Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aug. 31, 2010

Something happened with Derek and the MTC internet. Unfortunately for us, we were NOT able to hear about his week officially. His mother did remind him that letters home were mandatory!
We did learn that he finished up with his immunizations. He sent off the bill to his dad. Shots at the MTC are expensive; thank goodness for insurance.
He has less than one month to go before he leaves for El Salvador/Belize; he appears to be more than ready to jump into action!
Derek is working very hard at becoming a great missionary... :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Dang!!! Man, someone must really love me in my family to be sending me all these packages! I'm so happy when I get a package. Plus, when I get letters! Let’s just say that they make the day good. You’ll hear that from me a lot, but it’s truly a break from the monotony! Ha-ha I’m pretty much an old fart here. Everyone seems to be leaving here! I’m still stuck for like 5 more weeks!!!! Dang my life huh..
Well with my companion, he is kind of trying to be good and diligent... I've kinda talked to my branch president about this, and I was really surprised to what he told me. He told me that I was literally the best worker in my district. Okay, so my district really really really really likes to goof off and mess around and so when things start getting loud, I go and sit out in the hall and study my scrips and my espanol. I have to be within sight and sound of my companion so I can't go out too far. But he said that our district leader (who is in charge of us 8 guys) calls me the barometer of the class. That when it gets too noisy, I leave and he knows to tone it down.... but he told me he wished he had a son like me. He has 5 girls or something like that.. That honestly was the best compliment I have received here in a while.. It made me smile.
Well, this is to the Dinsdale’s and to Sarah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! =] Sorry I’m not there =[...
But I hope you, Dinsdale’s, got my letters and stuff. If not then someone must have eaten it! I really like all your letters and such. Your package was awesome!!!
About the weather there, I’m pretty sure that I can buy one here. The only problem is that it costs money, and I don't like to use my money. =[ It took a while to get that money! Plus mom is working and getting more money for me!! Goodness.. Money rules the world sadly....
Well, dad, I knew you could catch the best fish. I figured it was good when mom said they hadn't heard from you in a long time. When the fish call, you gotta answer right?? =]
So this is to everyone that wrote me letters.... I have like 6 or 7 letters that I am mailing today so expect some to be coming.. If I like forgot to write someone back, write me a hate note and I’ll get right on that!! lo ciento. =[
Okay well all the bleachers are almost in the gym and so that means in a little while we’ll be able to play basketball and not play soccer every day!!! I'm getting good at soccer, but it kinda gets boring every day... Don't tell Megan... =P That will be something to look forward to. =]
Okay about my Spanish... its coming.... it’s hard to learn a lot when my companion doesn’t' want to study, but I’m honestly trying my best and working without regrets. I want to have a great mission. This week at our teaching session (TRC ask Eric to explain more), we're supposed to talk about our families in Spanish and tell about them and share pictures and all that jazz; then I’m going to teach a whole lesson in Spanish next Thursday... I’m scared. Pray for me =[ But I’m dragging my companion into some tutors and such to see if that will help.. I don't want to teach all by myself and have my companion just stare at me cause he doesn’t know what’s going on... =[ I’m talking to my teacher tonight to see if he'll tutor me also.. not so sure if that will work out but its worth a try huh? =]
Tell brother Halling to suck it up and say hi to me!!!!!!!! Honestly I would love to see him! I haven't ever seen him here! Maybe I’m just blind or something.... Tell him to say hi. That would totally make my day!
Also, to hear about Chris' call and Matt's call is way awesome! I know that they both will have a good time as long as they make it a good time and not just expect others to do that for them. It takes work. =] Just like everything else good in this life.
Well this is to Eric and Amanda! Thanks for the scriptures Eric. I'm glad that you are writing me. Also, I’ve got a question for you about playing the piano. Did you ever play in the MTC? If so, where did you and how long did you play? =] Also, I just sent a letter for Amanda so she should be getting them soon...
P.S. also since like everyone is going to be going to college and stuff they NEED TO TELL ME where to send letters to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been confused where to send my letters to Amanda and Eric and stuff.. =]
I would like to get some toys and stuff in a package maybe.... if that’s possible. =P I also really liked the food you have been sending me! You really are an awesome family!
So basically we have no news here at the MTC, so I would love it if you would periodically tell me what is happening in the world. =] Por favor??????
I know that this church is true, and I know that anyone who wants to know that it’s true can find out just for themselves. It’s that simple. =]
I expect you to write me back this week, dad! =P
Elder Sutton

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug. 16, 2010

Wow it sounds like things have really busy at the Sutton’s house for a while! I have received the packages that you sent all three, I think.. Yes I did. =] and I received the Dinsdale’s package too! I have just been really busy here all day every day! You really have no idea! Like today I woke up at six and went to the temple at seven and literally ran to my hair appointment that was at seven fifteen! We made it but guess what??? My hair is super dooper short now. hahah the woman that did my hair asked how long it has been since I had one, and I said like a few months or something and apparently that was enough for her to decide that she needed to whack it all off!!!! Hahaha but don't worry I figured out how to take lots of pictures here, and I have been taking them! I still need to print them off and send them to you but that will take a long time!!!!!

So this is for everyone that is reading my email including my family! I want tons of pictures from you guys! I want this memory book of pictures that my adorable hermana amanda made for me to be full! I look through them and it’s awesome to see how amazing my family is!!!! SO SEND PICTURES!!!

Just so you know I loved the packages! I’m going to be writing letters today so you can expect letters on p-day definitely. BUT, also mom and dad. Did you get my letter specifically for you guys? I hope so. =]

So the court is still not up and working like until the beginning of September or something is when it should be about done. It’ll take forever!! But let me just tell you that I’m getting way legit at soccer. Like literally people that I’ve been playing come up to me and ask me how many years I played in high school!!!!! WINNER! I'm just better then Megan, that’s the end of the story. ;]

I'm feeling tons better, but people in my district are dropping by the day. Like there is some sickness going around here where your head is going to explode and your nose runs like a mad man on steroids!!! My companion Elder Barth has it way bad. I told him if he gets sick that I’m going to shoot him in the face. If your companion gets sick here really bad (like so that he has to stay in a bed) I would have to sit in the room with him all day long no matter what. That would be the worst thing ever!!!!!!!!

Spanish is....... Coming.... hahahahah I can understand just about everything that people say. Like our teachers (Hermano Bradley and Hermano Burhnam) only speak in Spanish. So that kind of makes you think. Speaking is a whole new beast.. Literally a beast. I’ve got two more weeks until we have to start teaching lessons in Spanish and I’m panicking! Hahahah I’ll definitely need some prayers for that!

I just would like to say some things that I want you to do for me. Last night I was in my bed and the thought crossed my head. Have I paid my tithing? and I still have that cup in my room with the money in it!!!!!! PLEASE give that to the bishop for me. I feel so bad that I haven't turned that in.... =[ Or maybe I did and i just forgot..... Who knows..

I heard that dad was going to go to California to go fishing. I'm way jealous!!! This spiritual concentration camp is intense.. ha-ha have Eric explain it to you. He had a great explanation in my letter. =] But really the reason we are going to make it through this is because of: a. my testimony of Jesus Christ, b. my family support, and c. because of my teachers. Like I didn't honestly think that I could honestly like a teacher so much as I like them. They are the reason that I’m doing well in Spanish. Literally

So about my district, like I said before, NOONE likes to study. We sometimes even get our teachers just to talk about random things! hahah But I’m honestly one of the hardest workers in the district. Like literally, I have 15 hour days. We tell each other that we work harder then the sun because we wake up before it and go to our dorms after it’s down. hahaha But literally our room is like a dungeon. I'll show you with pictures. We can barely get any sun light in that room. You’ll be studying in the room all day long and walk outside and all of a sudden its noon. Then later (it feels like 5 minutes) and it’s dark!!!! Goodness it’s crazy.

OH! Also, some guys from my district are leaving for the Guatemala MTC tomorrow and I’m super mad at them for that. I think that going down there would be such a blast! Like literally you'll be thrown into the Spanish language, and I would love that so much. Also it'd be nice to break the monotony.... I CAN’T SPELL.... The more I learn in Spanish the worse my English becomes!! hahaha

I'm working on my weight though... Because I sit on my butt all day long I don't really get hungry here. Like 5 hours a week for running isn't enough!!! Sometimes my legs start shaking while I’m sitting down! Probably just cancer or something.. KIDDING MOM!!!! haha but they do shake. Maybe I’ll just escape this prison and run around the campus then return. hahah bad idea.

Well I’m running out of things to say.... I would love for my baby blanket times a million. I loved my package.. More candy and stuff... lets see... maybe surprises and stuff to mess around with.. MY RUBIK's CUBE!! 3x3 preferably... I want to impress them with my mad skills... Also, I’ve been playing a little piano here and there for fun and my companion thinks that its really cool. So that’s a benefit.

I miss you family lots.. Make sure to send me stuff cause that is so cool to get things here! I have enjoyed all of your letters!

Hasta luego!

Elder Sutton

Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug. 9, 2010

Wow so many things happening back at home.... Well the sad part of my day is estoy enfermo... =[ Well atleast just a baby bit. I'll get better i'm sure. So we got told that our p-day was for writing letters and such and that we aren't supposed to write letters here unless it is p-day so thats why i haven't written you a hand written letter.

To explain what a p-day was we start off getting up at like 6:15 and getting all dressed up and then going to do a session in the Provo temple which always makes us really happy. The only problem is that we have it early in the morning and today i had a tough time staying awake.. Its like eric said morning sessions are very good but they end up making you very tired... Then after that we get time to grab a sack lunch and eat that because unless you are dressed in full missionary atire you can't eat in the cafateria. Its a dedicaded building. So after that we get to do like our laundry which i'm doing right now. My whites and darks are in the washer. Then later at like 6 or something tonight we have like a class with one of our teachers Hermano Bradley or Burhnam. They both really are excelent people and they make my day here.

Lets see, my companion is kinda doing better. Our district is a little roudy and they like to talk instead of getting down to studying. I try and set the example. it'll be no time until we have to start teaching lessons in Espanol. That will be pretty scary. I hope to hear about dad and his new work out slash getting fit schedule. I will pray that that'll work out for him. My spanish is coming along. I'm at the stage where i'm slowing down and not learning so fast. All the easy things are behind me and now i'm learning the difficult things like past and future and uncommon verbs. Thats some pretty tough stuff if i do say so myself!

I probably should tell you now about my list of things that i would like here because this is alot faster then the regular mail. MY LIST:

Pajama bottoms (the ac is always on here at night)

Camera cord (so you can see my pictures and stuff)

Maybe just more random ties


Candy and stuff......

More time in the day


That should be just about good for all that i want. =]

Let me think of something exciting that happened this week. OHHHH!!!!!!! We taught our first lesson to a mach investigator last thursday and if megan and amanda remember doing that its where people who are NATIVE SPANISH SPEAKERS come in and our first task was to introduce ourselves in spanish and get to know them in spanish and ask them things about them in spanish and then we would switch rooms and do this all again! That was the highlight of my week. My companion kinda froze a little so i took the reins. hahah But he is from new york and he kinda has the boss attitude and has to ALWAYS be right and ALWAYS get the last word and Always be listened to and be in charge. It made me laugh when he didn't talk much to the investigators...... So back on track after that getting to know you things we left the room for like 5 minutes to prepare the lesson for them and adjust some things to tell them. When we went back in we could teach them in english... LUCKILY. Jared mortensen has to teach in spanish this week and although he is amazing i would be freaking out like he is. Especially if my companion freezes again.... So every thursday we teach people from the community calleed TRC's. So thats the cool slang name for it just in case you wanted to know.....

Well I'lll try and write you a hand written letter today along with my pile of friend letters.... I know family comes first mom ;) hahaha

And just so you know sundays are pretty much the best thing ever. Now that i'm at the MTC i actually listen to the firesides and such and it turns out they really are excelent! They give me hope and courage to keep going on. Then we watched the joseph smith movie the one with our highschool teacher in it.. That was great too....

Ok one last thing... I don't know if eric told you this but the MTC Gets sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old!!!!!!!!!! like right now i'm just so bored of it. I want to be in El Salvador!!! I don't care that i can't speak the language or all that jazz i'd learn it. I just want to go right this very second.. Some elders from my zone left this morning at like 4 to go spanish speaking in the states and they woke all us up by stomping their feet and such.. I was mad/tired/jealous!!!! Plus some guys from my district... the actual guys we have class with, are going to guatemala like in a week!!! They have an MTC there and right now i really really hate them for that.. Can you all tell that i wanna get outa here!?!?!?! HAHAHAHA Ask eric if you don't believe me. Not that its a problem. the mtc is a fantastic place to be and it is such a great blessing in my life to be here but i'm too close to home right now and i get sad and homesick sometimes. I just need a good kick in the pants sometimes!!!!!!!!! So if i was like in mexico where i would actually do physical work then that would help. ONE hour a day for physical activity is driving me insane. I'm going to call the prophet and tell him that i'm going to kill everyone in my building if i don't get more time. AND I'VE ONLY BEEN HERE TWO WEEKS... hahaha but honestly time is flying. The weeks feel like a day and the days feel like an eternity!!!!

I hope that grandpa is doing okay and maggie is doing good. My family is such a blessing in my life that i wouldn't change for anything... Not for all the money in the world.. Yo se que el Evanjelio es verdadero. Amo mi familia.. Muy muy amo mi familia. Yo se que la fimila es centro para el plan de Dios. Adios.

I love you amanda, megan, maggie, Mom and dad. Send me letters and packages. I might be able to get some free time to write back.

Nos vemos.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aug. 3, 2010

Hola!!! From the M.T.C. So i'm just sitting here waiting for my laundry and i decided to write mi familia. =] So I don't really remember what exactly to tell you but i'll just ramble.

So also i have a question dear elder me and tell me if you want me to write you half way through the week along with writing you on monday which is my P. day. Deal??

Okay so let me just say that the MTC is nuts! All day everyday is planned for you and literally every minute is planned! Basically my weekend is Sunday and Monday. Its quite great. I really love Sundays. Its sooo good.

Let me tell you a little about my companion and my district. I'm in District 8 or zone 8 i'm not so sure. My companion's name is Elder Barth. He is tall like 6'5'' and he likes soccer he is also from New York so that is awesome because he thinks lacrosse is cool but he said he wasn't good enough to catch the ball or anything.... Which is also dumb because the gymn is being re-done so we can't play basketball for weeks!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! Lest see. My zone leader is Elder Alviso he is pretty cool. The other Elders that are in my room are Elder Brown (aka Elder Cafe, spanish for brown) and Elder Wilcox, he is from farmington and elder brown is from Nevada. Hace much calor!! So its kinda tough getting up at 6:10 every morning but i'm getting used to it by now. It honestly feels like the days take years and the weeks pass by in seconds!! Explain that to me. hahaha So let me see, i'm eating tons mom so i think i'm gaining weight except i had fast sunday and i looked at myself and i was sooo skinny. Walking around for me yesterday was tough! So mom i would love for you to send me packages. ;) eveyone here has them and i'm the only one that hasn't got one.... WINK WINK WINK. plus i would love my camera cord and my sandles. I think there are more things I want but i'm hustling for time here.

So mis hermanas. How is everything going in Brigham? I haven't heard too much from my sisters who say that they love me???? Just teasing. So i decided that letters really are the best thing ever to recieve. Honestly its what everyone looks forward to every single day. Also, my teachers in the MTC are Hermano (Brother) Bradley and Hermano Burhnam. They are honestly what is getting me through spanish. My companion is honestly awesome but TERRIBLE at spanish so i'm kinda teaching him and myself at the same time. its tough!!! Pray for me...

Mi Padre. I loved your letter that you wrote me and i would honestly love it if all of those things that you promised me came true. That would be the best thing ever. =] I miss lacrosse lots. I would honestly have broken my stix out by now but i'm kinda scared. Like everyone here is cool. Noone would tell on me. We're amigos here. =] So maybe this week i will. hehehe.

So its story time for Elder Derek. Like my first night here we just got done with the day and its like nine thirty. WE ARE EXHAUSTED!!! side note... you get so mentally exhausted here..... Elder Jared mortensen is in my building!!!!!! He came down and asked if we wanted to see our zone leaders chew up a banana and spit it into the other zone leader's mouth!!!! SICK RIGHT???? Well as long as they got $50 they would do it. SO.... being the awesome kid i am i paid a dollar to see this show and they did it!!!! It was soooooooo gross. We laughed all night long! now the joke is to give the zone leaders bananas.

This is for Eric. i want to honestly thank him for that letter he wrote me. I had a hard night a few days ago and i read that letter a couple of times and it helped me so much. Someone in my family give him a hug for me. Deal?

What else...... Um, the food is good and my room is good. I've taken pictures of lots of stuff even though i'm not supposed to sometimes... hahahahah I'm such a rebel. I think that classroom that we're in to learn spanish is soooo small. its like the size of megan's room but a longer. We're packed! Most of the Elders are going to el salvador east, 4 going west, and 4 are going to guatemala and are leaving in 2 weeks for the MTC there. There are a total of 12 elders in my zone. =] i don't know what else to write about....OH!!!! All the people i've seen, Chris darais, jared mortensen, Skyler vellinga, Jenny webbre, Kyle beck (he swam) and more but i can't think because there is this stupid timer and its tons of pressure!!!!

I think i'll end with my testimony en espanol!!! But don't think this is impressive because its nothing compared to some of the elders can do. i'm kinda dumb here.

Yo se que dios vive. Yo se que Jose Smith es el profeta de verdedera. Amo mi family, mucho mucho amo. Yo testifico Jesucristo es mi salvador y sufrir para mis pecados.

Yo se que Thomas S. Monson es profeta verdadera. Te agredecemos para espiritu sancto. Te agredecemos para la inglesia. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

Love, Elder Sutton

La Inglesia de Jesucristo de los sancto de los ultimos dias. =]

Off to the MTC


Chris Darais, Damon Bennett & I are ready to attack the world...
We all entered the MTC within 3 weeks of each other.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pre-mission Photos

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Call

March 31, 2010

In my apartment at Utah State. I opened my call with my family and roommates there.

Spanish. Yes!