Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 1, 2010

Holy cow! For real - Taco Time burned down? That is almost hard to believe! Honestly when I read that I thought that you were joking with me! No lie.... Wow, so they can give it a whole new look. (Dang talk about changes.) I have yet to see a Taco Time or an Arby´s here in El Salvador. =P It’s all good; I’m poor so I wouldn´t be able to eat there anyway. (hahahahaha)

Oh it was Great Grandma´s birthday this last week?? Dangit – Happy Birthday.... My brain is turning into mush! I´m losing English and learning Spanish. Sometimes you should hear me speak in English; I’m pretty bad! Sunday some members thought I was from Puerto Rico so that must means I’m progressing, but still it’s tough. I´m working on the language and all that jazz. Don´t worry I’m not slacking off too much - not at all actually!!!!

Well today we got up at 4:30 and went to San Salvador to play fútbol with the other elders. Apparently our zone baptized the most so we got to go play!!! WINNER!!! The president even came around, and it was fun to let loose and not have to worry about anything for a few hours. I was goalie today because they found out I could stop a ball. I think I’m probably good enough to beat Megan. I haven’t eaten yet so I could eat a cabello and drink un lago! (hahah) Basically I’m going to eat everything in sight! On the way on the bus there was traffic so it took around 2 or more hours to get there, but on the way back about 1.45 hours. There was a movie playing on the bus “2012” about the end of the world; man it was hard not to watch. I couldn’t really understand what all was said but it was crazy?

I got to see Elder Schaugaard and Elder Galvin again this week! They are still awesome! They were just a little surprised to see me this time. =P (hahaha)

Well I almost forgot that it was Halloween on Sunday! Flip! Well here they don´t celebrate Halloween; they celebrate Día de Los Muertos (that is today I believe). They go to graves of ancestors and put food and flowers and sit there all day long. There was a cemetery near the fields we played soccer today and we could see people over there playing music and eating. It’s a little different here. They call Halloween sometimes Noche de Brujas or night of witches - cool huh!

Amanda wrote me a letter and said that she partied too during Halloween just like Megan, but they both are babies. Okay maybe I’m a baby too. I´m not a fan of all the scary stuff; you know that!! Jurassic Park still scares me! One day we´re going to be eaten by dinosaurs!

1 – Do the streets have pavement or are they mostly dirt?

Well basically all the streets are dirt. The huge major ones are real streets but the huge majority is just dirt so my shoes get dirty and I have to get my brush out and clean them just about every single day! (Sad face) But at least I have shoes!

2 – Without curbs, where does all the rain end up?

Well you see that is the problem. It doesn´t end up anywhere. It just falls and stays there until it evaporates! When it pours, it just stays there and that is why I needed those huge boots to wade through the water. =) Right now I would love to have some rain. Goodness it’s blazing hot out here!

3 – Have you been in to teach anybody this week?

Well we usually try and teach like 20 lessons a week but this week we were having some problems. Our lessons and appointments fell through a lot so we went and knocked doors a lot this week. Not my favorite thing to do. =( At times it is necessary. I was thinking about how far I walk in a day and it’s a ton. I´ll look for a cheap pedometer so I can tell you how long I have walked if they exist here! (hahaha)

4 – Do people have family pets and if so what type?

There are tons of dogs here because no one spays or neuters their dog! Besides that yes people have dogs for pets too! Some have some birds and a few have cats and one had fish that I saw. =) It’s kind of funny how they have pets and cell phones and TV’s but tiny houses. =) Surprisingly they have video games and such here! But like game cube and the old consoles here! I saw a poster for Call of Duty Modern Warfare1 on a wall here, and I really kind of missed it.

5 - On a normal day, do you ride the bus or just walk?

Normal day I walk all day long. No buses. =) Our area is long and it takes like 1 hour to get from one side to the other side if we walk really fast. I don´t like to do that plus we don´t usually walk from one side to the other. We contact and teach and such. There are tons of buses here and usually they cost 20 cents to ride the bus. =) But I am saving my money. 25 cents buys me a little bottle of orange juice called del valle and that is a nice treat!

I’m grateful for the update on the sports! One of the elders from the USA asked me who won the super bowl and NBA draft and I had no idea.. I totally spaced it. J But I’m grateful for the updates. J

I ended up writing all my friends and such back this week and man that took all last p-day. Either I better write one at a time or something else because waiting a month for me to respond to everyone was a bad idea. BUT I had a good reason. I was kind of awe struck for the first few days - weeks. (Hahaha) Some people should be receiving some letters in the next decade, but if I forgot someone I’m sorry... L

We found out yesterday that we are going to have a baptism this Saturday for a man named Abillo Roca. He has been attending church for a little while and just told my companion that he wants to be baptized by his brother who is a member so we told him okay. I play the piano in church and some members roped me into playing for their ward choir practice because without it..... Poochica!!! They really don´t have much tone! Thank you again mom for the TaVaci classes.... :) :) :)

SO this is my last week with Elder Choc. I can totally communicate with him now... sort of. Yeah, I can express what I need to do and he talks to me and helps me out when necessary. I hear some different things but most likely he is going to leave and I’m going to get a new one. Some people say that he will stay but a guy in my district assures me that he is going to leave. Who knows? Only the president and God know that one. That will be weird getting used to a new companion, but don´t worry I’m easy to like. (kidding - kidding.) I try to be nice to everyone!

I also received a letter from Holly saying that she wasn´t allowed to see my posts on my blog so tell Holly my address so she can write me! Pronto por favor!!! Muchos Gracías!

Well also guess what???? In the other ward there is this little white girl who can´t be more then 1 year old! At first I thought she was from Honduras because they are a little white there but no! She is adopted from SANDY, UTAH!!! (hahaha) While I was playing the piano for a different ward´s meeting, she came up and just stared at me for a long time! I don’t know if it was because I am white or just because I was playing the piano but that was such a huge shock for me!

This week we are going to have a ward day called Missionary Sunday where the people in the ward are going to be taught a little to share their testimonies with their friends; ultimately we hope to receive referrals from them. ( man my English is bad!) But who knows, we have been planning this for quite some weeks and hopefully it will all work out.

Well I just want to say what a blessing my family is in my life and how much they mean to me. I´m thousands of miles away from them and yet they still affect my decisions here. Talk about something powerful. Even some of the world’s strongest magnets can´t do that. Families are sent to each of us for a reason. Good or bad we learn just about all we know from them and in my case I owe more then I can give to each member. I’m not going to lie; this is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do in my life but at the same time it’s going to be one of the most rewarding. If nothing else, it´ll bless others’ lives. If nothing more - that is worth it. I´m forever grateful!

Elder Sutton

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