Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Feliz Dia de amistad!!!! hahah or Dia de san valentin. But let's talk about depressing here. I think everyone here has a girlfriend and basically are walking around kissing every ten seconds. It's pretty gross by the way. But that's El SalvadoreƱos for ya. =P

Well about my package. I got a notice that one came for me this week so I should be getting it around Wednesday in the afternoon if all works out well. (Let's cross our fingers for that one.) It'll be like another birthday!!! That's sweet plus I literally have eaten all of my food that everyone has sent me so I'm hoping that there is a little something to eat in this one. If not, then it's okay too. I will be ecstatic for whatever I get!!!!!!

I just want to say that Megan gets the award for the best injury of the week. Man that picture of your bruise looks sweet!! I thought I won because we went to do service for an investigator on the top of a mountain =D and guess what we were doing? Gathering corn husks so that he could feed his animals Sunday and could go to church!!! And guess what???? HE CAME TO CHURCH!! So if all works out he is going to quit smoking and then going to be baptized this end of February!! =D I'll keep you updated!!!

Oh yeah. I remember Tate and all that. We talked about that with him for a while. Like he was saying he wanted to go do the military route and I also knew that he had a really bad back. But that's sad for him. I feel bad. Well that just means God has something else in mind for him to do. =) Now he just needs to find it.

Wow Megan. I want to go on a date with you sometime. (hahah) Guess what I've been eating for the past week.... Toasted sandwiches with cheese and ham... hahaha I ate a whole loaf of bread this week by myself. So when I get back make some time, Megan, to take me on a date. =D

1 - What did you do to celebrate your birthday last week?

Well if you saw last week I took out some money and I took my comp out to this restaurant (can't spell again, Spanish is destroying my English). It's supposedly the best place to eat in our area. (HAHAH) It was basically a giant cowboy place. Like with a rodeo ring and all. We ate like a meat meal and it was really good but kind of pricy. It was definitely made for tourists.

2 - Do you have a new cook? If so, how is the food - different in this area?

Well the thing is we don't have a cook this time. We cook for ourselves. So it's whatever I make I eat. So I would really love some more recipes that I could make. Some that I can do over the stove on a pan or we even have a blender so that's sweet!!

3 - Do they have a keyboard they use for your new ward? Do you get to play for the members?

Well we have a keyboard once again. Man I hate keyboards....hahah - like it is literally impossible to make it sound good. But it's way tons better than nothing. Before, my comp just would sing in church without piano. So when they found out I could play, they were pretty excited. I'm going to start giving lessons to members and my comp is going to give directing classes too - hopefully to get some new investigators and such. I'm going to start English classes. SWEET HUH!!! So Amanda tell me some tips on teaching. (hahah)

4 - Are the people in the area more receptive to listening to you in this area? Are they friendly?

Well not tons more friendly but a lot better than my first area. At least the people will hear our message then say they don't want us to come back ( hahahahahahah), but it's really sweet. I'm definitely getting used to the super cold and the constant wind up there. But in reality, it's a sweet area. The church is kind of beginning there. Like the church isn't really strong, but its sweet!!!

5 - What is your companion, Elder Merin, like?

My comp is awesome. One of the best yet. He is teaching me so much in Spanish and just about being a missionary. He is super awesome. Sometimes we have "relief society meetings" at night (aka talk forever) and before we know it, it's like 11!!!! But really he is awesome.

Well I'm thinking about sending some pictures so I'll stop here. The church is true and I know that what I'm doing here is exactly what the Lord wants me to do with my life right now. And I know that Thomas Monson is a prophet of God. He has the same power as Moses who parted the red sea.

Elder Sutton (is cool!!!!! =P )

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