Monday, September 20, 2010

Bon Voyage

September 20, 2010
Well hello my dear family!! Slash other people that just love reading my emails. =] I'll just call you all my friends. Deal? Guess what everyone?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
SEVEN MORE DAYS HERE!!!!!!!! Oh man everything is going by so fast! I remember writing like yesterday how I thought that this day would never come!!!!! Wow it kind of makes me want to go back and do it all over again...... NAAAAA!!!! I’m ready to go and baptize some people!!! =] =] =] =]
I'm so glad that you liked my pictures! We specifically did those Beatles pictures so I hoped they turned out awesome!! Well let’s see where to start. OHHH did the videos work out on my memory card? Slash did mom get car sick watching them... hahaha I love you mom. =] I'll take lots more here and down there just for your viewing pleasure!!
I got my travel plans last week!!!!!! WINNER!!! Okay so now is when you all pay attention. We have like two flights. I have to get up at 5 a.m. and we leave here and our first flight is at 8:25’ish on the 27th! So technically one day earlier!! But then we land in Dallas, Ft Worth and there I will be able to call you guys and give you the special opportunity of talking to me on the phone. =] BUT I do believe they are one hour earlier then our time so I’m landing about 3:40 and we have our next flight to El Salvador at 6:05 so in between there (after I get some real fast food and junk) I’m going to call you all. The house phone then the cell phones if no one answers!!
OHHHHH Guess what? I weighed myself last night after dinner and I gained 3 pounds!! I’m 170 now!!!! WINNER! But I did have my suit on and stuff but let’s just say I’m gaining weight. =] Well I think that they give us more time on Saturday to check our emails and junk so if any problems arise, I might be able to see. If not, just Dear Elder me before Saturday so that I can get them. =] But here is what happens when I get there in a nut shell... So I get there with everyone in my district, and we go with the mission president and then we eat dinner and talk until sleep time. Then we sleep in the mission home and the next day get our new companions!!!!!!! Then off to work!!!! =D
Just so you all know, the pizza that you sent me was just about the most amazing thing I’ve ever had in my entire life!!!! I love everyone involved with that pizza delivery so much!! YUMMY!
So guess what!?!? I made it all the way through the MTC with only 4 white shirts!! I wasn't gross or anything, but I would just wear them twice before washing them and now I have two more extra shirts to get all dirty in El Salvador!!! =D I find that an accomplishment.
OHHHH so I also hear about a cool little gadget that you could buy and maybe send to me while I’m down there; it’s a filter straw! So when they give you like a drink and you don't want to put it into a water bottle, you can use the straw… One of the presidents suggested we get it, and it’s legit and should work the whole two years... This is the address... and its called advanced filter straw or something like that... and to get a discount you put into it the discount code l8d8s8 so its LDS but with 8's in-between. =] (just an idea)
1 – Have you or will you ever been able to play basketball before you leave?
So the thing is I think that the court is opening like Tuesday or something. It’s really like Utah construction in here. ITS SOOOOOO SLOW!!!!!! I've been playing soccer and I’m too good for everyone so I need some basketball. =P hahah but to answer your question, no I haven't played yet.
2 – Are the discussions and the Spanish coming along well?
Spanish is going well. I'm using my crafty skills and making little index cards with grammatical principles on them and laminating them. Everyone is jealous. But we have the final lesson here on Thursday about the plan of salvation totally in Spanish so that’s awesome. =] We also have random health meetings through the week about going to El Salvador and what to eat and what not to eat..... BORING but important.. I can hear mom saying not to drink the water. I promise I won't. =]
Well it sounds like you’re getting to know Elder Brown's mom a little. He is actually in my room and that’s awesome!!!! Well I need to head off to eat.. Be sure to Dear Elder me mom if anything comes up!!!
I love you all..
The church is true.
Elder Sutton

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  1. Oh my heck! It's time to panic and be excited for him....