Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fruits of Our Labors

Yeah I remember exactly how that was those last weeks of school. The teachers don't want to give assignments because they know that no one will do them, and the kids just want to get out of there and play so it’s a tough time.  From what Amanda says the teachers want the break just as much as the students want it!

But just so you know, I was remembering that it was Scott's and Jeff's Birthday!!  But just so you know HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  I know it doesn't mean much from a computer screen but maybe in the future I can really tell you happy birthday and buy you something nice. 

Well it sounds like the world is running around just as crazy as we are.  Lacrosse is going great and also Megan is singing, plus Jared is coming home soon.  Just so you know I remember when we were in the MTC together and we would hang out at night!  Man time flies the older that you get huh?

Well this last week we had a baptism of Samuel Reyes.  It was actually quite unexpected but we pulled it off and all of them (including the family) were excited for it.  The only problem is the family now.  We're working hard with them so that they can also be baptized.  But it was really great!   Like usual not many people came out to the baptism (just the normal people) but I really feel that deep down we are helping.  It’s hard to see the huge results here.  The process of missionary work is a small seed that we are planting in the people that we teach and baptize and sadly we aren't usually around to enjoy the fruit that it brings to their lives and the lives of the people to come.  But just so that everyone knows it’s probably the most rewarding thing that I’ve done or on the top 3 of things I’ve ever done in my entire life.  Not because it’s nice all day and people come up to us and want to be taught, but because it’s hard work and I’m doing it to show God how much I appreciate the blessing that I have.  

It’s great getting wet though.  I bet not many people can say that they have gotten soaking wet in their church clothes like literally as if I would have jumped in a pool.  It happens quite frequently here. Hurricane season started!

I look skinny and brown? haha  I don't know about the skinny part but I definitely am more brown.  And like I said the last time I can see why Eric came home with a neck line.  I have a really bad one too - plus my arms.  We won't even go there. hahah

But I love it all. The mission, the people, the rain and everything. It’s hard. But it’s worth it.

Elder Sutton 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Orange Walk Sugar Factory Tour

Unloading Sugar Cane

Inside the sugar factory

Derek on tour

Finished sugar

Sugar Factory Tour

May 22, 2012

So I decided to talk a little bit about the week here in Belize and just try and tell some of the things that we did yesterday for p-day.  Normally not a lot happens on p-day for us as missionaries here in Belize, but we are in the works of going and making another trip to Lamani! The Mayan ruin! 

But we went yesterday to the sugar factory here in Orange Walk and did like an inside tour of all the cool things that they do!  I definitely have a greater appreciation of sugar now that I see it!  I’ll try and attach some pictures so that you can all see.  And yes we did have to go around in the nice hard hats and goggles. But from the beginning of the process starting with the sugar cane to the ending result it takes like 18 hours or more to do it.  I mean how hard could it be to take the sugar out of the cane.  Well let me tell you - it takes tons of electricity and tons of cane. We started off to where the huge trucks come in and they dump off the cane and then it gets smashed into little things like saw dust.  Then from there it goes and gets smashed some more and washed and then all over again (almost 5 times).  Then from there, the water that goes through it goes and is taken to steam and to boil and then to gets vacuumed.  One of the last stages that it goes through is it gets turned into little crystals that we know as our sugar. It takes lots of heat and pressure. Believe me; it was really hot in this part!  But at the end, this sugar gets sent to
the states and to Canada and even to England!  It was very cool but very dirty!

Well this week was really good.  I had an interview with President Cordon and I even got my temple recommend renewed!  Good to know I still have that one huh?  Well also we had district conference in Belize this week.  So basically stake conference but for here!  It was really good, but the only problem was on the way back home!  The bus decided to break down like 5 times on the way back!  Almost every time that the man slowed down he killed it!  In the end we made it home.  A little late but home either way.  =)

Not much else happened that I can think of.  It’s beginning to rain in my area. We're entering into the hurricane season!  It’s going to be intense!!!  But don't worry; the rain never slows us down!  We always are working hard!

I love you all and I hope you enjoy my short but sweet letter!

Elder Sutton

Friday, May 18, 2012

We're Working Hard

May 15, 2012

I feel like I just talked to you all!?  But that was only like 3 days ago!   I assume that not a lot has happened since I last talked to everyone!  And sadly not a lot has happened that I didn't tell you so we'll see what comes out!  Actually I’m in Belize City again because we had a zone meeting with all the Missionaries here in this side of Belize and it was good.  We talked a lot about how to be better at what we do here.  Man we are working hard though - all the time.  But what keeps me going is that there are people waiting out there to hear what I have…  “The Gospel”

1.       Do you ever hear from your old companions?

I really don't hear much from my old companions.  I do hear from some, but I imagine that a lot have already started their lives and the only way I’m going to get them is through face book....  (hahah)  It seems like everyone has that crazy thing.

2.       Do you have clean, clear water to drink every day?

Yes if we go to the store, we can go and buy like bottles of water and all that jazz but the thing is that it’s easier to go and buy like bottle juices.  I need to stop doing that though.  I think those are a great contributor to me being fat!

3.       If you could start your mission over right now, would you do it?

Wow now that is a deep question.  I really have mixed feelings.  Part of me wants to do it all again right now.  Actually I really love it.  I don't have to work or study or anything like that.  I know EXACTLY what I need to do.  Well, not exactly how to do it but I know.  That really doesn't make sense but it’s so nice being told what to do and not have to worry about the cares of life.  Where am I going to work?   Where am I going to study?  What am I going to study?  Do I have enough money to study?... and the list goes on and on.....  But part of me wants go get things going in my life and make something of myself.  AHHH it’s quite the great struggle within myself.  I don't know actually.  I think if I could go see you for like a week then come back here for a few months that would be great... (hahaha) but sadly I can't do that at all.... =(  But don't get me wrong at all.  I love my mission and I owe so much to everyone that made this possible....

4.       What kind of dog would you get if you had a choice?

Well all my input is this...
1.  Not a yappy dog!!!!
2.  NOT a giant dog!!! 
And last
3.  I’M NOT COMING HOME UNTIL YOU HAVE ONE... =)  I love you all!

5.       What are the rings of Saturn composed of?

The rings of Saturn are generally comprised of frozen water particles that have been caught in the gravitational pull of the planet itself.  Sometimes there can be particles of rock that can be caused by the passing of asteroids. 
Did I sound like a text book there?  I loved my astronomy class by the way....  I still remember that guy who was from England!

Well actually we met some gringos (North Americans) yesterday on our p-day and they were here making prosthetic legs and arms for people here!  They were from Nevada and they have been members of the church for quite a time.  We invited them to Family Home Evening and they really are great people.  But every year they come down here and donate their time and money to help the people here that have lost their legs and hands.  They really are great people.

I love you all and I hope that everything is great!
Love Elder Sutton

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Moms

Well that was pretty amazing how Taco Time got thrown up so fast… Or was that was like a year ago - huh?  Well I don't know actually because the time is flying like it’s going out of style.  But I know that there are some people that are really excited  to see the building up and working again!  I definitely am excited for my crisp bean burritos!  Where else could I have gotten them? NOWHERE!

Well it sounds like this week was quite the week for everyone actually plus me too.  So before I start to answer the questions I have some awesome news!  WE RE-ARRANGED OUR HOUSE! So let me tell you a little something and this should explain why we did it.  SO, on Sunday after church & after a few stressful times there I laid down in my room and took a nap for a few minutes and when I woke up I was sweating.  When I looked at the thermometer & it was 101.8 in the room! Too hot for my liking so this Monday we decided to change up our rooms to the other side of the bathroom!  Plus we hung up my jazz shirt that Holly gave me on the wall! (because of the play offs...)  And now we have a workout room... minus all the equipment. hahaha

1 – What are your plans for calling home for Mother’s Day?  Sis Cordon said there were only phone calls this holiday, so we need to square up what day/time is best for you & us….  (We will all be home on Saturday evening if that works for you, but Amanda has to go back early Sunday.  Our church is from 11-2 Sunday, but we’re willing to accommodate you – our favorite son!!!!)

Well I told dad like 6:30 ish on Saturday will work for us?  What I’ll do is like try and buy some credit and hope that there is some sort of deal for us that day to call the United States.  I'll ask around.  Usually everyone here has some family in the states and they should know all the tricks and stuff.

2 – Are you planning on getting an international calling card like you did the first time? 

Well the thing here is that they really don't sell those.  You buy credit for your phone and then the company keeps a running total of how much you have on your cell phone.  So I’ll probably try that.  Like I said, I’m going to ask around to see what the best way to do it.   =) 

3 – Did you do anything for “Cinco de Mayo” or do they not celebrate that in Belize?

Well even though Belize has a huge influence from Mexico, they don't do anything for the 5 de mayo here.  But they definitely have a lot of holidays here.  I swear like every month they have 1 or 2.

4 – Are you interested in applying as an interpreter during the BC Temple open house?  (They said there is a need and especially for Spanish speaking.)

Well now that would be awesome!  I was sending dad some emails and I would love to do that because it’s pretty much a once in a lifetime experience to do that.  I don't know what I would have to do but if it all fails, I could just talk about the temple to them.  But would I have turns or something or would I help out all day or just half day? Which days would I go?  But how did you find out that they needed interpreters?  Did they like announce that in church?

5 – Have you actually eaten any of your treats?  The otter pops were Amanda’s idea (we didn’t even know if you have a freezer – hopefully).

Well yeah....  Actually I've eaten them all... haha  My companion and I were hungry!!!!.....  And yeah I love the Otter pops!  I just finished the caramel popcorn ball yesterday.  That was really good too. But that lasted a while.
And yes I’ve even used my new shoes!  They are really nice!  I feel all rich walking around in a new pair of shoes!   hahah

Well I’m really excited to talk to everyone this weekend!  It’ll be great and I hope that you all have some questions for me too.  I sure hope that I have the answers!...
But we got the changes also and my companion & I are staying together for another change here in Orange walk.  This is really good news because we have a lot of things still left to do in the area and a lot more people we need to find and teach.
I hope you all have a great week and a Great Mother’s Day to all the moms!!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Duck Feathers...

Well now the month of April has flown by.  I am agreeing with all of you that it is flying by!  Someone put the days on “slow down” because this is ridiculous!  

But don't worry, I have had my fair share of early mornings lately. Not quite as bad as Megan’s but definitely early, like 4 or 5 in the morning.  But just so everyone knows I’m beginning to be a morning person!  I know how I used to be such a night bug but now I’m converting into a morning person.  I still don't like it but I actually can hold a conversation with my companion.

Well that’s pretty crazy how everyone is talking about the end of the mission.  I remember just the other day when I saw both Damon and Chris in the MTC and we hung out in the buildings with them.  It’s hard to think that the mission is almost over for them.  (Thank goodness I get to stay on mine for the rest of my life)  But speaking of Kevin Tyler, I’ve emailed him like 2 or 3 times and I'm not getting anything of a response from him.  I don't know what’s going on?  Maybe he just never uses his email or something.

1 – How was your meeting/interview with Pres. Cordon?  Is he happy with you and your work?
Well the meeting was pretty great with Pres. Cordon – I’m not going to lie. But that was one of those days where we got up at 4 so that we could get the 5”30 bus out of Orange Walk.  There is no better way to spend your morning but riding on an old school bus a few hours!!!  But the meeting was very insightful; I learned some great things - one of the things that most stuck out to me was this.  If we are afraid to make mistakes it’s because we don't have faith in the cleansing and strengthening power of the atonement....  I was thinking that over my head as president was talking.  If I’m running around scared all day long of making mistakes or saying something wrong to someone, I won't ever get to reach my maximum potential because that fear will create barriers in my life.  Also, he brought a bag of candy to eat too so apart from the very much needed rest from my silver stallion (My bike) I got to eat some good food.

2 – Were you lucky enough to receive your package with SHOES, etc.?
YES!!!  I was probably the luckiest Elder here because everyone was gathered around as I looked at them.  I haven't used them yet or eaten anything from it, but I usually save those for the special days.. YOU know. =)
THANK YOU SO MUCH MY LOVED FAMILY (and maybe friends too)

3 – How long has Elder Ingersoll been out?  Has he ever served in El Salvador?
He has been out 10 months now on the mission.  If I’m not wrong I was in Atiquizaya when I had 10 months in the mission.  But yeah he actually was there before he came here to Belize.  He has been in Belize for 2 changes now - 3 months real people time.
The crazy part is that his brother is getting married this month and it’s funny to hear all the stress his family is going through with the wedding.  The good old days when Amanda got married...  GOOD THING I"M NOT GETTING MARRIED HUH MOM. =)  I think my brain would just go nuts if I had to deal with all that. 
p.s. Thanks for getting married when I was home Amanda/Eric.

4 – Are you able to keep up on your Spanish or will you need a refresher (you know I took 2 years of Spanish in Jr. High – hahaha)?

actualmente la mayoria de personas aqui en Orange Walk hablan los dos idiomas.  So whenever you want you can go talk to someone in cualquier idioma!  Yo creo que mi espanol esta bien.  No estoy seguro pero las personas me entienden a mi y yo a ellos entonces todo esta bien!
So I think and hope that my Spanish is going well.  If not I’ll go find some people there to practice with.  I'm learning the lingo that they use in Mexico so that when I go there I'll talk like the natives!

I think that the elder's name from Honeyville is Elder Taylor? I think.... 

SOO story time.  So we went to persons house last night and we were going to teach her a lesson because she FINALLY went to church after almost 2 months of not going. So when we sat down on her sofas some boy came in the house and said that one of her ducks had escaped the yard and was running rampid in the streets eating little children and animals.. (ok maybe I added that last part to make it more interesting) but we went on the hunt with this lady.  When we finally found the duck, the member began to tell us that we now need to cut its feathers off so that It won't fly away anymore... That was pretty weird for me, because I’ve never done that before in my life.  So after we finished with that one we decided to grab some more of them to cut off... BUT the ducks had different ideas; they didn't want to be caught.  (I imagine because earlier that afternoon this member ate 2 of them, I’d be afraid too if I was a duck..) But we preceded to try and wrangle them up cattle style with this member and after a lot of feathers and sweat we got them all with their feathers cut off and no injuries. 
A day in the life of a missionary in Orange Walk! =D

I hope you loved my story plus my added comments. =)
I love you all and I am thankful for everyone that reads my blog! 
I hope that life is great for you all. I pray daily for you!

Love Elder Sutton