Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept. 13, 2010

Dang!!!! Peach Days is already here!! I couldn't believe that I was there last year playing with all you guys. So what happened to that crazy kid? Did he get all candy happy and run out into the middle of the whole parade and get hit by a car or what? So this no name won the peach queen pageant this year. That’s kind of cool that the big names didn't win this year. =] Gives all of us normal, not cool people hope that we can win contests. That’s what it is!!!! A giant publicity stunt in Brigham to get people to feel that they can make a difference!!
So Sam went to the parade with another girl this year? Will someone ask him why in the heck he hasn't written me or I haven't gotten his address in any of my emails home???? This isn't very cool. I'll have to beat him up when I come back. =] He definitely is looking for a girl! What is going on in his life??
So you guys partied all day for me because I wasn't at the carnival, right??? I sure hope that you guys did! For your sakes you better! OH! on the subject of letters; I was wondering if my oldest sister and her hubby have been getting my letters because I have gotten more letters from my brother in-law then I have from my own sister!!! Plus, I had some questions I asked Eric and he didn't really answer them.... Interesting..... Maybe you’re just so busy with school. It’s all good...... OHHHHH – Eric, I think that I’m living in your room!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!! Like 12m and bottom floor and the first room on the right!?!?!? THAT’S totally awesome! Is there any secret stuff stashed here? We have found some cool stuff like a little missionary guy and stuff but I dunno.. =]
So Heather Norman is going to come in on the 22. That’s really cool! This week my district has the job of being hosts (like the people that took me and stole me from you). It’s going to be so much fun making the little kids cry because I’m dragging them away from their family... NOT!!!!!! That is going to be so sad... =[ But also tons of fun because its something new to do!!! =]
But along with my talents.. I'm trying not to bury my talents, mom; but honestly it's kind of hard not to here. There just isn't time and too many other people to stand out against.. I'm trying though. Don’t worry. =]
1 – Did the MTC and Church Travel Services find your police report you took down with you?
I went and fixed that entire police report crap for my stuff. (Pardon my French) But Elder Barth, my companion, is in some serious trouble. We went there today on our p-day and totally used like 3 hours trying to fix everything. He didn't get the Apostile done and all that like my lovely mother helped me do so he might not get to leave on time with us all.... It’s way sad!! The only good thing that came of this was that he had to send a money order to New York to get his Apostile, and we left campus for about 45 minutes!!!!! It’s been over a month and a half that I haven’t been out of this place! It was so weird to be out there. Some guy saw us and knew we were missionaries so he was joking around saying "I can feel the spirit emanating from you!”, but it made me think how much people do look up to the missionaries here. It’s crazy!
2 – Have you sent your memory card yet?
I sent my memory card today, and I have a baby note with it. Nothing really special; I’ve been in a rush all day long! Feel free to ask about the pictures. They probably are confusing, and I even have a video or two on them.. SHH! Don’t tell... So feel free to also put them on Facebook or something mom. =]
3 – What is the worst thing you have eaten since you have been there?
The worst thing that I’ve eaten..... Dang... Well, all the food here starts to mush together, but yesterday I saw the worst thing ever! I didn't eat it because it was that bad! It was like this fish like halibut, but it was like heated up in the microwave and sat out for a few days!!!! Totally nasty!!!
4 – Did you get any packages from “loved ones”?
I DID get packages from my lovely family and from the Dinsdale’s!!!! Both I really loved! I ate all the gummy hamburgers already and am using the pens you sent. And the Dinsdale’s package, I already ate all the laughy-taffy. =] Keep 'em coming!!!!
Well the big news for next week is that we get our travel plans for El Salvador!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! We have 2 weeks left!!!! Man that went by so fast yet so slow!!! HAHAHAH But our branch president told us that he has seen people going to El Salvador that fly all the way out to the east coast and then all the way back to Texas then all the way to Guatemala and then a small plane to El Salvador!!!! Crazy!!!
~~~~~~ IMPORTANT POINT~~~~~~~~~
Okay so that day that I leave, I’m going to be calling home and everyone that wants to hear my sweet and soothing voice should be home! Once I get my plans this week, I’ll tell you exactly when I can call and such but until then start making that day free to talk to your favorite son! (Slash hear me talk.) I might even talk a little Spanish to you. Emphasis on the little....
So someone tell me more about Sarah’s play?! How is it? Is it as good as Megan’s? I’ve been hearing pieces about it but not all of it!!!!
Hum.. I don't know much more to say... This week the gym should be open for basketball to play but who knows.. they keep putting it off more and more. It reminds me of Utah construction how it never gets done!!! Well feel free to keep sending me Dear Elder letters and keep me updated mom. =] Those make my day especially when you say keep smiling. I can't help but smile.... AWWEE!!!! =P Okay, well this week we are teaching the second lesson in Spanish and that is even harder!! I’ll be praying a lot and I hope you guys will too.. It honestly helps me a lot. You mean so much to me. EVERYONE - not just my immediately family. Feel free to keep the questions coming. =]
OHHH!! Also, I met a guy who knew Smyly Crawford!! He came to my room and with an Alabama accent he said who he was like Elder Hearns or something and said how Smyly told him to look out for me!!! COOL!!!! Small world. He seemed like an awesome guy! He is going to Mexico just for your info! =]
Peace out family. I love you all..
Elder Sutton
Tengan buena semana!

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