Monday, September 6, 2010

Sept. 6, 2010

Well this week I got on a working computer – everyone rejoice!!!!!!! Hahaha I’m so funny I make myself laugh sometimes. But don’t worry when I get out into the field in 3 and a half weeks, I’ll be sure to send you guys emails every week – that’s not something I’m about to forget!!! :)

Well, let’s start off this week by saying that we taught in Spanish for the first time this last Thursday! Everyone was pretty much freaking out right before it, just so you know. Some were hiding it from the other guys because it’s not “cool” to act scared. Sometimes I just want to punch my district in the face. One day they will realize that showing your emotions is a good thing and not just a girly thing! Well, I just want to say thank you to everyone that said a prayer to help me. Honestly it did help so much. I owe you guys. Let’s just hope that this week is just as good as the last one! But I have another story to tell you that is quite fun!! :) Well so our teacher, Hermana Penaflor, (she is from Peru) she decided that we should group up with another class and go with them while they go and teach in the TRC. So just in case you forgot; the TRC is the scariest place here because every week we teach in there and that was where we taught in Spanish. But for the first few weeks you only have to teach in English, you have tasks you have to do instead (like talk about your family with them in Spanish and get to know them & all that stuff) then you come back and teach. So all together you teach for about an hour. ANYWAY – we went with this class, and we were going to be like a member that came with them while they taught. So we went to do that. I went with these two new missionaries, and we get into the room and we have this old old old lady from Ecuador. The only problem was she only could speak Spanish!!! Hahaha – you should have seen the faces of the elders as she was talking to them, and they had no idea what she was saying!! PURE FEAR!!! But luckily, they had me in there to answer the toughest questions and kind of interpret for them. She kind of was asking them tough questions though, like “why did Jesus have to be born in a manager?” stuff like that. So when we went back to teach her in about ten minutes, the elders who only had been here for a few weeks were going to try and teach in Spanish even though they had NO IDEA how to. Yet again they were lucky that they had me there. It was very rocky and I had to say most of the first vision stuff because they just honestly didn’t know. It was so awesome to just sit there and think, that used to be me. I’ve only been here for a few more weeks than them and yet I know so much more. I can’t wait until I get out into the field and I’ll learn tons more every day!!

So Jared Mortensen left today and that makes me really sad because he was that one good friend that I had here. I could always go and see him and he would make me laugh. But I’ll be alright. I will always be alright. :) If there ever is a problem, just tell that to yourselves. It will always be alright. :)

1. What do they teach you about the Central American people? Do they teach you about culture or anything?

Hahaha well some of it we know like we know some specific words that they use in El Salvador, but most of the stuff it’s not terribly bad. No worries. I can’t wait to be out in the warm humid air! For some reason it’s way cold today, and I’m freezing my buttocks off!!!

2. Do you need anything specifically from home before you leave?

Well, I’m sure that there will be stuff I need before I leave, but as of right now I’m just dandy! Keep writing me and keep me updated mom. I like that lots! Plus, all the other people that are writing me, too. You all are way amazing!

3. Do you still have cash money to take with you when you travel?

Yes, I still have like almost all my money. I haven’t used much of it for anything. Usually I just go without or buy it with my money that they give you each week. But I was wondering, I can have 2 suitcases and a backpack and a carry-on. Right? So, I didn’t bring a little carry-on or anything. Should I buy one small one here? Or should I just work without it?

4. How is the basketball court?

Basketball isn’t up yet!! Now they moved it back to like the 15th or something this month. It’s major dumb, but maybe I’ll do something else this week instead of soccer. Who knows?

Okay, I am definitely ready for a sweatshirt, and I can totally send my card back. I have a lot of people that I met here and even a video of me walking back from the temple one day. :) Just don’t tell on me. Hahaha

Well, I just actually stole Jared’s stamps as he left. He had a ton and couldn’t use them anymore so it’s all good now. I did get this email and such so I can write him. He is having me mail a few packages home for him because it’s Labor Day here so the post office isn’t open today. Sad day - no letters :( oh well, I’ll survive.

I hope that everyone is having the best time without me and not missing me too much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ERIC!! Sorry that I missed that. I’m kind of ……busy………right at the moment or I’d come over and tell you myself.Who knows what fun and exciting things will happen this week or if it’ll all work out. All we have to do is put our trust in the Lord and things will work out for the best. I feel that my troubles here will all be better when I’m out in the field, but in all reality they won’t; they just will be different ones. But we just need to keep our heads up and look forward for tomorrow with a smile and say, “This is all happening for a reason and what can I learn from this.” The whole world changed with one moment in time with one boy in New York and I’m eternally grateful to be a part of this gospel.

Jose Smith dijo… Vi una columna de luz, mas brillante que el sol. Directamente arriba de mi cabeza. Y esta luz gradualment descendio hasta descansar sobre me al reposar sobre me la luz vi en el aire arribe de me a dos personajes cuyo fugor y Gloria no admitten description, uno de ellos me hablo llamando me por me nombre y dijo senalando al otro… este es me hijo !escuchalo!Yo amo usedes muchiiiiicimo.

Love, Elder Sutton


  1. I'm getting nervous that his departure date is coming soon. It's all good! - Mom

  2. Woohoo! He sounds like he is doing awesome!

  3. He sounds like a missionary! He is amazing and inspires me to be more obedient!!