Friday, April 6, 2012

Cleaning Time...

April 3, 2012

Well this week was quite the great and exciting week! I started the process of getting to know all the members and the investigators here in my new area and even though I’m sad that I had to leave Belize City I'm really glad that I came to an area with great members and a good companion Elder Ingersoll who is from Taylorsville, Utah what???? Crazy small world we are living in right? The best part I think is how we can make funny jokes together and he knows what I’m talking about. Usually to my Latin companions I have to explain them and they aren't as funny. But as you know he is my third "gringo" companion.

Well, let me help you get to know Orange Walk. First of all we have asked just about everyone why it’s called Orange Walk but no one really knows why because there are no oranges. The thing is that its nicknamed “sugar city” because they grow A LOT of sugar cane. Part of the way in which they harvest the cane is that they have to burn the cane to get rid of the other weeds and all the garbage. So when they do that, in my area everything gets covered in black stuff and the smoke sits around for days. But the good part is like all areas in Belize, we have the whole town to work with and it’s big too.

Well right now things really are going good, the only problem is our house. MAN, I don't know how elders can live in a house sooooooo dirty so the first thing that we did on our p-day is we went and bought cleaning supplies. I don't know how but somehow I learned to clean and I think that was from my dear parents.

OH story time:

So we found a Chinese Book of Mormon in the house and what happens here is there is a place (owned by some Chinese) and we often go there to eat some really nasty hamburgers. We go there often because it’s cheap (just so you know). BUT, we decided that we should make an attempt on giving this book to them. So when we got up the words - we went and tried to give it to them. After a lot of simple words and actions, they understood that it was a gift for them but they just looked at the book then back at us, then at the book and then at us. Talk about one of the most awkward moments ever but I think they understood. Who knows? We told them to read it so we'll check back the next time we go there.

Well as you can see things are going pretty good but not a whole lot. We do have two people that are going to be baptized on the 14th - Marcos and Jeffery. So make sure to be praying for them.

I love you all and I hope that things are going fantastic for all of you and that you all sincerely loved the conference as much as I did here in Belize. Remember to feast on the words of Christ and they will teach us all things we need to know.


Elder Sutton

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