here….

Elder Sutton

Monday, September 12, 2011

The GQ September Cover photo

Who could resist these two?

An Ocean View

Gettin' out of the rain 9/11

One tired Missionary 9/11

I Ate at Subway! "YES"

Alright so it’s my job to write you guys a long letter this week... And make it interesting too right....

Well let’s just start out telling you about my health this week and all that - I’m super good and super tired. I think I’m going to go buy some vitamins because maybe I’m low in something. I feel like I could hibernate until the spring right now....(hahaha) but I just go and buy me like a soda and I’m good for a few hours. =P Kind of like mom and the Dr. Peppers right.

Well as of right now my shoes are doing wonders!!!! Like they are going on 13 months and holding on tight. Like I’ve sent them to be sewn twice, but they are holding together. The best ones are my Ecco´s; they haven´t been sent yet to be sewn. So just to sum this all up, they are the best even if they cost a little more. =)

Well some cool stuff that happened this week.... I started lifting weights, or like the dumbbell made out of concrete, so maybe when I get I’ll look buff - doubt it with my limited resources.

OH, we also had a sweet meeting with a 70 Elder Amado. He was recently called as a 70, but he came and talked to us and at the end we ate SUBWAY!!! Do you realize how long it has been since I’ve eaten Subway? I don´t think that you know how long it has been since I’ve eaten something sooo good. =D

Well I figured out what Sonsonate means. It’s like “river of many waters”. It sounds like something that an Indian would say, right. But that’s what it means...

Well I’m not sure what all more you want to know. I´m thinking about buying myself like some cool jerseys. The only thing is that I have to go on a hunt for the cheapest ones here so that I can eat this week. The thing is really touchy. But I’m going to do my best. If anything, I’m going to have some cool jerseys. No one needs food; I’ll just go beg the members or something for some beans and rice. (hahah) I sound such like a man. It’s awesome right?

Well I’m not going to lie, I forgot about September 11 until an investigator asked me about it so like I’m really bad and I know but I just got remembering it and it kind of made me sad. But I was just too busy running around that I didn´t even remember that. I kind of am mad at myself for forgetting.... dangit..

Well it was like Eric’s birthday wasn´t it? That and peach days!! Right?

Man I’m struggling about things to talk about. I know there is cool stuff to talk about but man when it comes down to writing, I forget about them.... dangit..

Well I love you all and I’m going to eat something super good for this week just as long as it isn´t rice and beans!!! (hahah)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pizza as I Know It :D

(Haha) Man, dutch oven food...... cobbler and chicken... man if you could only see me right now; I’m drooling.. I think that the people here could use a few classes from you, dad, about how to make some new food because they are super good at making beans and rice but when you branch out from that, they really struggle... hahaha

Wow the Box Elder team is doing well in football!!!!!! That is like a first in years!!! But of course the girls’ soccer team is doing great!! They have always done well because Megan was playing for them. The sad thing is that I’m not going to get to see many of your games (or any I don´t think... Dangit..) But I chose to be here - so I’m still happy =)

Mom got a new calling??!! That’s awesome!!!! I wonder how that’s all going for her? What exactly do you do mom?! Do you have to get on computers and stuff or is it all just paper work? Like I know that you have always been good with secretary stuff. =)

1. Is there a mafia like group in El Salvador? What about gangs?

Haha - well actually just gang like things.. In all parts, the problem here is that when people are poor and don´t have food, they look for any way of getting food so most of the guys get in gangs just to be able to eat. So that’s another downside of the poverty…. but the people here are still awesome. =P (hahah)

2. Do you ever eat American food?

Well the closest to American food that I get is pizza. Then sometimes we eat like pieces of meat with like salsa on it. It kind of reminds me of American food. But they have some regular drinks here like I’ve seen mt. dew and dr. pepper but they are 80 cents a can. =D (cool huh?) I don´t know if that’s good or bad..... I’m kind of figuring out how expensive stuff is here. There motto here is "if you don´t have money, fill yourself with tortillas and rice.." =D

3. Did your Mission President ever tell you thanks for the singing performance?

Well the problem was that no one but the elders said anything about my performance.... Like not even the president said anything to me about it. I sure hope that I didn´t do bad... But from what I could tell it went well. They were really hard to work with because not all of them saw eye to eye with me but in the end, they had to listen to me because I was the leader.. =) I kind of was like a dictator. =P

4. How are your clothes holding out? Do you need anything?

Well my clothes are going really good. My shirts are slowly changing colors like a chameleon, but its part of the fun experience - right. And my shoes are slowly dying but the good news is that they have shoe people here that can fix them up. I’ve done it like twice now. Until my shoes literally fall apart, I’m going to keep sending them to this guy. =P Well apart from that, I think my clothes work. It’s because we didn´t buy the cheap stuff! We bought the stuff that would last! I´m convinced that that’s why! My socks, though, kind of want to die. But that’s from all the walking (hahahah)

5. Did you eat something good on your last P Day?

My last p-day I ate pizza actually!!! And it was sooooooooo good. I’m sure that it wasn´t good according to your standards, but for me it was the best thing ever known to man since duct tape... hahah

But hey man, I’m loving the mission. Don´t take all this as that I don´t love the people, mission, etc. I really love everything here. It’s soooo hard but that’s why I love it. We have good days, bad days, worse days but you don´t remember the bad. When I look back at my mission, I can see the last year and if I think, yeah I’ve had bad days - but I can´t remember the details of them. But the best things I can describe to you in full color.

Love you all!!

Elder Sutton