Monday, September 27, 2010

El Salvador Here I Come

Derek flew out today, Sept. 27, for El Salvador.
His flight from SLC left at 8:30 am so fortunately for us, he called around 7:30 to get us primed for the afternoon. Megan hadn't left for school yet and his dad and mom weren't at work; we all had a quick friendly chat. Later in the afternoon (around 1:30 pm) after he had bought "junk food" from McDonald's at the Dallas Airport, he graced us with another amazing call.
We could all tell from the tone in his voice the excitement he was experiencing. He seemed calm, quite assured of himself and happy to share his thoughts. He even bore his testimony to us over the phone in Spanish (no - we don't know Spanish, but his sincerity was amazing).
He arrived in El Salvador around 6:20 pm and headed over to the mission president's house where he and the missionaries he was traveling with would enjoy a meal. They would stay tonight at his home, and he would embark on his new adventure with his new companion tomorrow!!!

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  1. What an AMAZING excuse to be late for school :) I sure love my brother!!!