Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Dang!!! Man, someone must really love me in my family to be sending me all these packages! I'm so happy when I get a package. Plus, when I get letters! Let’s just say that they make the day good. You’ll hear that from me a lot, but it’s truly a break from the monotony! Ha-ha I’m pretty much an old fart here. Everyone seems to be leaving here! I’m still stuck for like 5 more weeks!!!! Dang my life huh..
Well with my companion, he is kind of trying to be good and diligent... I've kinda talked to my branch president about this, and I was really surprised to what he told me. He told me that I was literally the best worker in my district. Okay, so my district really really really really likes to goof off and mess around and so when things start getting loud, I go and sit out in the hall and study my scrips and my espanol. I have to be within sight and sound of my companion so I can't go out too far. But he said that our district leader (who is in charge of us 8 guys) calls me the barometer of the class. That when it gets too noisy, I leave and he knows to tone it down.... but he told me he wished he had a son like me. He has 5 girls or something like that.. That honestly was the best compliment I have received here in a while.. It made me smile.
Well, this is to the Dinsdale’s and to Sarah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! =] Sorry I’m not there =[...
But I hope you, Dinsdale’s, got my letters and stuff. If not then someone must have eaten it! I really like all your letters and such. Your package was awesome!!!
About the weather there, I’m pretty sure that I can buy one here. The only problem is that it costs money, and I don't like to use my money. =[ It took a while to get that money! Plus mom is working and getting more money for me!! Goodness.. Money rules the world sadly....
Well, dad, I knew you could catch the best fish. I figured it was good when mom said they hadn't heard from you in a long time. When the fish call, you gotta answer right?? =]
So this is to everyone that wrote me letters.... I have like 6 or 7 letters that I am mailing today so expect some to be coming.. If I like forgot to write someone back, write me a hate note and I’ll get right on that!! lo ciento. =[
Okay well all the bleachers are almost in the gym and so that means in a little while we’ll be able to play basketball and not play soccer every day!!! I'm getting good at soccer, but it kinda gets boring every day... Don't tell Megan... =P That will be something to look forward to. =]
Okay about my Spanish... its coming.... it’s hard to learn a lot when my companion doesn’t' want to study, but I’m honestly trying my best and working without regrets. I want to have a great mission. This week at our teaching session (TRC ask Eric to explain more), we're supposed to talk about our families in Spanish and tell about them and share pictures and all that jazz; then I’m going to teach a whole lesson in Spanish next Thursday... I’m scared. Pray for me =[ But I’m dragging my companion into some tutors and such to see if that will help.. I don't want to teach all by myself and have my companion just stare at me cause he doesn’t know what’s going on... =[ I’m talking to my teacher tonight to see if he'll tutor me also.. not so sure if that will work out but its worth a try huh? =]
Tell brother Halling to suck it up and say hi to me!!!!!!!! Honestly I would love to see him! I haven't ever seen him here! Maybe I’m just blind or something.... Tell him to say hi. That would totally make my day!
Also, to hear about Chris' call and Matt's call is way awesome! I know that they both will have a good time as long as they make it a good time and not just expect others to do that for them. It takes work. =] Just like everything else good in this life.
Well this is to Eric and Amanda! Thanks for the scriptures Eric. I'm glad that you are writing me. Also, I’ve got a question for you about playing the piano. Did you ever play in the MTC? If so, where did you and how long did you play? =] Also, I just sent a letter for Amanda so she should be getting them soon...
P.S. also since like everyone is going to be going to college and stuff they NEED TO TELL ME where to send letters to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been confused where to send my letters to Amanda and Eric and stuff.. =]
I would like to get some toys and stuff in a package maybe.... if that’s possible. =P I also really liked the food you have been sending me! You really are an awesome family!
So basically we have no news here at the MTC, so I would love it if you would periodically tell me what is happening in the world. =] Por favor??????
I know that this church is true, and I know that anyone who wants to know that it’s true can find out just for themselves. It’s that simple. =]
I expect you to write me back this week, dad! =P
Elder Sutton


  1. Yay for Derek! I will post a comment, just like everyone else should (hint hint)

  2. You are amazing. I know you will be and are a great missionary. With anything you do work is involved. You got it and people are waiting for you. Keep up the good work!