Monday, July 25, 2011

Jumped by a White Woman

Man talk about a crazy story. So I saw Elder Ferrin there at the temple and then all of a sudden a white lady comes up to me and sees my name badge and then tells me that she is going to hug me and that I can’t say no!!! I got jumped by my first white person in the mission. After she explained who she was and that she put my debit card in the mission office, I was OK. (It was Elder Ferrin's mom who had come down to pick him up after his mission.) At the temple I saw a ton of people that I knew!!!! Like just about from every ward that I had been in- even from Apaneca!

Man Taco Time still isn’t done!?!?! You guys need to really get on someone’s case or something because man it’s got to be up when I get back. Where are mom and I going to go to talk about my mission????

OHHHH!!! So Megan is one of those popular kids in the school who all the guys want to date. Now it all makes sense!! But just make sure that she gets their older sisters’ names and numbers so that when I get back I can contact them.. hahaha

Man that really surprised me when i found that out about Malory!!!!!! Man I can’t believe that she thought about being married at 18. Here, that isn’t anything weird. But here they don’t get married; they just live together and then if they have money they get married, if no, then they just have kids... It’s like a past time here. (Haha - that was a bad joke.) No one under the age of 18 can read my letter.. =P But at least she called it all off. I remember before the mission I went to hang out with them a lot. (haha)

Well a little about my area and all that. My comp is Elder Alonzo; he is from Guatemala and he is kind of serious. That’s not too good, but he is a great teacher and a hard worker. He is short and moreno. (I don’t know how to explain that in English. ¿brown? I don’t know.) But my area is pretty close to the beach - like 30 minutes. There are elders in my zone, like Elder Fox, who actually are at the beach. So I’m hoping to do divisions with them one day so that I can see it and take pictures... hahahah Well the members here actually love us because the missionaries have always been good to them here. So hopefully I won’t lose too much weight. My area is Las Delicias. (haha) But we have planned this Saturday 2 baptisms. Pray that they will all go well.

Well I love this area, my calling, the church. When I’m working it all goes by in a flash. I just hope that I enjoy it like I need to. I want it to be a life changing experience for me. And maybe learn to speak Spanish on the way.

HAHAHA - so you’re going to eat lunch with some of the missionary moms.. Well there is one Elder Hossman in the mission, and he is the assistant to the president. Lol - that’s so funny all the things that show up because of the mission.

Plus everyone is coming home!? That’s super crazy.... hahaha I hear Graydon came home for surgery or something. (That’s what Tate said.)

Well luckily I still have a year in the mission. I still have some goals that I haven’t accomplished. I’m praying that I do them. The mission is the perfect way to teach a young man to love. If anything I’m learning to love people - no matter who they are or what they say about me.

Well I love and miss you all. You all individually have taught me something to prepare me for my mission, and I’m thankful for you.

Solo para que sepan, mi español esta mejorando mas que todo con un compañero latino. Y ahora estoy leyiendo todo en español, a veces es mas facil a entender. Jajaj

Les amo!!

Elder Sutton

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No AC? You're Spoiled!

That’s so funny that you guys put on your air conditioning and all that. Here someone asked me if I had AC back home and I said yes, like everyone does in one way or another and they were super shocked!! Like it’s not something that anyone has here. Maybe in the richest buildings they have a little of it but really no one has it. You guys are super spoiled. I´m thinking about taking you guys here for a week and making you see how I’m living without anything special!! (hahahah - Spoiled gringos!)

Dad sent me a picture of the Angel Moroni!!! Man the temple looks almost not real with all that’s going on there. So it’s really made out of bricks and stuff like that. It looks like a computer made picture. (hahaha) I sure hope that you all went to go and see it get put up because I’m super jealous!!!!!!!!

Dang, it sounds like Kevin isn´t having the time that he thought he would in the Marines huh? That’s kind of sad though; I’ve been trying to write him and all that but he hasn´t sent me anything back. I don’t know - I can just imagine that it would be really hard. If it’s possible tell him to write me; I got permission from president to write him. Make sure to keep me informed anyway.

It seems like there are tons of people going home this change. Like the entire mission is getting changed into new people, which means that we old guys are getting slowly older and older!!

BUT I did get your package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! You guys are my favorite ever, you spoil me.. =) I love the candy bars; I’m trying not to eat them too fast, and I’m actually using the shoe laces right this second and the tooth brushes I haven´t used yet... =/

But we did just barely baptize! It was quite awesome; this kid is so funny named Joel. He is 12 and his nephew baptized him.. Yeah his NEPHEW!!! hahah

1 – Tell us all about the El Salvador temple…… (What it’s like, your favorite rooms, etc.)

Well the El Salvador temple is super amazing. It’s not super huge but it very beautiful. It’s like a castle on the hill here. Right as you walk in, there is a picture of Jesus and two Latina girls (I think i told you that). And the baptismal font is super amazing. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. Man i sure hope they let us go in for sessions!

2 – Have you been able to take more investigators through the temple and whom?

Well we have been taking tons of people there. We have taken a lot of kids with us too; we just have to pay for the bus. (haha - but sacrifices bring blessings..) =)

3 – Did you receive the box we sent a few weeks ago with the chocolate chips in it? (There actually should be another on the way with a surprise)

Yeah i got it!!!!!!!!!!!! Again muchisimas gracis!!

4 – Who was the most fun person you were able to speak with this week and why?

It would have to be yesterday Hermano Afane. He was called to be a bishop at 19 because he didn´t go on a mission and then he was a bishop for like 13 years! He is awesome; now he is old but he is super rich here. He just sat me down yesterday and we talked about the church and about you guys. Just about everything. Just helping me out with some of my problems that I have and even better - they gave me pancakes!!

5 – Do you have mosquitoes and/or other biting insects that cause you grief? (hahaha-sorry)

Yeah here the mosquitoes are getting super bad!!! It’s because of all of the water and all that but man I got a bite on my hand between my fingers!?!? How weird, but I’m fine. =)

6 – What kind of things do you do as the senior companion – are you kind of like the “big brother”?

Well there is tons of stuff I do. I have to talk on the phone and when we don´t do well, they machete me. (Haha) It’s just more responsibility. Like I need to make sure we have everything planned well and are on task and everything. But the thing is, it really depends on your compañero because there are some that you can just be normal and some that are like babysitting them the whole change. (haha) But that’s how the mission is right? I wouldn´t change my experiences for a million dollars.


I´m going to Sonsonate! =/ It’s by the beach and man it’s super-hot there. When Bryant gets home ask him about it and he´ll tell you it’s super-hot! But the good thing is, I might get to go on changes by the beach!!!! That’s my goal. I´m not going to do anything wrong; I just want to see how it is here. =) Same with my comp. He is going there but to another area. I´m go an area delicias (hahah) but I’m going to baptize a ton over there. =D

Well I love you all and I hope that you all are receiving tons of blessings and never forget why we are here. Never give up!!!!! There is always a calm before and after the storm. =)

Love Elder Sutton

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

El Salvador Temple Opens

Man, the good old days of chilling out in the sun in St. George and going swimming. Well the only thing is that you guys better not stop going there when I get back or I’m going to be super mad. (hahah) So Megan is deciding to take the burned look now!? I bet that looks good on ya.=P (hahah - I’m teasing) But how is the weather up there? I bet it’s super-hot like usual!!!!!

Dang! Why isn´t anyone taking care of dad while I’m gone? I think that is the first accident we have had in a long time in the Sutton family, unless Megan has had any fun experiences since I have left?! I only remember that one time I crashed the green truck into the old high school receiving dock, but I think that did more damage to the stuff in the back of the truck then the truck itself.. (hahah - that truck is a beast!!!!)

1 – Do you ever floss you teeth? (Megan’s question)

Well before this change I would have to say no, but now I bought little tooth flossers from the super market, (crazy, they have tooth flossers but not peanut butter) but now I use them just about every single day. I have to keep up my attractive smile somehow?

2 – Have you found any investigators to take over to the new temple yet?

Well we went last Saturday, and this Friday we have another trip scheduled. I want everyone to pray so that my investigators will all go. We have told just about the whole world here that we are going that day; now they just need to make the time to go with us. But really, I was telling dad, that the temple here is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen in my life. I looks like a box but in the inside it’s super beautiful. Right as you walk in there is a painting of Jesus Christ hugging 2 Latino children and man it looks so real! The people here are really blessed to finally have a House of the Lord!

3 – Are you about due for companionship changes or will the President leave everything the way it is until he settles in a bit?

Well that’s a fantastic question, changes are the next Wednesday, not this one but the one after. I have absolutely no idea what is all going to happen. This will be the first change of the new president and it will be interesting what he will decide to do. =)

4 – Do you have someone to wash your clothes in this area? Are you a “clean” companion or do you leave a trail everywhere you go? (Mom’s)

Well yeah I have someone to wash my clothes in this area so we´re all good in that aspect and the better part is that she doesn´t work! So she gets our clothes done really fast! I have clean shirts about every single day!!!! Well of course I’m the clean companion! You taught me that way!

5 – Do you do exercises every day (sit-ups, push-ups, etc.) or is your exercise mostly a walking regiment?

Well I play a lot of soccer and that. Sometimes I do pushups and stuff before I take a shower to make the shower not soo cold! But don´t be expecting me to come back all ripped and strong because that’s not going to happen at all!! I´ll work on that when I get back.. =P

Well Bryant is leaving and then there will only be 2 people from Brigham here... sad day, huh? The mission just won’t be the same! The even more dumb part is that I never was in the same zone as Bryant! I still remember when he sent me a letter and while we were driving past that cowboy place.... I don´t remember what that store is called.... SMITH AND EDWARDS!!!! (hahah - just remembered) But he was telling me things I needed to bring and all that. Well at least I know that it’s possible to live through El Salvador and finish my mission huh? =P

Well I don´t have much else super exciting to tell you guys just that the temple here is amazing. Hopefully this Saturday we´ll have 2 baptisms, and I hope that you´re all praying for my investigators. They really need it. =D

Love you all.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Frogs of El Salvador

Haha – man, this morning Elder Mendenhall told me that it was the 4th of July today but it feels like just another p-day to me... (haha) Sadly they aren´t cool here and don´t celebrate any of our holidays. It’s alright! I´m still loving everything here! It’s so awesome and the rain isn´t super hard so my clothes are just a little muddy. =P BUT! I did actually remember it was Jennifer’s birthday yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Well I am actually craving some cobbler right now, I’m not going to lie. I’d probably sell all the clothes I’m wearing right now to eat some, but with some vanilla ice cream! (hahah) No worries, the cobbler isn´t going anywhere; I’m only here for another year..... =( It goes so fast.....

Dang! I remember the cool stuff that we do on the 4th of July. Like we used to go fishing and all of that and watch the fireworks. Last year I went to Tasha’s and with all the guys we partied! I think that was it, or the 24th.. (hahah - such a great memory I have huh? I blame my genes.... =P Just kidding, mom and dad.) MAN!!! Plus you’re going to St. George! I remember when we went there and saw Tarzan! Every time someone sings Tarzan here I always think of our last trip there and then the movie we saw. Just so you know, mom and dad, even the little trips that we went on really mean a lot to me and I remember them - the time that we spent together. That’s one thing I’m going to do with my family in like 10 years or more. Go on trips! IT’S AWESOME!

1 – Tell us a little about your new mission president…. (his family, any new rules, etc.)

Well President Cordon... haha well I’d say he is like 180 degrees different then our last president. President Lopez was awesome but more like military strict and President Cordon is more of love us and we work that way. But don´t get me wrong, neither of them are slackers. We are working hard. President Cordon worked in the temple of Guatemala for like years and years and his family are all book worms. They love to read etc. The cool thing is that they know English really well. So if I need to I can speak to them in English, even though i don´t know why... hahah

2 - Do any of the building in your town have air conditioning?

Air conditioning.... well there are places that have like a swamp cooler system, but not many of them. The people here just decide (mainly guys) to pull up their shirts and walk around with their big guts sticking out. Haha - it’s their air conditioning!

3 – Are you still in a house with another companionship?

Yeah I’m with my comp Elder Feliz and then Elder Navarro (from here) and Elder Mendenhall from Alpine, Utah, who played BYU football. =) But everyone can speak English here but Elder Feliz!!! (Elder Navarro went to Belize and learned really well)

4 – Is your companion from a big family? What is his home like in the Dominican Republic?

Well I don´t know a whole ton; he has 1 sister and 1 brother, and his parents are converts. But he got baptized at 8 years. So it’s all that. He says the Dominican Republic is really big. Like bigger then Cuba and here. But it rains a lot there! And there is even a temple there and an MTC! SO the church is pretty well off there!

5 – Do you ever see strange animals like monkeys or anything else there?

Strange animals..... Well not too much because I’m in the city, but we hear lots of frogs at night. Like it’s ridiculous how much of noise they make! Literally overpowering. The hard part is catching the stupid things because like a child, I still like playing with frogs.. ahah I did catch one though and named it like Wilson and I put it in our house and when we came back we lost him and found him out on the back patio! I still haven´t grown out of that yet. I think catching tadpoles and all that is one thing I’m never going to grow out of! Maybe when I get back we can grab the butterfly nets and get some for our pond. =P

Well that’s okay about my new debit card! I´ll wait until Mrs. Ferrin comes then. I have some time! =P I´ll be super excited for my package when it comes though! But I ate one hamburger helper that you guys sent me last night, something with potatoes and cheese or something, (hahah - I don’t know) It was good; I just had to put some barbeque sauce on it. =P The only thing I could want would be some aftershave... I don´t know if you could send me that. If not, I’ll just keep looking here. It’s not a priority at all just something i would like - it can be cheap stuff too.

Well, love you all and I wish you all a super fantastic 4th of July!