Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July in Belize

July 10, 2012

Man that was such a surprise to see all that you wrote this week!  This was one of the longest letters that I think that I’ve gotten my whole mission!!!  But the best thing is that the whole thing is packed full of cool stuff that is going on. This is how your weeks should always be!  Full of fun stuff!!!

Well, let me tell you all a little about what we did here for the 4th of July. When I got up I think that my companion was the first person that told me happy 4th of July.  But actually throughout all the day people in my area were telling us about it. It’s funny how everyone knows about the independence day of the United States of America.  But the best thing is that at night one of the members here, the Swift family, invited us over to eat and she said that she cooked us "all American food".  So we ate fried chicken, KFC style, and Mashed potatoes, salad and Jell-O!  So I ate a lot there.  I didn't even eat breakfast the next day because I still was really full after all of that food!  Other than that nothing else really happened. =/  We just were out there working hard!

Speaking of talents - over the weekend I was sent up to Corozal to work there for a few days and see what damage we could do there.  So my companion stayed here in Orange Walk and I went up there with Elder Flores (from Honduras) and we worked and just for the record every time that I go there it rains.  But they had been going months and months without anyone who could play the piano for them.  So I did that and it was really great.  That is just one of those gifts that just keeps giving and giving.

HAHAH - I know that I’m not supposed to laugh or anything but Chris and Damon have to wait like a week to be set apart!  That kind of stinks.  I could imagine them going and finding you up in Wyoming and getting set apart there.  But at least I don't have that problem. Someone should talk to him (the Stake President) about my return date so he doesn't plan any crazy vacations or anything. =)

Also, Happy Anniversary tomorrow parents!!!  I remember the good old 7-11 stores.  Actually a few days ago we were talking about that, my companion and I.  But yeah those are good.  Here there are some things like it but it isn't the same.  There is nothing that can replace a Slurpee.

Well any more special news?  Well there is a group of youth from the states that have come down to work here on a school right?.?.? (I think)  They had a great family home evening with a family we are teaching.  I hope that it will help us.  But I know that with a lot of prayers and with a little blessing, we're going to help them out.  If they don't get baptized with me here right now I'm not a failure.  I just will know that It wasn't time right this second.  But always with constant prayers something good is going to happen.

Also, we're going to Lamani again this Tuesday.  Supposedly.  This is our 4th attempt to go.  But I hope that when I go I can take a few more pictures and pick something small up for some of the people back home......  Maybe.... hahah

The last thing is that we played some basketball with the Corozal elders yesterday and apart from getting even more sun burnt I schooled them!!!  We were only 3 because the other elder didn't want to play but we played 21 and all three times we played I won.  So just so you know I haven't lost everything. =)

Well I have to go and eat something and then I'm heading off to Belize City again for a few days.  Sounds like a lot of traveling huh?  I know...  But being obedient isn't always easy right?  haha

Love you all and have a great week!!!!

Elder Sutton

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