Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aug. 3, 2010

Hola!!! From the M.T.C. So i'm just sitting here waiting for my laundry and i decided to write mi familia. =] So I don't really remember what exactly to tell you but i'll just ramble.

So also i have a question dear elder me and tell me if you want me to write you half way through the week along with writing you on monday which is my P. day. Deal??

Okay so let me just say that the MTC is nuts! All day everyday is planned for you and literally every minute is planned! Basically my weekend is Sunday and Monday. Its quite great. I really love Sundays. Its sooo good.

Let me tell you a little about my companion and my district. I'm in District 8 or zone 8 i'm not so sure. My companion's name is Elder Barth. He is tall like 6'5'' and he likes soccer he is also from New York so that is awesome because he thinks lacrosse is cool but he said he wasn't good enough to catch the ball or anything.... Which is also dumb because the gymn is being re-done so we can't play basketball for weeks!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! Lest see. My zone leader is Elder Alviso he is pretty cool. The other Elders that are in my room are Elder Brown (aka Elder Cafe, spanish for brown) and Elder Wilcox, he is from farmington and elder brown is from Nevada. Hace much calor!! So its kinda tough getting up at 6:10 every morning but i'm getting used to it by now. It honestly feels like the days take years and the weeks pass by in seconds!! Explain that to me. hahaha So let me see, i'm eating tons mom so i think i'm gaining weight except i had fast sunday and i looked at myself and i was sooo skinny. Walking around for me yesterday was tough! So mom i would love for you to send me packages. ;) eveyone here has them and i'm the only one that hasn't got one.... WINK WINK WINK. plus i would love my camera cord and my sandles. I think there are more things I want but i'm hustling for time here.

So mis hermanas. How is everything going in Brigham? I haven't heard too much from my sisters who say that they love me???? Just teasing. So i decided that letters really are the best thing ever to recieve. Honestly its what everyone looks forward to every single day. Also, my teachers in the MTC are Hermano (Brother) Bradley and Hermano Burhnam. They are honestly what is getting me through spanish. My companion is honestly awesome but TERRIBLE at spanish so i'm kinda teaching him and myself at the same time. its tough!!! Pray for me...

Mi Padre. I loved your letter that you wrote me and i would honestly love it if all of those things that you promised me came true. That would be the best thing ever. =] I miss lacrosse lots. I would honestly have broken my stix out by now but i'm kinda scared. Like everyone here is cool. Noone would tell on me. We're amigos here. =] So maybe this week i will. hehehe.

So its story time for Elder Derek. Like my first night here we just got done with the day and its like nine thirty. WE ARE EXHAUSTED!!! side note... you get so mentally exhausted here..... Elder Jared mortensen is in my building!!!!!! He came down and asked if we wanted to see our zone leaders chew up a banana and spit it into the other zone leader's mouth!!!! SICK RIGHT???? Well as long as they got $50 they would do it. SO.... being the awesome kid i am i paid a dollar to see this show and they did it!!!! It was soooooooo gross. We laughed all night long! now the joke is to give the zone leaders bananas.

This is for Eric. i want to honestly thank him for that letter he wrote me. I had a hard night a few days ago and i read that letter a couple of times and it helped me so much. Someone in my family give him a hug for me. Deal?

What else...... Um, the food is good and my room is good. I've taken pictures of lots of stuff even though i'm not supposed to sometimes... hahahahah I'm such a rebel. I think that classroom that we're in to learn spanish is soooo small. its like the size of megan's room but a longer. We're packed! Most of the Elders are going to el salvador east, 4 going west, and 4 are going to guatemala and are leaving in 2 weeks for the MTC there. There are a total of 12 elders in my zone. =] i don't know what else to write about....OH!!!! All the people i've seen, Chris darais, jared mortensen, Skyler vellinga, Jenny webbre, Kyle beck (he swam) and more but i can't think because there is this stupid timer and its tons of pressure!!!!

I think i'll end with my testimony en espanol!!! But don't think this is impressive because its nothing compared to some of the elders can do. i'm kinda dumb here.

Yo se que dios vive. Yo se que Jose Smith es el profeta de verdedera. Amo mi family, mucho mucho amo. Yo testifico Jesucristo es mi salvador y sufrir para mis pecados.

Yo se que Thomas S. Monson es profeta verdadera. Te agredecemos para espiritu sancto. Te agredecemos para la inglesia. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

Love, Elder Sutton

La Inglesia de Jesucristo de los sancto de los ultimos dias. =]

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