Monday, November 8, 2010

New Companion Soon

Well this week was actually really good! The funny thing is, it got really cold here and everyone is walking around in long sleeves and hoodies and pants, but it’s not cold at all!!! (HaHAHA - so funny.) I keep telling the people that back home it is ten times as cold as it is here and they told me they would die! But right now it’s supposedly the winter even though it’s hard to tell the difference. The only difference is if it’s raining or if it’s all sunny.

It sounds like you all are doing quite the work on our basement! Dang! I´m missing everything here. BUT I am taking lots of pictures and I turned up the resolution on my camera so the pictures should be a lot better than the ones at the MTC. I´m planning on sending them (memory card) in a package this time.. I'm going to like use one card each exchange if that makes sense; then I’ll send them at the end of the change. If you have any better ideas on how to do it, feel free to let me know! So have you put up more walls in the basement or have you just kept it the same and are painting the walls? (I´m kind of curious.)

Well this week we actually had a baptism which was pretty awesome even though we had so many problems get in the way! Okay I’ll relate the story:
So two Sundays ago a young boy came up to my companion (I was playing the piano for another ward, and Elder Choc was on splits) and said he wanted to be baptized so we told him this upcoming Sunday. We taught him and we got him interviewed and everything. I asked my companion 2 days before if there was anything that we had to do to get ready for it, and he said no that the ward mission leader was going to do it. So we show up at the time and guess what...... The font (Pila en EspaƱol) wasn´t full!!! There wasn´t even water so man we had to start filling it and it was supposed to take an hour to fill up.... Luckily they hadn´t shown up. Okay, so after we filled all that up and were just about ready (at this time it was like an hour past our time), the boy who was supposed to be baptized didn´t show up with his family. We couldn´t get a hold of them either. One of the members in our ward finally got a phone call and they told them that they were lost in San Salvador and didn´t have a way home so that Sunday at 8 they were going to do it... OKAY.... so we left the water in it and left to work. Sunday rolled around and we got there and the member that was going to baptize him had his clothes to baptize, but the boy didn't have any and the zone leaders weren´t answering their phone to bring some so somehow we scrunched up some clothes from a brother and finally he was baptized!!!!!!! hahahahah What did we learn from this...
1. The font takes over an hour to fill up
2. The people here are pack rats and you can find just about anything you need (including baptismal clothes)
3. Never trust your Guatemalan companion!!!! hahahahahahahahah

OHHHH!!!!! Tomorrow is our first change!!!!!! And my new companion is....
..............................................Elder Winters!! I´m going to get a gringo companion!! I´m really excited and kind of nervous at the same time! I know I’ll be able to learn a lot from him because I can actually ask him in English and he can translate. My walking dictionary!! (SIDE STORY: I lost my dictionary that the MTC gave me on a bus and I got a new one from one of the members in the ward but some of the words you can´t read so I’m going to get a new one.) But I hear from the guys in my district and zone that he is way cool and has a lot of money. HAHAHA Most of all I hope that he wants to work like I do.

OH! Well I remember Emily telling me that she was practicing for the play but I didn´t know that the play was actually going on right now and it’s almost over. Some days are like months and the changes are like a week! We´ll see about this change.. (hahah) Well If your reading this Emily, I know that you did amazing even if I couldn´t see you.

Black ops..... UGH! Man, some days I just want to sit my big bum on the couch and watch TV. That’s what makes missionary work fun! NO REST.

1 – Do you have warm showers or is there not a water heater in your apartment?

Well that’s the miracle; I have a water heater which is attached to the shower head.. Weird I know, but the problem is that it only works for like 5 minutes and it’s either scolding hot or cold. J Sisters missionaries used to live in my house before so that’s why we have it. No other houses have heaters for Elders, SO I’m treasuring it for now...

2 – Is it still raining there or are you moving on to the HOT season?

The season is WINTER technically which means you only sweat a little at night. (hahaha) No, the raining season is all over. My first days in my mission it was the end of the raining season so it rained 3 or 4 days. J

3 – Are you able to find a specific address for your apartment? (Maybe there really aren’t such things…. J)

Well no I still have no idea, BUT the people here call the place I live San Miguelito. If that helps you at all find out where I’m living...

JEEZE!!! Sam’s getting married all ready. I could tell that he wanted to get married all the time I was with him. But still, why in the heck hasn´t he written me?!?!?!? Someone punch him out of his girl daze please!

Well Megan, I think that is an amazing idea to go into Spanish Club for the soccer game. (hahah) I would have done it also if I had time. Maybe you´ll learn a little in the process. J

OKAY!!! My question time.. =)

1. I need a new journal soon. No lie. I can get one here from the distribution center for like 7 bucks which isn´t terrible but it takes a while. What do you suggest I do? Look in other places for ones?

2. I want to know if someone can send me some piano music. Maybe dad or mom but like scan the John Schmidt music and send it to me and also CLAIR DE LUNE!!!!! I want to play those so bad. I have been playing my church books too don´t worry. But the members tell me they want to hear other music too and I don´t have much of it.. L If you could do that please....

Thank you for all your prayers for me - every single one of them. I really need them and trust me they help. I´m working on smiling all the time. It’s not always easy but then again what worth would anything be if it was all free?

I love you,

Elder Sutton

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