Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Home "Stylers"

Well I definitely know how you feel being in those temperatures of 80's and 90's.  I honestly feel that we are constantly in the sun and every little bit of shade we find - we hide under it. hahah  But that's quite the difference between us and you guy; you're looking for the sun and we're hiding from it every chance that we get!! But this week we went to a house and they had a relatively nice garden and I told them I had a mother back in the states that loves to garden and be outside.  I don't think that they appreciated it as much as I did. hahah

I sure hope that someone told grandpa that I’m sorry for not being at his birthday this year; as you know I was a little..... busy........ haha.  I'm glad to hear that you had all that nice food too! And actually about that - I'm "trying" to learn how to make some special food here in Belize but it’s not any promises about it.  I'm trying though.  A lot of people here eat flour tortillas with beans.  But not the tortillas that you buy in the store - these are handmade!

Well let’s see some things that happened to me this week.  Well last Tuesday after I stayed in Corozal, we went about working and ran into some Gringos from West Virginia!  They actually were here doing some volunteer work in dental hygiene so I went in there and had them clean my teeth and I asked her if I had any cavities and she said that I’m in good shape! So I still have relatively good teeth even though I haven't seen a dentist for about 2 years!

Well yesterday P-day we didn't do anything really fun...  We ran about doing lots of little things like buying food and going to the store BUT we did manage to go and buy an ironing board from a 2nd hand store for pretty cheap because before we had a little wooden desk that we ironed on.  Then we decided to buy like a table cloth to put on the old wooden table and I think that it looks good and stylish.  I know you'd be proud of how good of home “stylers” we are!

Well as you know things are going good in my area Orange Walk (sugar city). I just thought maybe you would like to know a little about it.  So there is the name because supposedly there were oranges here in the past but now there is just sugar cane and a huge plant that they use to take out the sugar from.  But a lot of people work there!  There really isn’t anything big in the city but there are a lot of second hand stores from the states, I would compare them to the DI.  Well I’m going to send you a picture of my house which is literally a giant square block in the middle of a yard of weeds.  (Haha)  But really it suits our purpose. Really the town is really low key compared to my old area in the big city of BELIZE.  There aren't nearly as many cars or crimes at that and even there aren't half the amount of people but that is good and bad.  We live pretty much in the middle of town and it’s nice because we can go everywhere we want.

I really have run out of things to ramble about actually...  But President Cordon is coming to Belize this week and I think he is going to interview us and I hope that he can renew my temple recommend!  That would be pretty useful.  I heard that the BC Temple open house will be starting in August!!!  That’s going to be awesome!!  I hope that everyone is clearing your calendars so that they can go!  Especially the family!  Since I’ll be Belize City on Friday for my meeting, I’ll check my mail then; hopefully I’ll have my package.

Well I hope everyone is happy and has a great week.  I’m going to try and do the same!
Eat some good food for me!

Love Elder Sutton

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