Monday, November 22, 2010


Well Buenos Dias from the surface of the sun!!!!!!!!!!! Man it's hot here today! I don´t even know what that white stuff is on the ground in your pictures!! To me it looks like a dream almost. It's IMPOSSIBLE to imagine snow right now. (hahaha) I had to stare at those pictures for quite some time to realize that was frozen water from the sky!! Crazy - Man I really do want to print out some pictures to put in my little book. I´ve shown all you guys around here to all the members and investigators and all that jazz so you're pretty famous here if I do say so myself. =P Hahaha - Megan wants more snow? WAIT you said "we" would prefer 80 degrees. Are you talking about dad or who? I thought he liked the snow????

Dang it sounds like Megan is being as creative and as sporty as ever. She has to take the place of me while I'm gone. So how is Megan functioning with my cell phone? I imagine that she is doing quite well being able to be in touch with all her friend at the touch of a button. (The good old days when I could just call anyone that I wanted or text someone whenever I wanted. It feels like a century ago that I had a phone.) :( hahahahahah Let's all take a moment and cry for Derek....:(

So where is the place to eat now that all the good places are being burned down? My companion was way sick Saturday and Sunday and man we thought it was "dengay" or whatever the one that you get from mosquitoes and your bones and your joints hurt and all that.. He is deciding that today he isn't going to be sick and so far so good. Maybe it's all in the mind? We´ll see.. But still I'm in perfect health. =P ( Knock on wood for me.)

Well you seem to be working as hard as ever! You better not get all burned out by the time that I get back or I'm going to have to do all the work around the house. ( hahahah) But you´ve always been the one to work super hard. At times I want you to come here and teach some of these missionaries what you taught me!!! Maybe you could come here because it's so hot!!!!! I´ll trade you how does that sound. JUST KIDDING... I really do like being here. :)

BUT MAN!!! Thanksgiving. That's so weird. It doesn´t exist here at all... . I honestly forget about that holiday. The days kind of mush together except Wednesday because there are district meetings, Sunday because there are meetings, and Mondays because we are here (p-day). Besides that, it's all the same!!!!!!!!!! (hahahah) My companion and I are changing that. We are trying to make the very best of every day and make it memorable. Elder Winters is way better then Elder Choc. Okay, well just more friendly. Not better. =)

1 - Do you ever see any lizards or iguanas around?

Well that's the thing; I see tons of lizards and geckos here especially in our house. They make this funny sound that sounds like a bird at night. (hahahahah) I still haven´t seen iguanas around anywhere.

2 - Do you ever wear your suit coat or do you leave it in your apartment? (When Mike VanDusen went on his mission, his mission president made him leave it in the mission home until he went home.... weird)

The only time I use it is on Sunday. We all wear it to sacrament and the meetings and then after, it just stays in our closet until the next week. ( haha) That would be weird what happened to the Bishop's son. Wait, he is still our bishop right? Is there anything crazy in our ward? Anyone new?

3 - Do you miss Megan? (That is a real question she wanted to know....)

HAHAHAHAHAH oh goodness, Megan. Yes I miss you!!!!! I´m not a heartless beast like I pretended to be before my mission. I really do miss you. =) I show your pictures to the other elders and they all tell me to see if you have a boyfriend. SO - if you get letters from anyone in Spanish, just throw them away. HAHAHAH KIDDING!!!!!

4 - Is there something you have seen in El Salvador that you have never seen before in your life?

Well let's see. Lots of the fruit and like brands I've never seen before. There is this fruit called "lichas". OH MAN THEY ARE GOOD!! We call them alien brains because they come in this little red outer shell that has like tentacles all over it. It's like the size of a tangerine or smaller but really really really red and you tear off the top and suck out the middle which is kind of like a grape without the skin. It tastes so freaking good! (hahah) It's hard describing things. The food is a lot different, especially because they all have weird names!!! I´ll try and take pictures of it so you can see them.

Well this week was lots of fun and lots of stuff. We had some interviews to do for baptisms and we went traveling a lot for those but our area is still pretty dry. (Or not finding a lot of people.) I´m in the second capitol of El Salvador so people here have some money and really don´t want to listen to the gospel. But my companion and I are keeping our heads up and praying that we will be in this area for Christmas.. (hahaha) Who knows what the Lord has in store for us... Only one way to find out. Continue with a big smile. =) We have interviews with the mission president tomorrow so we´re hoping that our district isn´t in trouble. I doubt it, but you never know.

Hahahahaha - my companion almost got kissed by a topless drunk women this week!!!!!!!!! That was super hilarious and then another day he was working with the zone leaders in their area and got punched by an old guy and a box of tools!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA I literally laughed out loud when I heard that. I´m trying to make some good stories so you can all laugh and have a good time with me.

I pray for everyone of you guys and from what I can tell everything is working out there. Or maybe you´re just keeping the bad from me. =) Either way I think about you every day and one day I'll be comfortable on my mission and then I'll have to leave!

Love Elder Sutton

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  1. good to here my only bro misses me :) I love ya derek!