Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Love You All!!!

July 24, 2012

Dear Family....

I just have one scripture for you all….

3 John 1:13-14.

I love you all!

Elder Sutton

P.S.  We had a baptism last week!  It went great!  Thank you for the prayers!!!
We really needed them.

The Battle's Never Over

July 17, 2012

It sounds like you had quite the great anniversary this last week and I didn't even know that dad was such a romantic guy?  I have to write that down so that when it happens to me I’ll give my wife some roses.  Plus now dad can look good in some nice sun glasses and mom can watch her "grey's anatomy" (p.s. I don't even know if you still watch that show..)  And you went to Olive Garden too?  I remember that was the last place we went right before I went into the MTC.  Great food, huh?  Soup Salad and bread sticks.

It sounds like the group of missionaries is all coming back that went out with me.  It seems like I’m the last one to be coming home?  Skyler, Damon, Chris, Jared etc...  Man it’s alright, I guess, "last the best of all the game" right?   haahah - just kidding guys.

From what I understand, Tyler is coming back and he is going to make some phone calls or try and see if he can stay back a few more days but it’s all up in the air. I'm not sure.  He has to be back by Saturday but who knows.  He says that he can hang out with us for a while.  I hope so... BUT one of my mission buddies is going to be married on the 3rd.  He is going to be having his reception at like 6.  I would love to go to that but if not he'll understand.  Maybe I could bring you all with me or something... Too many things are happening and my missionary senses are making me need to plan it all out... haha

So there actually are a lot of us are going home at the same time and we're going to be all in the airport at the same time.  I think that we all go to Dallas at the same time and then from there we all split up.  But there are lots of us.  I'll try and take a picture of all of us when we're there so I can show you.  But that’s not for a few weeks so don't worry yet.

So our adventures of the week... Let me see...

Well actually went to LAMANI again!!!  It was really great actually. it’s really nice to be able to relax and be able to have some fun with the elders so that we don't just pass around like robots. But as usually it’s always breath-taking to see all that the Mayan people could do.  They started inhabiting Lamani from about 500 B.C. until like 1800 A.D, if I’m not wrong, so it’s one of the longest inhabited Mayan ruins in the world!  It is always beautiful when you go up in the forest and out of nowhere you see a giant Mayan temple.  But we all as a zone went and were able to hang out for a few hours.  I really enjoyed it even though it was a long ride - like almost 2 hours out there!

Also this Saturday we're going to have a baptism of a girl named Sherraine!  I'm really excited because we've been praying and fasting for this to happen.  Just like D&C says, every souls is precious in the eyes of God.

But apart from all the things that have been happening today it has been kind of a hard week for me.  Not because I didn't want to work or I'm getting "baggy" but that I’m learning some of the hardest lessons.  How hard we have to work and how small we each are in the whole aspect of it all.  The only thing that makes us successful is that we have the Lord on our side.  If not, it would be the whole world against us.  The Lord does things in his own time and in his own ways.  All we can do is try our best to help us all along in the process.  Do all that I can to be the best "tool" that he has.  In the words of Pres. Packer, "Life is not easy or simple; it never was meant to be."  

God really does love me. I know that what I’m teaching is what he has sent me here to do.  That even though I was called by a prophet I know he was inspired by God to send me here.  I love you all and I hope that you all keep working just like I am.  The battle's never over.

Love Elder Sutton

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July in Belize

July 10, 2012

Man that was such a surprise to see all that you wrote this week!  This was one of the longest letters that I think that I’ve gotten my whole mission!!!  But the best thing is that the whole thing is packed full of cool stuff that is going on. This is how your weeks should always be!  Full of fun stuff!!!

Well, let me tell you all a little about what we did here for the 4th of July. When I got up I think that my companion was the first person that told me happy 4th of July.  But actually throughout all the day people in my area were telling us about it. It’s funny how everyone knows about the independence day of the United States of America.  But the best thing is that at night one of the members here, the Swift family, invited us over to eat and she said that she cooked us "all American food".  So we ate fried chicken, KFC style, and Mashed potatoes, salad and Jell-O!  So I ate a lot there.  I didn't even eat breakfast the next day because I still was really full after all of that food!  Other than that nothing else really happened. =/  We just were out there working hard!

Speaking of talents - over the weekend I was sent up to Corozal to work there for a few days and see what damage we could do there.  So my companion stayed here in Orange Walk and I went up there with Elder Flores (from Honduras) and we worked and just for the record every time that I go there it rains.  But they had been going months and months without anyone who could play the piano for them.  So I did that and it was really great.  That is just one of those gifts that just keeps giving and giving.

HAHAH - I know that I’m not supposed to laugh or anything but Chris and Damon have to wait like a week to be set apart!  That kind of stinks.  I could imagine them going and finding you up in Wyoming and getting set apart there.  But at least I don't have that problem. Someone should talk to him (the Stake President) about my return date so he doesn't plan any crazy vacations or anything. =)

Also, Happy Anniversary tomorrow parents!!!  I remember the good old 7-11 stores.  Actually a few days ago we were talking about that, my companion and I.  But yeah those are good.  Here there are some things like it but it isn't the same.  There is nothing that can replace a Slurpee.

Well any more special news?  Well there is a group of youth from the states that have come down to work here on a school right?.?.? (I think)  They had a great family home evening with a family we are teaching.  I hope that it will help us.  But I know that with a lot of prayers and with a little blessing, we're going to help them out.  If they don't get baptized with me here right now I'm not a failure.  I just will know that It wasn't time right this second.  But always with constant prayers something good is going to happen.

Also, we're going to Lamani again this Tuesday.  Supposedly.  This is our 4th attempt to go.  But I hope that when I go I can take a few more pictures and pick something small up for some of the people back home......  Maybe.... hahah

The last thing is that we played some basketball with the Corozal elders yesterday and apart from getting even more sun burnt I schooled them!!!  We were only 3 because the other elder didn't want to play but we played 21 and all three times we played I won.  So just so you know I haven't lost everything. =)

Well I have to go and eat something and then I'm heading off to Belize City again for a few days.  Sounds like a lot of traveling huh?  I know...  But being obedient isn't always easy right?  haha

Love you all and have a great week!!!!

Elder Sutton

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Respect the President :)

Buenos Tardes Familia

So I think that things are really different here then they are in good ol’ Utah.  Man I heard even down here about all the wild fires that are burning through the West up there.  EVEN THE PEOLE DOWN HERE HEAR THAT!  So this must be big news.  At least my house is ok.  Right?

Man it sounds like Megan is going to be good and skinny when I get back.  Well she has always been skinny.  (Haha)  Maybe I’ll go with them and I’ll do some running just to get into shape even that quicker.  I've got it planned out - I'm going to get up and lift weights and then lacrosse practice and then after I’m going to soccer practice and at night running again.  If I don't die then I’m going to be in the best shape of my life!!!  (haha)

So I really don't know anything about this trek thingy.  All I know is that you go out with your hand-carts and you have to live like they did.  I imagine that you go out and you can have some spiritual nights and things like that but what else do you do?  Even though I grew up in Utah, I didn't get the sweet experience of going out and living under the stars!  Is there like cooks?  Do you get to eat beans and corn bread?

Ok, so here is the scoop!  I have been talking to Tyler and he says that he is coming home and that he doesn't leave until like the 3rd or something like that.  I told him that I’m coming home on the 2nd so that we'll have like a day to hang out before he has to go back.  I told him that I’ll probably have family things to do but that I’m just going to drag him with me, if that’s ok?  I don't know how often I’ll get to hang out with him.  I hope that’s ok.. =)  But don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you family.

Also, here is the next scoop. They are sending out the missionaries on Tuesdays.  I talked to the zone leaders and they said that they don't send them out on Monday but they send and receive missionaries on Tuesday.  So sadly I’ll have a lot of running around to do.  HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to go to the temple in San Salvador too. They said that usually missionaries get to go there also on their last day.  I'm not too sure how certain that is.  So if I’m not wrong, it’s going to be a packed day. I'll do my best to get everything done that I can. =/

I saw that it was Jennifer's Birthday on the 3rd!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Eat some cake for me and a giant thing of ice cream!!!!

This week was pretty sweet!  We saw this huge policeman throw this other guy in the back of their cop pick-up like a bale of hay!  That was cool!  Even President Cordon came over to our apartment and checked things out, and he said that it was clean but that we needed better stuff in it (mirror, couches, etc..)  But it’s always great to have President in our area and this was the first time that he has ever entered into my house!!!!!!

Ok so when President Cordon came, he came to do some interviews for people that were going to serve missions.  There were two boys there with their baggy clothes and hats on and the worst of it all was when President came by, they didn't stand up or take off their hat or anything like that...  “Mistake number one...”  The second mistake was they decided that they didn't want to shave either.....  “Mistake number two...”  So what President had us do was go buy some razors and right there he made them shave in the bathroom!!  So funny and then to top it off, he took a picture of it!!   I had to write fast I hope that story made sense... =/

I got to head back up to Orange Walk... right now we're in Belize City!
So I’m really thankful for your prayers and your love!

LOVE - Elder Sutton

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No Ruins & Random Weather

Family and Friends,

So I’ll start talking about the weather here in Belize.  So it’s so random here just so you all know.  One day it’s raining all day long and we're so wet and miserable then the next day its soooooo hot that you sweat all day.  They call it "winter" here but it really isn't.  For example, we got my companion's alarm clock that has a thermometer in it and we took it outside and I put it in the shade (not the sun because he "didn't want it to melt") and after like 10 minutes it read around 105 F and this was like 11 in the morning.  It just got hotter.  So I definitely I’m feeling your pain of the heat.  Then like last Wednesday, it rained almost every day.  It was cold that day (for me at least)

So Amanda is doing the whole astronomy thing too?  I know you all remembered when I took the Astronomy class at USU and I loved it.  Plus the teacher was cool!  He was like Ron's dad from Harry Potter. But it really is interesting to take that class and I really liked it.  So basically her school paid her to go out in the middle of nowhere and stay up late? Sounds like my kinda job?!  Get me signed up for the next one!

SOOO the news about the trek.  Apparently Elder Ingersoll's dad went on the trek last week or something and he said that it was great just that he wished he would have trained a little more before because it was a lot of walking!  So get your new shoes on and get used to all the walking!  I think that we could handle it though.  In these two years I’ve walked a lot.  Plus I walked for more than a year straight in El Salvador.  I'm getting ready for my marathon..  hahahaha

Well sadly we didn't go to the ruins this week.  We were supposed to but they are planning a better day supposedly, and then we are going to take some cool pictures.  I'll send you some.  But for now here are a few.
This week wasn't that crazy and eventful. This weekend we think that there are some People from the states that are coming down to help build a school or something and Saturday and Sunday they are going to be here in Orange Walk.  The cool thing is that they are all young adults like I am but I don't think I’ll know anyone.  Maybe..  You never know.  They also are going to have a dance here on Saturday, and NO I’m not going, (haha) with all the kids here.  If anything I’ll have some cool music to show you guys when I get home though.  They listen to some different music here.  They also have like a Spanish mix of music too.  I'll show it to you all when I get back so you can see but its definitely different then the stuff we listen to.

Well there is nothing too outrageous going on here though. I'm just getting fat..  I told you that before.  Sadly I don't do enough cardio like I did before with lacrosse.  But I know that I’ll get whipped into shape when I get back.  (hahahah)  Can you imagine me fat?  Hard huh?  But it’s true!!

Well I love you all and I wish you all the best!

Elder Sutton

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't Get Your Feet Wet

Good afternoon everyone!!! 

So here I am in Corozal with all the rain but as of yet I haven't gotten wet today because
we timed everything great so just when it stopped for a few minutes we ran to the Cyber.

It definitely looks like Dad is becoming quite the roofing professional over there in the big Brigham City!  If he decided to start a business I’m sure everyone will come over to him to get it done!  But all I know about roofing is that it’s a hot job and lots of stuff that can stick on you.  I remember watching "dirtiest Jobs" with Mike Roe and they tarred a roof.  I know that’s not the same thing that dad is doing, but it’s the same idea though.  Changing the roof on a house in the middle of summer (winter here) is definitely hard work!

I was honestly remembering all those birthdays because I had them put on the wall in my apartment, but this month has been a little crazy for me and my companion and I’m sorry if this is late or early.
So now Thomas is like 45 and TC and Allie are around there too right?  MAN someone needs to tell people to stop growing!!!  If one of those guys is taller than me when I get back I’m going to be UPSET!  hahah  I used to be the tallest...... =/

1 – Have you had hurricane weather lately?

Well there was supposed to be one around El Salvador this past week and man we could definitely feel it here in Belize.  I can just imagine how it was for the missionaries over there in El Salvador.  But here, just so you know, everything is wet and surprisingly cold!!!!  I haven't felt real cold in a long time! (not looking forward to snow)  But I had to do some push-ups in the morning to warm up before my cold shower.
P.S.  Just as a side note - my companion & I have started doing exercises more regularly this change and we're planning on doing them every single day!  Got to get looking good for when I go swimming... hahahah - joking.  But we really are doing exercises. haha

2 – Planning any sightseeing trips soon – maybe the ruins?

OK... so here is the deal.  We had a trip planned for TODAY to go to Lamani again BUT supposedly because of the weather we couldn't go.  Now Pres. says we have to go to places like that with an adult and the missionary couple said the roads would be too bad to do it. Better safe than sorry I guess. =/  But definitely in the weeks to come!

3 – There is some kind of test that missionaries sometimes take when they return from their foreign speaking missions that gives them foreign language college credit.  The test isn’t that much and I think is given at BYU – Would you be interested in having Amanda/Eric check the details for you?

I heard about that actually!  YES I would love to do that.  I don't honestly know how great my Spanish is but I do know that I can read and write fairly well and sometimes I correct the Spanish of my branch president here. hahah  But that would be great to get some extra credits in college! I think Sam (my roommate in college) did that with the French that he learned on his mission. I understood that he did fairly well actually...  That could be a lot of help though.

4 – How did the baptisms go last Saturday?

THEY WENT GREAT!!  So here is the thing.  Actually it was a pretty crazy day.  One of my old investigators from Belize City was going to be baptized the same Saturday but in the morning down there so she asked me to baptize her so we got up early and got everything done in my area for the baptism and then right after it was through, we ran up to my area and like we just got here in time for the one here. But in the end God had his hand in this and it all worked out smooth and I do believe that they had a great time with it all. =)

Well right now not too much is happening.  I got the changes on Sunday and my companion & I are going to stay together for the last change of my mission - which is good and bad.  Bad only because my companion is going to be in Orange Walk a LOOONNNG time but good because we can keep working really hard until the last minutes. Pretty much no one had changes on Sunday. But either way I would have worked hard no matter where they would have put me.

Well I love you all and I hope that you don't get your feet wet.  I'll try not to.

Elder Sutton

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's GREAT in Belize!

Well my dearly beloved family and friends - how is life?

Life here is pretty good.  I really can't complain about anything in my life because it really is great being here in Belize!  So let me tell you a little bit about here in Belize.  They love to have holidays here and I’d say just about every month there is at least 2 holidays.  So it’s very common also for the schools to have half day and for work to have some too.  I think that if I could study somewhere all over again, I'd choose here because almost every week they have something going on and no school!  haha

Well as you can see I’m not writing on Tuesday...  I know it’s a little weird but this week we have a meeting (by satellite) with Elder Maines from the Presidency of the 70!  So we just smashed all of our day’s activities here in one day and we showed up here, and I’m assuming that we're going to be here for quite a while. 

Well this week was quite fun; sadly we don't have any crazy stories that I can remember but it is going to be my companions birthday in 2 days!  That’s pretty crazy!  He is finally turning 20 and will stop being a teenager.  He says that he is happy because I tease him all the time about his age.  But we all secretly know that we want to get younger and not older. =/  Like me - man I’m old.

Also you got my itinerary for my flight back and I hope that you study it well (all except the Spanish parts at the bottom, they just talk about the baggage weight) and so that when I get there, there will be people to pick me up and I won't end up being like the RM when he got home and no one was there!  That would be a crazy story....  On the other hand, you could leave me and I could try and get home.  It’s like a game.  How long does it take for Elder Sutton to get home with all his baggage???? ( hahah)  I’m guessing like 1 day.  I'd find a way. =)

Apart from that, things are going well in the work here.  We have 2 baptisms for this Saturday; they are sisters of a guy that just got baptized last month.  But the only problem was it was raining last Sunday and not many people came to church. =/  The sad part is that not many people here have cars so when it rains they get wet!  Like us! 

But that’s true.  My bicycle stories seem to never have an end!!  This week my bike was giving me troubles too, but after some time and a nice member who helped me fix everything. I think I’m just about an expert of bicycles now though.  I might just open up a bicycle shop in town and make a few bucks!!!!

Well family, things are going well and I hope that everyone is happy and working hard always! Because that’s definitely what I’m doing here in Orange Walk!!!

Have a great week!

Elder Sutton

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Broken Bike - NO WAY!

Good afternoon family and friends! Hello from here in Belize!

So I’ve heard of that small out-break in chicken pox over in El Salvador and I heard that most are shut up in the house and are afraid of it becoming something big!  Good thing I don't have anything to worry about - 1. Because I got my vaccines and   2. I'm miles and miles away from El Salvador!  I wonder who the Elders were that all got sick?!  I hope it isn't anyone that I know.

Alright, speaking of Megan and having NO JOB.  I think she needs to do something to earn some money.  Or she can do like they do here and go from door to door and sell fruits and vegetables? Sound like fun Megan?  Or just put her to work in the house and specifically my room.  She could give it quite a good cleaning!!!!!!!! hahaha

So I asked my companion a little about Girl's State and all he could tell me was that it was for the really smart girls...  We're boys and our memories are about 3 seconds long.  I forgot what that was all about.  I want to say it has to do with girls and etiquette but I’m not sure.  All I know is that Megan is smart.  How were here grades this last year?  Is she smarter than me?  =( 

I think that the saddest part of the whole roofing project is that I'M NOT GOING TO BE THERE TO SEE IT!!!  I know that it is super-hot and sticky and fun, but sadly the house calls right?  Plus if dad is doing it then it’s going to look good!!!

1 – Now that the rain has started, are the temperatures still high or do you have a little relief from the heat?

Well so it has been raining a lot lately in Orange Walk.  But here is the best because it gets soooooo hot then rains and then right as you’re wet, it gets wayyyyy hot all over again so like it’s a giant hair dryer!  But right now I’m in Belize City for a Zone meeting and it’s soooo hot here. (Ha-ha) it’s like a pack of fun seasons here.  Yesterday we saw the clouds and heard the thunder; I looked at my companion and said that we have to RUN!!!  So we ran on our bikes and right as we got to the other house the rain and thunder and lightning crashed down on us..  (p.s. we weren’t hit by the lightening) but man we got wet!   But I swear that here the lightening is louder because the whole house shook!!!! haha

2 – Any p-day fun lately? (Loved the sugar cane factory photos)

Sadly this p-days we haven't done anything fun but I’ll tell you a funny story.  So on Sunday it started to rain and we had a lesson to go to and so my companion and I were going pretty fast on our bikes (p.s. I don't fall) and we come to this giant hill!  So usually when we go up this hill we get some speed but due to the weather we couldn't so we just had to muscle our way up it...  So as I stood up I'd pull up on the handle bars and push down with my legs hard to make it up, and right as I reached the top I broke off the left handle bar.  This thing is metal and strong stuff and I completely broke it off!!  The sad part is that now I ride around with only one-side handlebar and my other hand draped down at my side...  But to make the situation even better, I have decided to use my hand to say hi to everyone I see.  SO the moral of the story is that no matter how bad the situation seems you can always make it a “missionary moment”!   haha

Well I have to go now, but I hope that you have liked my stories and that you all have a great day!?!?!?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fruits of Our Labors

Yeah I remember exactly how that was those last weeks of school. The teachers don't want to give assignments because they know that no one will do them, and the kids just want to get out of there and play so it’s a tough time.  From what Amanda says the teachers want the break just as much as the students want it!

But just so you know, I was remembering that it was Scott's and Jeff's Birthday!!  But just so you know HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  I know it doesn't mean much from a computer screen but maybe in the future I can really tell you happy birthday and buy you something nice. 

Well it sounds like the world is running around just as crazy as we are.  Lacrosse is going great and also Megan is singing, plus Jared is coming home soon.  Just so you know I remember when we were in the MTC together and we would hang out at night!  Man time flies the older that you get huh?

Well this last week we had a baptism of Samuel Reyes.  It was actually quite unexpected but we pulled it off and all of them (including the family) were excited for it.  The only problem is the family now.  We're working hard with them so that they can also be baptized.  But it was really great!   Like usual not many people came out to the baptism (just the normal people) but I really feel that deep down we are helping.  It’s hard to see the huge results here.  The process of missionary work is a small seed that we are planting in the people that we teach and baptize and sadly we aren't usually around to enjoy the fruit that it brings to their lives and the lives of the people to come.  But just so that everyone knows it’s probably the most rewarding thing that I’ve done or on the top 3 of things I’ve ever done in my entire life.  Not because it’s nice all day and people come up to us and want to be taught, but because it’s hard work and I’m doing it to show God how much I appreciate the blessing that I have.  

It’s great getting wet though.  I bet not many people can say that they have gotten soaking wet in their church clothes like literally as if I would have jumped in a pool.  It happens quite frequently here. Hurricane season started!

I look skinny and brown? haha  I don't know about the skinny part but I definitely am more brown.  And like I said the last time I can see why Eric came home with a neck line.  I have a really bad one too - plus my arms.  We won't even go there. hahah

But I love it all. The mission, the people, the rain and everything. It’s hard. But it’s worth it.

Elder Sutton 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Orange Walk Sugar Factory Tour

Unloading Sugar Cane

Inside the sugar factory

Derek on tour

Finished sugar

Sugar Factory Tour

May 22, 2012

So I decided to talk a little bit about the week here in Belize and just try and tell some of the things that we did yesterday for p-day.  Normally not a lot happens on p-day for us as missionaries here in Belize, but we are in the works of going and making another trip to Lamani! The Mayan ruin! 

But we went yesterday to the sugar factory here in Orange Walk and did like an inside tour of all the cool things that they do!  I definitely have a greater appreciation of sugar now that I see it!  I’ll try and attach some pictures so that you can all see.  And yes we did have to go around in the nice hard hats and goggles. But from the beginning of the process starting with the sugar cane to the ending result it takes like 18 hours or more to do it.  I mean how hard could it be to take the sugar out of the cane.  Well let me tell you - it takes tons of electricity and tons of cane. We started off to where the huge trucks come in and they dump off the cane and then it gets smashed into little things like saw dust.  Then from there it goes and gets smashed some more and washed and then all over again (almost 5 times).  Then from there, the water that goes through it goes and is taken to steam and to boil and then to gets vacuumed.  One of the last stages that it goes through is it gets turned into little crystals that we know as our sugar. It takes lots of heat and pressure. Believe me; it was really hot in this part!  But at the end, this sugar gets sent to
the states and to Canada and even to England!  It was very cool but very dirty!

Well this week was really good.  I had an interview with President Cordon and I even got my temple recommend renewed!  Good to know I still have that one huh?  Well also we had district conference in Belize this week.  So basically stake conference but for here!  It was really good, but the only problem was on the way back home!  The bus decided to break down like 5 times on the way back!  Almost every time that the man slowed down he killed it!  In the end we made it home.  A little late but home either way.  =)

Not much else happened that I can think of.  It’s beginning to rain in my area. We're entering into the hurricane season!  It’s going to be intense!!!  But don't worry; the rain never slows us down!  We always are working hard!

I love you all and I hope you enjoy my short but sweet letter!

Elder Sutton

Friday, May 18, 2012

We're Working Hard

May 15, 2012

I feel like I just talked to you all!?  But that was only like 3 days ago!   I assume that not a lot has happened since I last talked to everyone!  And sadly not a lot has happened that I didn't tell you so we'll see what comes out!  Actually I’m in Belize City again because we had a zone meeting with all the Missionaries here in this side of Belize and it was good.  We talked a lot about how to be better at what we do here.  Man we are working hard though - all the time.  But what keeps me going is that there are people waiting out there to hear what I have…  “The Gospel”

1.       Do you ever hear from your old companions?

I really don't hear much from my old companions.  I do hear from some, but I imagine that a lot have already started their lives and the only way I’m going to get them is through face book....  (hahah)  It seems like everyone has that crazy thing.

2.       Do you have clean, clear water to drink every day?

Yes if we go to the store, we can go and buy like bottles of water and all that jazz but the thing is that it’s easier to go and buy like bottle juices.  I need to stop doing that though.  I think those are a great contributor to me being fat!

3.       If you could start your mission over right now, would you do it?

Wow now that is a deep question.  I really have mixed feelings.  Part of me wants to do it all again right now.  Actually I really love it.  I don't have to work or study or anything like that.  I know EXACTLY what I need to do.  Well, not exactly how to do it but I know.  That really doesn't make sense but it’s so nice being told what to do and not have to worry about the cares of life.  Where am I going to work?   Where am I going to study?  What am I going to study?  Do I have enough money to study?... and the list goes on and on.....  But part of me wants go get things going in my life and make something of myself.  AHHH it’s quite the great struggle within myself.  I don't know actually.  I think if I could go see you for like a week then come back here for a few months that would be great... (hahaha) but sadly I can't do that at all.... =(  But don't get me wrong at all.  I love my mission and I owe so much to everyone that made this possible....

4.       What kind of dog would you get if you had a choice?

Well all my input is this...
1.  Not a yappy dog!!!!
2.  NOT a giant dog!!! 
And last
3.  I’M NOT COMING HOME UNTIL YOU HAVE ONE... =)  I love you all!

5.       What are the rings of Saturn composed of?

The rings of Saturn are generally comprised of frozen water particles that have been caught in the gravitational pull of the planet itself.  Sometimes there can be particles of rock that can be caused by the passing of asteroids. 
Did I sound like a text book there?  I loved my astronomy class by the way....  I still remember that guy who was from England!

Well actually we met some gringos (North Americans) yesterday on our p-day and they were here making prosthetic legs and arms for people here!  They were from Nevada and they have been members of the church for quite a time.  We invited them to Family Home Evening and they really are great people.  But every year they come down here and donate their time and money to help the people here that have lost their legs and hands.  They really are great people.

I love you all and I hope that everything is great!
Love Elder Sutton

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Moms

Well that was pretty amazing how Taco Time got thrown up so fast… Or was that was like a year ago - huh?  Well I don't know actually because the time is flying like it’s going out of style.  But I know that there are some people that are really excited  to see the building up and working again!  I definitely am excited for my crisp bean burritos!  Where else could I have gotten them? NOWHERE!

Well it sounds like this week was quite the week for everyone actually plus me too.  So before I start to answer the questions I have some awesome news!  WE RE-ARRANGED OUR HOUSE! So let me tell you a little something and this should explain why we did it.  SO, on Sunday after church & after a few stressful times there I laid down in my room and took a nap for a few minutes and when I woke up I was sweating.  When I looked at the thermometer & it was 101.8 in the room! Too hot for my liking so this Monday we decided to change up our rooms to the other side of the bathroom!  Plus we hung up my jazz shirt that Holly gave me on the wall! (because of the play offs...)  And now we have a workout room... minus all the equipment. hahaha

1 – What are your plans for calling home for Mother’s Day?  Sis Cordon said there were only phone calls this holiday, so we need to square up what day/time is best for you & us….  (We will all be home on Saturday evening if that works for you, but Amanda has to go back early Sunday.  Our church is from 11-2 Sunday, but we’re willing to accommodate you – our favorite son!!!!)

Well I told dad like 6:30 ish on Saturday will work for us?  What I’ll do is like try and buy some credit and hope that there is some sort of deal for us that day to call the United States.  I'll ask around.  Usually everyone here has some family in the states and they should know all the tricks and stuff.

2 – Are you planning on getting an international calling card like you did the first time? 

Well the thing here is that they really don't sell those.  You buy credit for your phone and then the company keeps a running total of how much you have on your cell phone.  So I’ll probably try that.  Like I said, I’m going to ask around to see what the best way to do it.   =) 

3 – Did you do anything for “Cinco de Mayo” or do they not celebrate that in Belize?

Well even though Belize has a huge influence from Mexico, they don't do anything for the 5 de mayo here.  But they definitely have a lot of holidays here.  I swear like every month they have 1 or 2.

4 – Are you interested in applying as an interpreter during the BC Temple open house?  (They said there is a need and especially for Spanish speaking.)

Well now that would be awesome!  I was sending dad some emails and I would love to do that because it’s pretty much a once in a lifetime experience to do that.  I don't know what I would have to do but if it all fails, I could just talk about the temple to them.  But would I have turns or something or would I help out all day or just half day? Which days would I go?  But how did you find out that they needed interpreters?  Did they like announce that in church?

5 – Have you actually eaten any of your treats?  The otter pops were Amanda’s idea (we didn’t even know if you have a freezer – hopefully).

Well yeah....  Actually I've eaten them all... haha  My companion and I were hungry!!!!.....  And yeah I love the Otter pops!  I just finished the caramel popcorn ball yesterday.  That was really good too. But that lasted a while.
And yes I’ve even used my new shoes!  They are really nice!  I feel all rich walking around in a new pair of shoes!   hahah

Well I’m really excited to talk to everyone this weekend!  It’ll be great and I hope that you all have some questions for me too.  I sure hope that I have the answers!...
But we got the changes also and my companion & I are staying together for another change here in Orange walk.  This is really good news because we have a lot of things still left to do in the area and a lot more people we need to find and teach.
I hope you all have a great week and a Great Mother’s Day to all the moms!!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Duck Feathers...

Well now the month of April has flown by.  I am agreeing with all of you that it is flying by!  Someone put the days on “slow down” because this is ridiculous!  

But don't worry, I have had my fair share of early mornings lately. Not quite as bad as Megan’s but definitely early, like 4 or 5 in the morning.  But just so everyone knows I’m beginning to be a morning person!  I know how I used to be such a night bug but now I’m converting into a morning person.  I still don't like it but I actually can hold a conversation with my companion.

Well that’s pretty crazy how everyone is talking about the end of the mission.  I remember just the other day when I saw both Damon and Chris in the MTC and we hung out in the buildings with them.  It’s hard to think that the mission is almost over for them.  (Thank goodness I get to stay on mine for the rest of my life)  But speaking of Kevin Tyler, I’ve emailed him like 2 or 3 times and I'm not getting anything of a response from him.  I don't know what’s going on?  Maybe he just never uses his email or something.

1 – How was your meeting/interview with Pres. Cordon?  Is he happy with you and your work?
Well the meeting was pretty great with Pres. Cordon – I’m not going to lie. But that was one of those days where we got up at 4 so that we could get the 5”30 bus out of Orange Walk.  There is no better way to spend your morning but riding on an old school bus a few hours!!!  But the meeting was very insightful; I learned some great things - one of the things that most stuck out to me was this.  If we are afraid to make mistakes it’s because we don't have faith in the cleansing and strengthening power of the atonement....  I was thinking that over my head as president was talking.  If I’m running around scared all day long of making mistakes or saying something wrong to someone, I won't ever get to reach my maximum potential because that fear will create barriers in my life.  Also, he brought a bag of candy to eat too so apart from the very much needed rest from my silver stallion (My bike) I got to eat some good food.

2 – Were you lucky enough to receive your package with SHOES, etc.?
YES!!!  I was probably the luckiest Elder here because everyone was gathered around as I looked at them.  I haven't used them yet or eaten anything from it, but I usually save those for the special days.. YOU know. =)
THANK YOU SO MUCH MY LOVED FAMILY (and maybe friends too)

3 – How long has Elder Ingersoll been out?  Has he ever served in El Salvador?
He has been out 10 months now on the mission.  If I’m not wrong I was in Atiquizaya when I had 10 months in the mission.  But yeah he actually was there before he came here to Belize.  He has been in Belize for 2 changes now - 3 months real people time.
The crazy part is that his brother is getting married this month and it’s funny to hear all the stress his family is going through with the wedding.  The good old days when Amanda got married...  GOOD THING I"M NOT GETTING MARRIED HUH MOM. =)  I think my brain would just go nuts if I had to deal with all that. 
p.s. Thanks for getting married when I was home Amanda/Eric.

4 – Are you able to keep up on your Spanish or will you need a refresher (you know I took 2 years of Spanish in Jr. High – hahaha)?

actualmente la mayoria de personas aqui en Orange Walk hablan los dos idiomas.  So whenever you want you can go talk to someone in cualquier idioma!  Yo creo que mi espanol esta bien.  No estoy seguro pero las personas me entienden a mi y yo a ellos entonces todo esta bien!
So I think and hope that my Spanish is going well.  If not I’ll go find some people there to practice with.  I'm learning the lingo that they use in Mexico so that when I go there I'll talk like the natives!

I think that the elder's name from Honeyville is Elder Taylor? I think.... 

SOO story time.  So we went to persons house last night and we were going to teach her a lesson because she FINALLY went to church after almost 2 months of not going. So when we sat down on her sofas some boy came in the house and said that one of her ducks had escaped the yard and was running rampid in the streets eating little children and animals.. (ok maybe I added that last part to make it more interesting) but we went on the hunt with this lady.  When we finally found the duck, the member began to tell us that we now need to cut its feathers off so that It won't fly away anymore... That was pretty weird for me, because I’ve never done that before in my life.  So after we finished with that one we decided to grab some more of them to cut off... BUT the ducks had different ideas; they didn't want to be caught.  (I imagine because earlier that afternoon this member ate 2 of them, I’d be afraid too if I was a duck..) But we preceded to try and wrangle them up cattle style with this member and after a lot of feathers and sweat we got them all with their feathers cut off and no injuries. 
A day in the life of a missionary in Orange Walk! =D

I hope you loved my story plus my added comments. =)
I love you all and I am thankful for everyone that reads my blog! 
I hope that life is great for you all. I pray daily for you!

Love Elder Sutton

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Missionaries Life

Siesta Time!!

Orange Walk, Belize

 Orange Walk LDS Church

 Derek & Elder Ingersoll

  Derek & Elder Ingersoll

 Apartment in Orange Walk, Belize

Dinner for one?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Home "Stylers"

Well I definitely know how you feel being in those temperatures of 80's and 90's.  I honestly feel that we are constantly in the sun and every little bit of shade we find - we hide under it. hahah  But that's quite the difference between us and you guy; you're looking for the sun and we're hiding from it every chance that we get!! But this week we went to a house and they had a relatively nice garden and I told them I had a mother back in the states that loves to garden and be outside.  I don't think that they appreciated it as much as I did. hahah

I sure hope that someone told grandpa that I’m sorry for not being at his birthday this year; as you know I was a little..... busy........ haha.  I'm glad to hear that you had all that nice food too! And actually about that - I'm "trying" to learn how to make some special food here in Belize but it’s not any promises about it.  I'm trying though.  A lot of people here eat flour tortillas with beans.  But not the tortillas that you buy in the store - these are handmade!

Well let’s see some things that happened to me this week.  Well last Tuesday after I stayed in Corozal, we went about working and ran into some Gringos from West Virginia!  They actually were here doing some volunteer work in dental hygiene so I went in there and had them clean my teeth and I asked her if I had any cavities and she said that I’m in good shape! So I still have relatively good teeth even though I haven't seen a dentist for about 2 years!

Well yesterday P-day we didn't do anything really fun...  We ran about doing lots of little things like buying food and going to the store BUT we did manage to go and buy an ironing board from a 2nd hand store for pretty cheap because before we had a little wooden desk that we ironed on.  Then we decided to buy like a table cloth to put on the old wooden table and I think that it looks good and stylish.  I know you'd be proud of how good of home “stylers” we are!

Well as you know things are going good in my area Orange Walk (sugar city). I just thought maybe you would like to know a little about it.  So there is the name because supposedly there were oranges here in the past but now there is just sugar cane and a huge plant that they use to take out the sugar from.  But a lot of people work there!  There really isn’t anything big in the city but there are a lot of second hand stores from the states, I would compare them to the DI.  Well I’m going to send you a picture of my house which is literally a giant square block in the middle of a yard of weeds.  (Haha)  But really it suits our purpose. Really the town is really low key compared to my old area in the big city of BELIZE.  There aren't nearly as many cars or crimes at that and even there aren't half the amount of people but that is good and bad.  We live pretty much in the middle of town and it’s nice because we can go everywhere we want.

I really have run out of things to ramble about actually...  But President Cordon is coming to Belize this week and I think he is going to interview us and I hope that he can renew my temple recommend!  That would be pretty useful.  I heard that the BC Temple open house will be starting in August!!!  That’s going to be awesome!!  I hope that everyone is clearing your calendars so that they can go!  Especially the family!  Since I’ll be Belize City on Friday for my meeting, I’ll check my mail then; hopefully I’ll have my package.

Well I hope everyone is happy and has a great week.  I’m going to try and do the same!
Eat some good food for me!

Love Elder Sutton

Friday, April 20, 2012

Everything's Great

April 17, 2012

Well good afternoon my dear family and friends!!  I really am glad to hear from you and to know that everything is going crazy good!

Things here in Orange Walk are going pretty good except for the extreme heat as usual.  I think that I've just got used to having a really sweaty shirt all the time..  GROSS!!!

So BE Lacrosse is going great I assume.   I don't know what dad does to get all those boys into shape but he can definitely put me through the course when I get home.  I think I'm putting on a few pounds here in Orange Walk and not because of the tons of food that I eat but what I eat.  People here have a huge Spanish influence on the food that they eat so they love to eat lots of beans and eggs and fried bread and things with lots of grease.  But don't worry, I'm not eating a lot so that I can come back nice and slim and then I can put on the muscle later.  (hahah - you know how big I was before I left!)

Well yes it’s grandpa’s birthday!  The sad day is that I'm not going to be there for it. Make sure to let him know that we'll go out to Burger King with him to make it up to him.  I feel like this month is really flying by!  I could have sworn that it was just Christmas and now it’s Grandpa's birthday!  Crazy things.  I can see why everyone would tell me that when you get old the time flies even faster..  Implying that now I’m old too... hahah

1 – How are your scriptures holding up?  Do you have both English & Spanish that you use?

Well I'm not going to lie my scriptures are taking quite a hammering going around with me all the time.  As you can remember I'm using the scriptures that I got for seminary when I started and they are looking beat up. But for right now I usually walk around with them and not so much in Spanish. Almost everyone here speaks both English and Spanish perfectly. But you got to love it. I even use the little glue-ins that my seminary teachers had given me. So you never know when they will come in handy seminary.

2 – What kind of wildlife/bugs/critters have you seen in your new area?

Well to talk about little animals here in my area I'm going to tell you all a story. One day my companion decided to take out the garbage from our house and sadly it’s not like the states where you can just go and take it out side in a big can that you have, but what we have to do is we have to go and put it into our neighbors with their permission of course. So as he was going to take it out he noticed that a whole bunch of ants were on his hand and he dropped it and started screaming as these nasty red ants bit up his hand. It was really funny to be there and I imagine that the people in the street thought so too seeing a white kid in a shirt and tie jump up and down. But other than that there are a lot of insects here and rats the size of small cats etc... Something random here is that they have little ants that climb up and down your walls. They are really so small that they almost aren't worth killing but if you leave your food out they somehow always find it and you end up with some extra protein in your cereal. hahah
3 – How big is the branch in Orange Walk, and do they have a piano for you to play there?

Well the branch here isn't too huge - last week there were like 78 people in church. And yes I actually do play the piano here. They had been without a piano player in the branch for at least 6 months. Can you imagine church without piano? But actually a nice lady came up to me and thanked me for all the time that I put in to learn the piano. Then at the end she told me to thank my parents for all they did so that I learned to play the piano. SO like I said it’s one of the best things here in the mission. Especially here in Belize - THANK YOU PARENTS!!!!!

4 – We know you don’t overlook the ocean anymore, but what is your new apartment like (now that it’s clean and all….)?

Well actually my companion and I do clean our apartment often. We actually got up early on Monday so that we could clean and not have to do it in the heat of the day (I’m becoming more of a morning person.... kind of).  But my apartment is....... ok....  It’s exactly what we need. We have a shower and rooms with beds in them, and like Bryant said we are living out of our suit cases so that was a great investment!!! But really it’s a nice house, I can't complain much because we never really are in it-hahah

Well funny story of the day!  So my companion and I decided to make some purchases this Monday and what I needed to buy were some new sandals..... Yes, my trusty sandals that have lasted me soooooooo long have died!  I remember having those sandals for sooo long.  Remember the Speedo ones?  They have officially died!!   But my companion decided to get something to help him work out.  He bought himself a Vibro Belt!!  It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.  It’s a belt that you put on and it just shakes your stomach and supposedly it makes you skinnier (doubt that).  But it’s definitely the purchase of the month in our house!  If anything - it’s funny.

Well the baptism of Marcos and Jeffery went really well this last week! With the help of a lot of the members things came together and we managed to get some refreshments and stuff. But the most important thing is that they were happy with it, and from what I could see they were definitely happy.

Well things are great and hot here in Belize!  But I’m definitely enjoying myself and working really hard.  Maybe I'll bring one of my shirts home so that you can see them. The necks are all torn up from so many times of being washed and they are slowly turning the color yellow.  It’s part of the experience though and that’s why I love it. The people are great!  My companion and I are great!  And we're working hard to help as many people as possible.

Well, I love you all and have a happy birthday Grandpa!

Elder Sutton