Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Happy!

So I’m going to do some seriously crazy rambling today because as you know I’m writing early and no one has written me anything... Like I said before, I don't really blame you. I know it’s not always fun to write me emails and have new things come up but you know it’s all good. I'm still happy and healthy.

Entonces mi querida familia.... Que hay de nuevo?

So this week was definitely full of some serious sun. I don't know what it is about this place that makes it so hot, but man it’s cooking us alive! But as you know it’s only for a short time. In the night and in the morning is pretty nice but when the sun is in between those two times - wow its hot!

Well this week things went decent. I really can't complain. It seems that every time that something goes wrong there is something that comes up and something good happens. For example, there was this boy in my branch that was going to be baptized this week but the problem is his mother got kicked out of her house and now they are going to live so far away from the church that they almost won't ever be able to go. That was the bad… The good was that some really faithful members came up to us and said that they want their daughter to be baptized. So that's what I’m talking about. There is always something happy to look forward to. I don't care what is happening around us, there is always something good to look at. ALWAYS! So if anyone says there is nothing to be happy about I want them to call me and I’ll give them some reasons. (hahah)

Well also I have just decided how old I am. It seems that things are hitting that stage when they are starting to get worn out again. I actually just broke the zipper on my backpack last night, my shoes have holes in the soles, my pants are getting faded and I’M HAPPY! (haha) This is a once in a life time opportunity to live my life and not worry about anything but what I’m doing. Even my clothes don't bother me. I just know that they don't matter. Shoes are nice and cool but they get worn out and you have to get new ones. The mission is only once.

I really do love my time out here. Like I said it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life but it definitely has meant the most. I know that my prayers and yours are being answered every day even if we can't see them directly. As Elder Holland said some prayers come now, others in a year from now and some don't come until we are with God again. But the key part is that they are being answered - we just need to put our faith forward and act!

I love you all, and feel free to write me some letters. =)

Elder Sutton

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Heat is ON!

Talk about some crazy heat here. Well the thing is apart from the humidity it is relatively the same temperature here in Belize like in the states. But as you know humidity really does affect the temperature and makes you sweat. The crazy thing is that back home when it got hot, I wouldn't go outside. Here I still do it. So I’m getting really sweaty all the time. It’s quite fun actually, that way I can keep the girls off of us... with my smell!!!! (haha - I’m so funny huh?)

President’s Day? That’s a little weird. Here they actually had elections or at least the primary elections. The major political parties here are the UDP (United Democratic Party) and the PUP (People's United Party) and the people here are to the extreme. There are people that will pay you like $100 just to wear a political shirt. And no, sadly no one offered me anything... But it’s a major holiday here too. No working for most people.

-When you have to travel, is it always by bike or do you ride the buses anymore?

Well basically we don't ever use buses. Here in the city is where everything happens. All the meetings happen here actually, so everyone takes buses to come here! (haha) BUT we actually get a meeting next week in Cayo with Pres. Farabella who is the Area President, if I’m not mistaken, but the coolest part is that it’s going to be only like 26 people in the meeting. Just us as missionaries!

-Did you get your hard drive fixed? And were you able to retrieve your pictures?

And yes! Due to the awesomeness of recovery software we did manage to get my pictures back and it is working well. I think that I still have like 40 gb left, but probably more. Sometimes I copy my pictures more than once on accident.

- Did you end up taking or leaving behind your lacrosse sticks when you got transferred to Belize?

OF COURSE NOT! I still have my lacrosse sticks with me here. And I play with myself a little here. There aren't many people here that know anything about it, but I sure am just playing around to have some fun. It’s actually a great sport if you didn't already know. (haha)

-Are there as many bugs in Belize as there were in El Salvador?

Well here there are lots of bugs and animals just different types - different ants and lizards and iguanas and more of those. I know that there were those in El Salvador but they just didn't walk about like they do here. But I feel like here it’s a lot more, up to date. Like the houses are a little better and where we live is nice or nicer at least. =P

And yes, I knew it is Emily’s birthday on the 22nd right? If I’m not mistaken. =) So
happy birthday Emily!!!!!!

This week was very fun and crammed packed with things to do. All the new missionaries came and we got them settled and now are in their areas working hard and no problems as of yet with the paper work here.

Even though the mission is hard, with people yelling at us at times, it has always been worth it. You never know what you really do have, until you don't have it. Or in other words, I’m learning to appreciate what I had back at home. I'm not perfect so don't expect me to come back home like that but I’m trying. This life is all about learning and progressing. I feel at least I’m doing that here being away from my family. I hope we all can see this as a growing experience too.

I'll try to smile even if my face hurts from smiling too much.

Elder Sutton

P.S. Here gas is like 10 dollars or 5 American dollars. It’s crazy. I sure hope that it doesn't raise there because I might never get a car because I can't afford the expenses. =( Walking and riding bike all my life.... sob.... hahah

Today we had something special to eat - Lasagna. Not the same as home but it still was really good!!! (hahah) Also, the other night we had hot dogs and it reminded me of home! That’s one of the things I want when I get home - to eat potato dogs and pigs in a blanket. All that... hahah. It was extra good.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Single's Awareness Day :)

Well it’s actually Valentine’s Day huh? I wouldn't really have known if the stores wouldn't have been selling so many dang red hearts! But as you know one day this holiday will be good, but as of right now it’s another day... haha A time for me to love my family! Have an amazing Valentine's Day!!! But it sounds like to me that you need to work on the whole Valentine's Celebration back home......

Dang! Megan is going to the Prom? Man she must be quite the popular babe in the school, even multiple guys wanted to ask her? I still remember the good old days at the Prom. Have some fun with that thought! And take lots of pictures! Plus Megan is going to Girls’ State.

1 – How was the visit with Pres. Cordon? Did he tell you how wonderful you are (because he should have – hahaha)?

Well the awesome thing with Pres. Cordon was that we had interviews on Thursday so we went and picked him up from the airport and then talked on the way, dropped him off at the hotel and took him to the church and then spent like 2 hours talking to him about the mission and about the zone and everything. Sometimes here you feel like we are forgotten because they don't really communicate with us, but in reality it’s not like that. They do remember us. And yes my interview was really special with him. More than scold me about what we're doing, he talked a lot about how I’ve changed and what it was like to be a mission president. I really enjoyed those interviews.

2 – How are your bike-riding skills (dad’s question)? Did you mend your pants (mom’s question)?

Well my driving skills are getting better and my leg is all healed now. It was surprisingly quick but you know I’m just good... haha (that was a joke if you couldn't tell....) But as of then I haven't had any accidents or anything. The only problem is my dang chain! It keeps falling off so I’m going to take it to the guy to fix it. And not yet - my pants are still ripped. I just am going to fix them when I have a minute. That’s why it’s taking so long....

3 – Are transfers coming soon or do you pretty much remain in the city (which is good either way)? With only 20 or so chosen missionaries you probably all interact a little….????

Well transfers came and I’m staying here with my same comp! So nothing special this time. We are getting new missionaries in Corozal, Orange Walk, and San Pedro. So that’s going to be great getting a new batch.

4 – The TV show, the Bachelor, was actually filmed in Belize for this week’s episode… It showed some crazy amazing ruins that looked like in the middle of the jungle… We don’t think they were the ones you went to because they were really, really high. Are there ruins all over the country?

Well I have heard of that ruin actually. “ Tikal” if I’m not mistaken. But I went to “Lamani” which is really beautiful - if I do say so myself. It might not be the highest but it was really beautiful. The bachelor.. When I get back I think someone should sign me up to be on the Bachelor. (hahahaha) Then I’ll show them around Belize. Speaking of which, I feel pretty confident now of the city and where everything is.

Well let’s see all that happened this week... Well probably the best thing is that the Garcia Family was baptized!!!!!! After all the things that happened, they followed the Spirit and they were baptized. (Some people were telling them some ridiculous things about the church.) They are a really special family. After teaching them for like 3 weeks, the whole family was baptized. Just Taygron, the littlest, wasn't baptized. There is Dale, Kim, Joshua, Dale Jr., and Taygron. It was a great baptismal service and even Pres. Cordon came.

Well we are working hard and trying to keep some food in our stomachs. I'm happy and yes I do have all of my body parts with me still. I'm really thankful for going on my mission and every single day I learn something new. That’s the whole point of life. To keep on learning! Even though it’s hard, it’s worth it.

Elder Sutton

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthday "21"


Man I wish that there was more time during the day to be able to write you all the great things that are happening in my life. And of course the bad things but we don't mention them. But today I have just became older then dirt! How does that sound? Man 21 really is too old. I think it would just be a lot better if we just all went back one year and stay there... But I kind of got to sleep in. About 6:30. How does that all sound? (hahah)

OH YES!!! I did get my package and I waited until today in the morning to open it all up!! I couldn't have asked for anything more. I am super excited to read the book and to use my new scripture marker pencil. Everything is going great. I do believe that we're going to eat some ice cream in like 15 minutes but it’s some amazing ice cream made with real fruit. It’s almost as good as that ice cream that we used to make with raspberries…. but not quite. =P

Well let’s see what all happened this week... Wow it all went by like a lightning bolt. But we have planned the baptism of the Garcia Family. They actually will be baptized this Saturday and President Cordon is flying in on Thursday and will be present for the service so pray that everything will run smooth!

I actually had a funny thing happen. We were riding our bikes about 7 p.m. on like Thursday and as we turned a corner my comp sped ahead of me and then as I turned my bike chain fell off my bike and I think got caught in my wheel and which resulted of me being thrown off of my bike and sliding quite a distance.. So as I was lying there, I was taking check of my body making sure I wasn't dead, even the people were passing by saying to themselves "this guy can't even ride a bike correctly". So as I was lying there the only real thing that was hurt was my pride and that I was okay. Some real nice guy helped us out and now he is being taught by the missionaries in the Spanish branch. The only problem is that my pants got ripped and my leg got torn up... Sad day for me. But I’m really alright; it’s just like mom says "a battle wound".

Well, if I’m lucky, tonight I’m going to be invited to eat somewhere by some of the members and investigators that we have. I am pretty sure that the Garcia Family is going to invite us because they are always so nice. They even gave me a mini dictionary. They are awesome.

Well family I love you all very much. I know that Megan is being busy as well as you dad and mom. But remember that there is always time for 1 – God, 2 - Family and 3 - relaxing or I’m pretty sure that you’re going to explode.

I love being on my mission even though it’s very hard; it’s very worth it. I hope that you all realize that the mission is changing me. Little ways but it’s helping me - just as you all have done for me. And look!!! I've made it 21 years now! How about I try to make it a few more? (hahah)

Love you All!!
Elder Sutton

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Missionaries Party!
Derek in Belize
Derek and Elder Rabanales and
Sister Desiree Humes (Belize)
Ruins outside of Belize City
Derek chillin' in his Lax shirt in his Belize apartment

A Golden Family

Well speaking of the package I haven't received anything as of yet, but I’m still checking the post office every once in a while. I'm assuming that it will come soon. Speaking of letters… I actually got 2 letters this week - one from you mom and the other from Holly! I loved reading them both! I hope you know how much they mean to me. Just hearing how you’re doing and how amazing my family really is.

So what all happened to Megan? From what I understand she just threw up in the middle of the game? Was she at least not out on the floor? But things like that happen and Megan, I’m sure, did it in the most dignified way possible. (Haha) But Dangit – SVL I have always not been happy with them. They tend to always be good at whatever they do...

But it seems like to me this is the year for all the missionaries to return right? Then with the crazy news that Keith is getting married!? I'm really happy for him and definitely wish him the best luck that I can. As for Grayden, he needs to still be around and single when I get back so that we can hang out. (haha) So Brother and Sister Roberts got back from their mission in Tennessee? I bet being in the office was something fun for them. In the office pass ALL the missionaries so they probably got acquainted with a few of them; I sure hope that they loved it as much as I am loving it.

I've been trying to keep in contact with Tyler Conrad also, and I have heard about his trip that he is going to do in Kuwait. I definitely think that’s awesome! Maybe when I get back I’ll go out with him! (haha) Think you could handle that mom? =P The only problem is that I’m not going to see him until his next break...

So you're having a Gospel Principles class with the missionaries? That sounds cool actually. I sure hope that the whole family is participating in these classes and that even Megan is doing some teaching! One day you’re going to need that! Mark my words!

So how often do you contact tourists in Belize? Do you only contact Belizeans?

Well actually we don't really talk with a lot of tourists out here. It’s very hard. If we contact a tourist the problem is that if they are interested, they always have a certain time here and then we have to get in contact with the missionaries from where they live and then the directions and sometimes they get lost.... It’s kind of a mess but definitely if they talk to us, we talk back. We actually got stopped on the street a few times and talked to some LDS people! I think that’s the coolest. But yeah we don't really go to that part of the town where there are lots of tourists - mostly where the houses are and the families live.

But we found this amazing family. The Garcia family... and no they don't speak Spanish.... hahah. They are going to be baptized the 11 of February and they are so positive you could call them “Golden”. They have the best questions and if they don't understand something they ask and I guess it’s the family that has been most prepared by the Lord that I have ever seen in my mission or even heard about for that matter. Sister Kim (the mom) is an amazing cook also.. =)

Do you still speak Spanish a lot?

Well not too much actually. I love to talk to my companion in Spanish to try and keep it up. I'm sure that our conversations would be soooo confusing if you heard them. There are like triggers when we talk. Like we start talking in English then like out of the blue, empezamos a hablar espanol y cuando llega otra tema we start again to speak in English. I really like that a lot because it makes that little Spanish switch in my head really easy to turn on and off. =)

Well I sure hope that everyone is doing as well as I am. Of course we’re all exhausted and tired and hungry but that’s part of life. If it was all just normal and happy - then we couldn't know happiness. Read in the Book of Mormon.. 2 Nephi 2: 22-27. =)

Remember that Elder Sutton loves all of you and loves to hear from you. I don't know if people have been receiving my letters because there aren't many responses.... But either way I’m working hard. I'm staying active and positive. It’s not easy. It’s worth it.

Elder Sutton