Monday, February 21, 2011

It's all SUPER here.

Well in my area I'm pretty sure that it's going to start raining. I´m not looking forward to tons of rain all day every day for months.... I might just cry until the sun comes out again. (hahah) Who knows how things will be here because a lot of my area is just dirt roads and if it rains really hard everything is going to be washed away like the primary song "the wise man and the foolish man"... I'm not saying the people here are foolish just that they don't always have enough money to build smart... (okay that was kind of mean)

Well let's see, a new head coach for the JAZZ. Man that will be really different. We´ll see if the jazz can pull it together and win some more or if they are going to go downhill without Sloan. I´m sure that you´ll keep me updated but my bet is that they will go downhill for the first few months and then towards the end get better. =)

Okinawa??!! That sounds super cool that Kevin Tyler's going there!!! I told you guys about the story in my old area when we learned a little bit of Mandarin Chinese and that was SUPER cool. I´m jealous of him. Someone should tell him to get into contact with me somehow. I´m willing to ask permission to my president to write him a little on internet. =) But like what is he going to be doing over there? How often does he get to do fun stuff? Can he use internet and phones or is he a hermit like us? DETAILS!!

Wow so mom & Megan went off partying with Amanda. Dang, well I went partying too! Last week there were two girls in our ward who turned 15 years old and they asked us to take pictures of it and a video so we went to that for a little!!! We didn't´ get to dance or anything like that but it was at least a party!! (haha) The prophet was there at Abravanel Hall??? I´m super jealous... I told my comp that he should fly to Utah and then after my mission we could go to conference together. I told him if it actually would work out, he can sleep in my house. =D (hahahah)

Dustin is back huh? Wow man I'm getting older and older. I remember when Lyle came back but now I'm out on the mission and everyone else is returning. One day that will be me you know?!?! I´m not going to be on the mission forever?!?!? (haha) But man I wish I could play some serious lacrosse with pads and everything.... I just have to be patient. BUT I'm not in shape AT ALL so that will be funny to see me running down the field huffing and puffing like an old man. BUT I've already made some goals as to what I'm going to do physically when I get back. =P And no, I'm not baggy....

Well I'll probably write a letter to Emily but that will take about a century to get there so here is a baby shout out for her.

!!!!!!Happy Birthday Emily!!!!!!!!
Feliz cumpleaños a tí, feliz cumpleaños a tí, feliz cumpleaños a emily.
Feliz cumpleaños a tí. =)

A package!?!?! Cool! Then I can have two packages. (I'm still waiting for the one you guys sent me.......) Well I'd really like some peanut butter, some more socks maybe (mine are dying) and maybe some chocolate or candy.... I´m really sick of the candy here. It doesn´t taste really good... =( But that's all on my mind for right now.

1. Do you have good toilet paper in El Sal? or do you use leaves?

Well thankfully we have toilet paper but the gross thing is that they don´t want us to flush it so usually we put it in a garbage can by the toilet and it just sits there for a while stinking!!!! How fun??!! But sometimes, like in our house, I just flush it because I don´t want to be smelling that all day long...

2. So how do they grow coffee? Do they really use burrows to haul it off the mountain?

Well like TONS of people go and cut coffee here. They are little trees in the ground and they completely cover the hills here. I might have some pictures to sent you guys, I'll look, but they have cars usually and if no, then they literally use horses and burros. (hahahah - not even joking) There are horses here, like back in the olden times, just wandering the streets.

3. Besides your family, what do you miss most from home?

What do I miss most about home. Well not to put me homesick or anything... =P Let's see, well I miss most.......... Good question...... My freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want. (hahahah) It's not like a jail here or anything but if I want to go and jog during the day or go to the store on a Wednesday and buy a drink - that kind of stuff. =) I hope you guys understand that whole thing. My English is getting harder and harder to speak. =(

4. Tell us the habits, good & bad, of your companion.

Well the habits of my companion... He is super clean!!!! So he is always cleaning which is super awesome and he wants to be a chef so he knows how to cook too. Well surprisingly we are a lot alike, we have a lot to talk about and there really aren´t any bad habits that he has. =/ Well the only thing I'd say that is bad (not really super bad) is that he thinks a lot about his family. And who would blame him, he has less than 50 days left on his mission!!! (hahha) He just told me that his stake president has his calling in the stake and in the ward ready for him when he gets back... So that kind of helps make him think about his home and he has a pretty attractive girlfriend there waiting for him..... So to sum things up, he is ready and set to leave El Salvador.

5. How do the local people react to your message?

Well let's see. That really depends. We always try and be super friendly and act normal around them so that they see we are real people like them but usually in the bus and stuff no one wants to sit next to us because they don´t want to talk to us. The whole bus is packed and we have two empty seats next to my comp and I. I actually laugh sometimes at that, but it's not super bad here. Religion isn´t taboo like it is back in the states. (I hope I used that word right; I remember there is a game downstairs called that in Amanda´s room!!! But yeah we´re walking tons in this area. I´ve got tons of photos that I'm going to send you guys. Let's hope that they get there. But it's all super here.

Well I think that I'm going to end right now. I´ve run out of things to say. Talking in Spanish 24/7 kind of is destroying my speech. You should hear me pray in English. I sound terrible. (haha) I'm just so used to Spanish. It's like Christmas phone call but worse!! :)

I love you all and hope that everything is super back there. Keep me informed!!

Elder Sutton

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  1. Elder Sutton, YOU ARE AWESOME!

    Sutton Clan - has Derek mentioned getting any packages or letters from me? I have sent him a few but this week I received and super short email from him chastising me about forgetting him. I feel super rotten if he hasn't gotten any of it! I definitely could NEVER forget my BFF little ole Derky. I'll keep trying (and hopefully those I already sent will eventually get to him) but please let me know if there are any hints or special tricks for sending things to him. Thanks! And I love you all :)