Monday, February 28, 2011

Baptism in the River

Good afternoon family and cool people that read my emails!!!

I hope that today's email will be entertaining because in my head it seems really cool but who knows if I'm just being a weird missionary. =)

Well more snow huh? I hope that you all are loving it up there while I'm sweating down here. I kind of know what it is like to be cold. In the mornings here it's super cold!!!!!! Especially at 4 a.m.!!! Okay, I'll explain why it's so early... Well we have an area called "Jujutla" and we usually go there like 2 or 3 times a week but we don´t want to spend the whole day there so there are buses that go there at 5:30am and 6:30am then at 1030pm. We usually go to the bus stop at 5:00am to wait; surprisingly you can see your breath!! (hahah) But for that reason alone I'm super tired. We crash every night without one single problem. I´m super glad that I don´t have problems sleeping. Thanks parents for the awesome genes!

What???????? Box Elder basketball is actually doing something good???? Man all the amazing stuff is happening while I'm gone! Who is it that's actually doing good on the team?

Megan is going to the prom already? Wow... man I'm getting so flippin' old. Why couldn´t everything just go on pause for like 2 years or something. I imagine that you are going to take lots of photos and send them to your dear beloved brother that is in El Salvador... RIGHT??!!

HAHAHAHAH way to go dad!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep that Xbox in good use! Him subscribing for one more year made me actually laugh out loud here..

1 - Have you actually received your packages? (One for your birthday that was mailed the 1st part of January, a card with pictures and your memory card & do you actually get the dear elder letters we're sending - Emily has been sending dear elder letters too)

Okay so this is the thing. I got a package this week and I'm hoping and praying and fasting that it's from you guys because if I do say so myself it's a little late. BUT, it´ll just be another birthday!!! (haha) Yes, I got my memory card and I'm going to send my ones I have but man I'm just so busy all the time. Running errands and teaching everything!!! And yes, Emily, I got your emails and I sent you one that should be in the states by now!!! =) I know I'm slow but I still love all the letters and dear elders and EVERYTHING!!!

2 - When does the rainy season actually start? Are you ready for it? (I'm going to send a couple of "sham wows" for you to use - as seen on TV)

Well the raining season is supposed to start in April or May, but the thing is it's been raining here quite a bit. Two days were pretty rough last week and I used my umbrella and I went to use my poncho and guess what???? There is no cap for it!!! I think that I'm going to go and buy another one here that has a cap on it... I'm not even ready for the raining season here. I really do like the sun and I'm going to cry when I can´t see it. =( =(

3 - Since your comp likes to cook, has he taught you any good recipes (pupusas)?

Well not really. I've learned some things but not pupusas yet. We are going to make lasagna this week and he is going to show me how so I'll take notes of how they do it in Costa Rica. Deal. But yeah, I will learn how to make pupusas one day. I can make tortillas here but that's about it.

4 - Have you taught your comp how to throw & catch a lacrosse ball? (the season is about to start - hahaha)

Well I am going to have to teach him really soon then. But no. Really I need to practice and all that, but I've been reading my scriptures too much.... My comp needs to tell me to stop studying and play lacrosse with him... hahahahahahahah Just for the record, the scriptures are super awesome. I never really realized how awesome they were until I had to read them every day. =D

Well actually this week we had a baptism!!!!!! His name is Mauricio and he lives alone in the mountains of Jujutla. He has 25 years and so he will be another priesthood over there!!! But really the baptism was so awesome. I´m going to try and send off some pictures of it but I did it in a river up there!!! Awesome huh? The only down fall was that we had to hike an hour to get there, and on the way back it was pouring rain.. But it was totally worth it!!! (hahaha) We literally changed his life forever. It makes me so happy to see him and know that now he knows where to go with his life. =)

Hey so family, I kind of have a request right now..... So if by any chance you haven´t sent your package by now, I was wondering if you could send me some Tide-to-go pens.... I have completely loved them here and I'm out... =)

Well I'm going to head off right now and maybe go and buy some food for the week. Sounds good?? I hope so because I'm starving!!! (hahah) I know that what I'm doing here is what needs to be done and it's the best thing anyone can do with their life. =)

I love you all. =)

p.s. Hey now... I am a child of God is supposed to be sung like that. ("with parents kind of dear") Everyone else just is a little confused. =P

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