Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug. 16, 2010

Wow it sounds like things have really busy at the Sutton’s house for a while! I have received the packages that you sent all three, I think.. Yes I did. =] and I received the Dinsdale’s package too! I have just been really busy here all day every day! You really have no idea! Like today I woke up at six and went to the temple at seven and literally ran to my hair appointment that was at seven fifteen! We made it but guess what??? My hair is super dooper short now. hahah the woman that did my hair asked how long it has been since I had one, and I said like a few months or something and apparently that was enough for her to decide that she needed to whack it all off!!!! Hahaha but don't worry I figured out how to take lots of pictures here, and I have been taking them! I still need to print them off and send them to you but that will take a long time!!!!!

So this is for everyone that is reading my email including my family! I want tons of pictures from you guys! I want this memory book of pictures that my adorable hermana amanda made for me to be full! I look through them and it’s awesome to see how amazing my family is!!!! SO SEND PICTURES!!!

Just so you know I loved the packages! I’m going to be writing letters today so you can expect letters on p-day definitely. BUT, also mom and dad. Did you get my letter specifically for you guys? I hope so. =]

So the court is still not up and working like until the beginning of September or something is when it should be about done. It’ll take forever!! But let me just tell you that I’m getting way legit at soccer. Like literally people that I’ve been playing come up to me and ask me how many years I played in high school!!!!! WINNER! I'm just better then Megan, that’s the end of the story. ;]

I'm feeling tons better, but people in my district are dropping by the day. Like there is some sickness going around here where your head is going to explode and your nose runs like a mad man on steroids!!! My companion Elder Barth has it way bad. I told him if he gets sick that I’m going to shoot him in the face. If your companion gets sick here really bad (like so that he has to stay in a bed) I would have to sit in the room with him all day long no matter what. That would be the worst thing ever!!!!!!!!

Spanish is....... Coming.... hahahahah I can understand just about everything that people say. Like our teachers (Hermano Bradley and Hermano Burhnam) only speak in Spanish. So that kind of makes you think. Speaking is a whole new beast.. Literally a beast. I’ve got two more weeks until we have to start teaching lessons in Spanish and I’m panicking! Hahahah I’ll definitely need some prayers for that!

I just would like to say some things that I want you to do for me. Last night I was in my bed and the thought crossed my head. Have I paid my tithing? and I still have that cup in my room with the money in it!!!!!! PLEASE give that to the bishop for me. I feel so bad that I haven't turned that in.... =[ Or maybe I did and i just forgot..... Who knows..

I heard that dad was going to go to California to go fishing. I'm way jealous!!! This spiritual concentration camp is intense.. ha-ha have Eric explain it to you. He had a great explanation in my letter. =] But really the reason we are going to make it through this is because of: a. my testimony of Jesus Christ, b. my family support, and c. because of my teachers. Like I didn't honestly think that I could honestly like a teacher so much as I like them. They are the reason that I’m doing well in Spanish. Literally

So about my district, like I said before, NOONE likes to study. We sometimes even get our teachers just to talk about random things! hahah But I’m honestly one of the hardest workers in the district. Like literally, I have 15 hour days. We tell each other that we work harder then the sun because we wake up before it and go to our dorms after it’s down. hahaha But literally our room is like a dungeon. I'll show you with pictures. We can barely get any sun light in that room. You’ll be studying in the room all day long and walk outside and all of a sudden its noon. Then later (it feels like 5 minutes) and it’s dark!!!! Goodness it’s crazy.

OH! Also, some guys from my district are leaving for the Guatemala MTC tomorrow and I’m super mad at them for that. I think that going down there would be such a blast! Like literally you'll be thrown into the Spanish language, and I would love that so much. Also it'd be nice to break the monotony.... I CAN’T SPELL.... The more I learn in Spanish the worse my English becomes!! hahaha

I'm working on my weight though... Because I sit on my butt all day long I don't really get hungry here. Like 5 hours a week for running isn't enough!!! Sometimes my legs start shaking while I’m sitting down! Probably just cancer or something.. KIDDING MOM!!!! haha but they do shake. Maybe I’ll just escape this prison and run around the campus then return. hahah bad idea.

Well I’m running out of things to say.... I would love for my baby blanket times a million. I loved my package.. More candy and stuff... lets see... maybe surprises and stuff to mess around with.. MY RUBIK's CUBE!! 3x3 preferably... I want to impress them with my mad skills... Also, I’ve been playing a little piano here and there for fun and my companion thinks that its really cool. So that’s a benefit.

I miss you family lots.. Make sure to send me stuff cause that is so cool to get things here! I have enjoyed all of your letters!

Hasta luego!

Elder Sutton

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