Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Immigration/Visa Time

My dear family!!!

How of a hectic day I’ve had. I'm sure that I’m going to die.... We have the immigration papers and my work permit just got out so I need to go pick that up BUTTTT--- I am going to look for this lady, Suzie! That is such a surprise! Man look at how small the world is and how much my family loves me! Sending packages with her and all that. But I know exactly the information that is there. Jaime Chi is like the boss here. But I’m going to look for her like today!!!!!!!!!! Probably not until after I finish up in the office here. =)

OK, so what’s been up this week with you?

Man, the only problem is I have to go... But right now nothing is happening here except all the immigration stuff and all that. We are running around pretty stressed. I'll write you a lot more maybe later....

Has the weather still been pretty rainy?

Well the rain has stopped and now it’s some extreme heat. I’m sweating worse than in Sonsonate. It’s just that we have bikes to help dry off the sweat!!!

Are the bicycle legs getting stronger? Any accidents?

Well me personally I haven’t had any accidents. I've seen some elders get in some but I’m a little more careful! But my legs are super strong now.

Are you still with Elder R or have you had changes yet?

I'm still with Elder RABANALES!!!! And, yeah everything is going good for us. He is always up-beat and happy. I love that about people who are truly happy.

Family I’m so sorry.. I have to go to immigration department right now. I'll attempt to write you a little more later but for right now I’ve got my hands tied.

I love you all

Elder Sutton

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