Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Battle's Never Over

July 17, 2012

It sounds like you had quite the great anniversary this last week and I didn't even know that dad was such a romantic guy?  I have to write that down so that when it happens to me I’ll give my wife some roses.  Plus now dad can look good in some nice sun glasses and mom can watch her "grey's anatomy" (p.s. I don't even know if you still watch that show..)  And you went to Olive Garden too?  I remember that was the last place we went right before I went into the MTC.  Great food, huh?  Soup Salad and bread sticks.

It sounds like the group of missionaries is all coming back that went out with me.  It seems like I’m the last one to be coming home?  Skyler, Damon, Chris, Jared etc...  Man it’s alright, I guess, "last the best of all the game" right?   haahah - just kidding guys.

From what I understand, Tyler is coming back and he is going to make some phone calls or try and see if he can stay back a few more days but it’s all up in the air. I'm not sure.  He has to be back by Saturday but who knows.  He says that he can hang out with us for a while.  I hope so... BUT one of my mission buddies is going to be married on the 3rd.  He is going to be having his reception at like 6.  I would love to go to that but if not he'll understand.  Maybe I could bring you all with me or something... Too many things are happening and my missionary senses are making me need to plan it all out... haha

So there actually are a lot of us are going home at the same time and we're going to be all in the airport at the same time.  I think that we all go to Dallas at the same time and then from there we all split up.  But there are lots of us.  I'll try and take a picture of all of us when we're there so I can show you.  But that’s not for a few weeks so don't worry yet.

So our adventures of the week... Let me see...

Well actually went to LAMANI again!!!  It was really great actually. it’s really nice to be able to relax and be able to have some fun with the elders so that we don't just pass around like robots. But as usually it’s always breath-taking to see all that the Mayan people could do.  They started inhabiting Lamani from about 500 B.C. until like 1800 A.D, if I’m not wrong, so it’s one of the longest inhabited Mayan ruins in the world!  It is always beautiful when you go up in the forest and out of nowhere you see a giant Mayan temple.  But we all as a zone went and were able to hang out for a few hours.  I really enjoyed it even though it was a long ride - like almost 2 hours out there!

Also this Saturday we're going to have a baptism of a girl named Sherraine!  I'm really excited because we've been praying and fasting for this to happen.  Just like D&C says, every souls is precious in the eyes of God.

But apart from all the things that have been happening today it has been kind of a hard week for me.  Not because I didn't want to work or I'm getting "baggy" but that I’m learning some of the hardest lessons.  How hard we have to work and how small we each are in the whole aspect of it all.  The only thing that makes us successful is that we have the Lord on our side.  If not, it would be the whole world against us.  The Lord does things in his own time and in his own ways.  All we can do is try our best to help us all along in the process.  Do all that I can to be the best "tool" that he has.  In the words of Pres. Packer, "Life is not easy or simple; it never was meant to be."  

God really does love me. I know that what I’m teaching is what he has sent me here to do.  That even though I was called by a prophet I know he was inspired by God to send me here.  I love you all and I hope that you all keep working just like I am.  The battle's never over.

Love Elder Sutton

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