Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Respect the President :)

Buenos Tardes Familia

So I think that things are really different here then they are in good ol’ Utah.  Man I heard even down here about all the wild fires that are burning through the West up there.  EVEN THE PEOLE DOWN HERE HEAR THAT!  So this must be big news.  At least my house is ok.  Right?

Man it sounds like Megan is going to be good and skinny when I get back.  Well she has always been skinny.  (Haha)  Maybe I’ll go with them and I’ll do some running just to get into shape even that quicker.  I've got it planned out - I'm going to get up and lift weights and then lacrosse practice and then after I’m going to soccer practice and at night running again.  If I don't die then I’m going to be in the best shape of my life!!!  (haha)

So I really don't know anything about this trek thingy.  All I know is that you go out with your hand-carts and you have to live like they did.  I imagine that you go out and you can have some spiritual nights and things like that but what else do you do?  Even though I grew up in Utah, I didn't get the sweet experience of going out and living under the stars!  Is there like cooks?  Do you get to eat beans and corn bread?

Ok, so here is the scoop!  I have been talking to Tyler and he says that he is coming home and that he doesn't leave until like the 3rd or something like that.  I told him that I’m coming home on the 2nd so that we'll have like a day to hang out before he has to go back.  I told him that I’ll probably have family things to do but that I’m just going to drag him with me, if that’s ok?  I don't know how often I’ll get to hang out with him.  I hope that’s ok.. =)  But don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you family.

Also, here is the next scoop. They are sending out the missionaries on Tuesdays.  I talked to the zone leaders and they said that they don't send them out on Monday but they send and receive missionaries on Tuesday.  So sadly I’ll have a lot of running around to do.  HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to go to the temple in San Salvador too. They said that usually missionaries get to go there also on their last day.  I'm not too sure how certain that is.  So if I’m not wrong, it’s going to be a packed day. I'll do my best to get everything done that I can. =/

I saw that it was Jennifer's Birthday on the 3rd!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Eat some cake for me and a giant thing of ice cream!!!!

This week was pretty sweet!  We saw this huge policeman throw this other guy in the back of their cop pick-up like a bale of hay!  That was cool!  Even President Cordon came over to our apartment and checked things out, and he said that it was clean but that we needed better stuff in it (mirror, couches, etc..)  But it’s always great to have President in our area and this was the first time that he has ever entered into my house!!!!!!

Ok so when President Cordon came, he came to do some interviews for people that were going to serve missions.  There were two boys there with their baggy clothes and hats on and the worst of it all was when President came by, they didn't stand up or take off their hat or anything like that...  “Mistake number one...”  The second mistake was they decided that they didn't want to shave either.....  “Mistake number two...”  So what President had us do was go buy some razors and right there he made them shave in the bathroom!!  So funny and then to top it off, he took a picture of it!!   I had to write fast I hope that story made sense... =/

I got to head back up to Orange Walk... right now we're in Belize City!
So I’m really thankful for your prayers and your love!

LOVE - Elder Sutton

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