Monday, April 25, 2011

Senior Comp

Man, I surely hope that you have taken pictures of Amanda´s graduation and all that. If not I’m going to be super mad! The only son of the family is getting left out of all the fun. Did she have to put on the whole gown and all that? I loved when I graduated and all that; I felt super special. I still have the picture in my photo album of us three kids and me in my gown!

Hahah, silly Megan, always being a little bit of a mental case and not playing soccer as well when the coach is gone. I am finding out that it comes with being a girl – that and those crazy hormones. I am never going to forget those days when Megan would just start crying for nothing and we would ask her what’s gong on and she would just cry and say "I don´t know" (hahah)

What’s going on, dad? I´m going to have to come band whip your team into shape! I know that we can´t be perfect in all the games and I´m sure that dad gave them quite the talk. I always loved those from coaches. We get tons of them on the mission! We call them Machetes! hahah

Don´t worry mom; I´m sure that they still will love you at the nursery. If it matters, I´m going to still love you if you don´t finish your hanging baskets in time - even though I´m thousands of miles away and all that. Your favorite son still loves you. =) AWE!!

1– Do you actually have a way to Skype on the computers down there if we decide to go that route?

Well the thing is that most have skype but this new area I´m going to might or might not, but I´m going to make sure to get it or something. It will be sweet to see you guys again but it´ll be a little hard – I’m not going to lie. Crazy how the technology is changing and we can use skype huh?

2 – What’s the best thing your new cook has made for you? Learn how to make puppusas yet?

Well no one wants to teach me how to make pupusas. They don´t want the missionaries learning to make them so that they won´t buy them! But I will!!! Don´t worry family! But the best thing.... I really liked her fried chicken she made and also she made cheese filled squash one day that was pretty good. I never was a huge fan of squash either!

3 – Do you have a new address for your “new” mission yet?

Well sadly we don´t have the new direccion (address) yet.... =( I´m sure to let you know asap! We´re a little slow in the office here. hahahah

4 – When Elder Cano leaves to go home, do you see a transfer in store for you as well? It sounds like you’re in a little bit of paradise – minus the bugs…..

Well I´ll tell you a little about my transfer...

Things are going to change quite a lot now. I´m going to a new area and they are going to put sister missionaries in this area =( =( I´m going to an area called Atiquizaya!!!!!! Man that is super hard to spell. I´m going to be the senior companion! Unless I´m super sinful, I´m going to be senior companion from this day forth until the end of my mission... Crazy huh. Apparently the lord and the president have a lot of confidence in me huh? LOL My area is called El Angel. I´m going from a branch here of 50 to a ward there of like 150 and supposedly the members love the missionaries and give us food and stuff.. (ahahah) I sure hope so because I´m not too fat anymore. (hahah) My new comp is going to be Elder Fox and I´m going to be his second companion in the mission so he is a baby baby in the mission. (hahaha) I´m going to be a step dad in the mission!!!! Ask Eric about that one...

Wednesday I´m getting out of town. But for sure if I ever come back here, I’m going to go to Apaneca because I love this place with all my heart and it’s so beautiful... Also my ward mission leader is the coolest guy that I know!

5 – Do you sleep with mosquito netting?

Well no I don´t. Right now it’s too cold for mosquitoes but in my next area it’s going to be hot and humid so I’m going to sleep with lots of bug spray on! J

6 – Do you drink your drinks out of bags with straws (like in Mexico)?

Yes!!!! Actually I drank one today! It was pretty sweet. Everyone here uses bags and stuff. It’s one way of saving money on buying little cups for everyone! Also I figured out that the water here is bad but it doesn´t affect me! How crazy cool huh? I have a stomach of a Latino!

7 – How much is gasoline? Ours is $3.55 a gallon and on its way up.

Well the gas here is 4.50 so you guys are really lucky! There are some poor people with cars here and somehow they are paying all that money for gas! I don´t know how but man they make it. The people know how to live in these conditions and they all do it with a smile. We have a lot to learn from people like this. We just baptized two kids last week that really are poor poor kids but they knew that this was true and they took the step of faith.

Well I have told a few people that I have facebook so I hope that they are finding me all right but who knows. Just make sure to accept them and when I get back I´ll check it and see if I really know them. J

Well I just want to say how much I really appreciate all of you and the support that you give me. I really am blessed because I firstly have a family who loves me and loves each other, I have a home and I have my testimony. I can´t explain how much you all mean to me and all that I have learned from you all. I know I sound like a baby but it’s really true. The mission is the best thing I could have done with my life because it helped me find my life. Find who I am and all that I have. You all!

Elder Sutton

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amanda's Graduation!

Well that’s good to know that eating bananas may help keep fleas away. It’s just one of those things that happen when you are in the fields here; there are tons of dogs and cats and they all carry fleas. It’s just what happens. Before the mission I didn’t think that it would ever happen to me but it’s just a part of life now. I hope that with these flea collars, maybe they won’t want to eat me. (hahah) It’s really all good. I just didn’t have time to look for shoe laces yet but I’ll look into that. I don’t know the things here aren’t really made that well but who knows. I’ll just work something out. (hahah) They are just shoes anyway.

It really is going good here. This week in the church we had 45 people so that was super nice and hopefully they keep coming. Even though my comp ends his mission in like a week, I’m going to make sure he works all the way until the end!!! I’m kind of mean like that. We are also going to have a few baptisms this Thursday and it’s going to be great!!!!

Also, I’m getting more and more into soccer. Like I know the best sport to touch the earth is lacrosse, but I’m getting to know some more things about soccer like Real Madrid and Barcelona played on Saturday, I think, and it was a tie and they are going to play Wednesday!! It’s going to be intense! I’m going to have to ask some members how it’s going!

Wow - so now Megan can be in the cool madrigal club like us. I honestly did like my time in madrigals; I really hope that she enjoys it like we all did. But don’t let it get to her head or I’m going to come back and beat her up!! =P Also, I remember a few good cold days playing lacrosse. It’s good for her to toughen up! Sometimes I would come back and not feel my fingers and everything and I’d take a cold shower just because the warm one burned my skin. Maybe she will be tough when I get back =P (hahahah) HARRY POTTER came out? Man, I forgot about that. How is it? I hope it is as good as the books were, but I’m glad that it is in two parts so that it has everything!

I think dad is doing fantastic with the lacrosse team. Beating Sky View is a quite the challenge. When I get back ill show them how to really play lacrosse! Then ill show Megan how to play soccer! Man I’ve got quite the homework ahead of me. =P As for my memory cards, I have them all ready to send I just haven’t sent them yet. I’m just so busy running and running and running and then at the end - running again. I promise to do it and then you can see Apaneca and Jujutla!!

1 – Have you been checking into our special Mothers’ Day phone call? Are you getting a phone card again or do we need to connect another way?

Well I have been telling dad that I have been thinking about that and the president says that we can call in skype now. I don’t know if you’ll want to do that but its an option and I’m sure that I could try and get a cell phone again. I don’t know. What do you all think?

2 – Did you find more socks in your water boots?

I did get some socks but I already took out all them in my boots. My boots are all ready for the water! I’m not so ready but my boots are. (hahah) I also did get the package with socks and I’m actually using a pair right now. They are quite nice using new socks.. haha - the little things I enjoy..!!!!

3 – Do you have plans for Easter Sunday (it’s this coming Sunday)?

Well actually this week is called semana santa - or holy week in English. Here they are all doing stuff (the catholic church mostly) like having parades in the streets and going and doing their masa or what’s it called in English. But we aren’t really doing anything like as church or missionaries, but maybe we’ll include that in our teachings or something!!!

4 – Do you live in a neighborhood or an apartment? What are the neighbors like?

Well our neighbor is a doctor and rich but we always get stuff like mail from him. Hahah I don’t remember his name but its quite cool, but really nothing too cool. We have a cyber cafĂ© next door and then a police station also. So if something happens we can go there. (hahah) I live in a house because there aren’t apartments in Apaneca. There isn’t a ton there/here but it still is very beautiful!

5 – What’s your favorite part of the day and why?

My favorite part of the day..... man that’s a good question. I really like the mornings and the nights when I can just read and look up stuff that I have questions and all that. I don’t know - more then anything relax. Or when we go eat with our cook because we just got one. She is really nice. Her name is Sister Emma like the wife of Joseph. (hahah) They are quite the rowdy family. It makes me laugh whenever I get there. It’s awesome!

Well tell Amanda congratulations and a hug from me because she finally made it!!!!!!!!!! One day I’ll do the same - I just am taking a two year break... or .... work. hahahah Now she only has to work and work and work! Unless she is going to study more but the thing is, I bet she is ready to be done for a while! I would be too. But it’s all good. I’ll throw a party for her when I get back. (hahah)

Well I love you all.

I hope that everyone is doing amazing and super happy.

Elder Sutton

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flea Collars

April 11, 2011

Well, don´t worry about anything because the rain is coming really soon.... I´m not looking forward to it but its gotta happen. =) hahah Like last night it rained like there was no tomorrow! But the funny thing is that it rains like crazy for like 20 minutes then it stops! But as for right now the clouds are trying to engulf the town! It’s like those horror movies when the people enter the fog and then the killer comes out and kills all the girls first then stabs the guys..... Kinda gory... hahahahah but really sometimes it’s pretty cool! If I ever return here I´m going to show you all about this place. It’s pretty sweet. Like a little village tucked up into the mountains. =)   Man!! I´ll come back and help any one of you for a little while but like you said I have tons of things to do as of right now. We have baptisms to plan and dates to put with other people, but playing some lacrosse would be the coolest thing in the world right now! Dad sent me some pictures of when I was playing lacrosse and man do I miss that crazy sport! I´d even play in the rain or snow!! Crazy huh? But what is this about Megan going off and doing all of her things alone and going on dates and driving etc... I thought that wasn´t allowed by my parents... I think they are getting softer and softer because she is the "baby" of the family.. I bet Amanda would agree with me.. hahahah but I remember when I had that restriction period. It was quite the time of probation for me because I just wanted to drive everyone around.. hahah the good old days huh? =P I´m old and fat now.... =(
1 - We're going to start putting together another box - what are some things you are missing out on?

WINNER!!!!!  I was going to ask about some stuff too.. hahah   One... they are telling us "white people" haha that if our parents are going to send us packages they need to do it fast because like you know the mission is changing and the office is going to Santa Ana. So just so y´all know. Okay the things that I would "like".... hahah are first.... CHOCOLATE CHIPS!! I have wanted to put them in pancakes for about 6 years now...... hahahahahahahah well another thing is I was wondering if you could send me a hymn book in English because someone in my ward is bugging me about it. If not, don´t worry about it. =P Then at the end I would love if you sent me some shoe laces..... hahah then there are more things that I want like candy but that’s only if there is space... hahah =D   !!!!!!! I forgot, if you could send me a lanyard that would be awesome!! Like those lacrosse ones I have in my room.... or had in my room.... But I want to put my keys on something!!!!!!!    

2 - Who has been the sick one that needed the nurse - you or your companion?  (what's up with that?)  

Well actually I went to the doctor... haha but don´t worry I´m not dying right now just having some problems. But they should be fixed and all then if she ever decides to call me back..... She forgets a lot (the nurse)....

3 - Have you seen any monkeys or do you only see big bugs and mice?

Well there is like a mini zoo near my house and there are actually monkeys there and I had some photos of them!!!!! But I still haven´t sent my cards to you guys.. I just am so busy.... BUT I WILL!!!!  PROMISE!!!! and about the whole bug thing.... I was wondering if you could like send me a flee collar or something against flees that would be sweet.. I think that explains enough...... hahahahahahaha  

4 - Do you still clean your shoes regularly? Do you need more polish?  

 Well I kindof talked about my shoes. They kindof are falling apart but I might save some money to buy some new ones but I´m hoping that they can last through the water at least.... Lets all pray for my shoes!! hahahah I´m a little bit weird I know... plus my English is dying too so I hope you understand what I´m saying.

5 - How's the "farmer's tan" coming along?  

OH MY....... I hate how my skin is right now. It’s like a super farmers tan times ten million!! My collar tan I have and my legs and my chest.. I´m pretty much the whitest white person that has ever existed here. But the good thing is that no one sees my super white because I always wear the same clothes!!! hahah Maybe we can go to the lake when I get back or something cool huh parents!?!?!?

6 - Tell us again the name of the town in which you live?

I live in APANECA!!! The county place is like AHUACHAPAN. but Apaneca is where I´m at right now.  

Well I´ll write you a little more later today but I ran out of time for now.... =( I love you all and I´m perfectly fine in my health department. =) Don´t worry mom!!!   Wait for a little.. I´ll write more.. But at night... hahahaha   LOVE the coolest elder around. ELDER SUTTON 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy - Busy - Busy

Wow the Box Elder lacrosse team actually lost! I didn’t think that this day would come. Like I told dad it’s because I’m not there to help the team out!! But I know that when you play them again you will show them what’s up!! I really have high hopes for this team and I hope that you guys are recording at least a few of the games so that I can watch them when I get back. =)

Wow – Katharina Andersen is back and she made it back alive from the mission and from what I can hear the mission makes the people weird to be around. I’m certainly hoping that I’m going to be super weird when I get back so that everyone will have to help me back into reality. Plus I’ll just speak in Spanish all the time so that no one will understand me!! But really, the mission kind of does mess with your head. Like right now I can feel my voice changing or I can say my accent and all that jazz. I think it’ll be awesome when I get back and you can all laugh at my Latin accent. I hope to have one anyway.

1 – Did you watch conference and if so - in English or Spanish?

Well luckily this time we could watch it in English! But the thing was we were in a room alone with the other gringos and it was sweet! We had our own little English party in there and for a while, I felt like I was back in the states watching it then when I stepped out - it was like a wall of Spanish that slapped me in the face!! It makes me laugh. But that’s one reason why we are weird on the mission!

2 – Where do you wash your clothes?

Well we have a woman that washes our clothes and stuff but I like to wash my own socks because she kind of takes a while to do it... So I do that by hand in a thing they call a pila... It’s just like a giant concrete tub that holds water. It’s nothing too drastic but definitely nothing I’ve seen before in my life. I’m learning how to do lots of stuff by hand and maybe one day after the mission, it’s going to be of some use? Never know?

3 – Do you have a cook yet?

Well actually we started to have a cook but the thing is that we are almost never here to eat. We are seriously running around like mad men and when we do have time we just grab all that we can to eat so that we will have some energy! BUT the food that everyone sent (Grandma, The Dinsdales, and the fam) are super appreciated... Man you guys don’t know how much you saved my life with that food! I actually made hamburger helper last night and it was pretty good!

4 – Do the people in your area have a different dialect than in Santa Ana?

Well actually they don’t have a huge difference just the words that they use. Like they don’t have a different accent, but they just talk with different words. Because here everyone is a farmer and stuff and it’s like going out to Corinne and Salt Lake.... (HAHAHAHA - just a little joke for the Noyes family!) It is super awesome to see the difference out here. We have one area where we walk for hours to get there and they live in the pure mountains and they literally live off of the earth. The way that they talk is different too. (Hahah) That’s actually where I came from today!!!

5 – Is it easier to meet investigators with a native or a gringo companion?

The work is tons easier with a Latino companion. It’s actually sweet having a Latino companion; plus I learn Spanish. =)

Well I imagine that I should explain why I didn’t write Monday - huh............. Well okay here is the thing, we had it all planned out to work but then some problems got in the way. Here is the story. For our p-day we decided to go and play soccer on a turf field in another area so we left the house here at 9 to get to Ahuachapan and take a bus from there to the other area. We got there and we ended up waiting there for almost an hour for the Zone leaders, who always seem to be late, and in the mean time we only talked with a few drunk people, or should I say they talked with us. =P Once they finally got there we finally went to play for 2 hours, and man I got burned on my face. Let me all tell you..... But it was awesome! It reminded me of when we went to California with USU lacrosse and played in the super heat. After that we had to go to the capital, San Salvador, to get some stuff worked out with the nurse. So at like one o’clock we took a bus there and got there at like 4. We talked to the nurse and ended up that she didn’t know what was going on. So basically we went there just for the fun of it all. (HAHAH) BUT the best part was we went to eat at Wendy’s after!! It has been so long since I’ve had something other than beans and rice!!! You have no idea how much I loved that burger......... UMMMMMM!!!!!! Then we went back home on the bus and they were playing "The Punisher"... which was pretty bloody so I didn’t watch it..... and we got in the last bus to come to my area and man was that packed. I had to ride in a ball because my head would hit the ceiling and there were no seats.... Poor Elder Sutton..... =( Once we finally got here at like 8 at night; we wrote president and then after we went to our house and ate and went to sleep!!!!! MAN that day was super crazy....

I’m still tired today because of that day... =( But today we had to hike in our area again!!!! There are no days of rest for the missionaries - just prayers from the people that love us. =)

Well I hope you loved my little story and all. It was quite fun to write. I’m still super dead right now so I’m going to go. (hahah)

Love you all and appreciate all the prayers for me..