Monday, October 4, 2010

He Has Arrived!

October 4, 2010

Wow, family, the only thing that I can say is WOW!!! Talk about getting thrown into a different world! It’s so crazy here! Okay, it’s not terrible or bad or anything but from the MTC to here is definitely going to take some time getting used to. =) But before you start worrying mom, I’m perfectly fine and safe here so don´t get all worried. Enough people do that already. =P First of all I’m going to tell you that I have like about an hour on my p-day to write to guys so don´t worry about asking tons of questions because I’ve got tons of time. =)

Dang! It sounds like to me Megan is a lot more popular then I ever was. It’s probably because she learned from me. We´ll just leave it at that. hahah How did you get grandpa to let you use his house for the party? I´m jealous I didn´t get to go and party with you guys and, p.s. I’m sorry that I’m going to miss all your birthdays for two years…. You guys should send me a list of people´s birthdays so that I can give a shout out the p-day before they have them. =)

1 - Did you watch conference in Spanish or English?

Well this is the tricky thing. The stake center is right in our area so we could walk to it. The first day (Saturday) the elders who could understand English went into a separate room to watch it, and it was fantastic. But Sunday..... something went wrong and they told us that we had to watch it in Spanish!!!! I didn´t get as much that time.... It’s super hard to concentrate on Spanish with crying babies, people around me talking in Spanish and then writing notes!!! But I think I actually got the jest of it. If anything, I just took notes on my feelings. HAHA

2 - Who is your companion, and where is he from?

Well... now this is another tricky thing. My companion is named Elder Choc. He is a native... sort of..... He is from Guatemala and he speaks Ceck Chi. I don´t think I spelled that correctly but its a language in Guatemala and he learned Spanish here so basically I only communicate with him in Spanish. He has been speaking Spanish for 13 months. Sometimes I get a little frustrated and such but I keep reminding myself that I have only been here for a week. If anything, some of the members tell me that I have a good accent so I’m trying hard to learn. It’s hard when you have no one to ask questions to... But alas, what can I do but complain. =) I´m being able to understand a little more and more every day. Speaking is a different story. It’s like not even the same language as in the MTC!

3 - How is the humidity and the weather?

Well let’s see. Right now I’m sweating, yesterday I was sweating and the other day was the same!! Haha but right now is their/our winter so it also rains. ALOT! It´ll start like in the afternoon and rain a ton! You´ve never seen rain like this!!! Well I’m sure that you would love it here mom, and I’m sure that you would die just like me dad!

4 - Where are you serving (in San Salvador or another city)?

The place that I’m serving or area is called Independencia so that is obviously Spanish for Independence but yeah it’s like an hour from San Salvador in the middle of a valley and there are a ton of people here! We visit members in their houses and ALL of them have cell phones and TV’s but like none of them have a real door or real chairs or like anything else. It works for us because we can call them. =P Also I just want to take a moment to give you guys a few tips. If you come here make sure to always bring with you your umbrella, sombrilla, because it starts pouring in a matter of seconds!!!

5 Is your home/apartment relatively normal and are there more than 2 in it?

I have tons of pictures of my apartment, OR, at least a few but it’s not bad; it’s really a lot better than most people have here so that’s awesome! One really cool thing is that we have a giant whole in me middle of our house and a grate over the top so when it starts raining the rain just falls in. =) There is a drain and such but it’s really cool even though the bugs can come in…. even then, there really aren´t a ton of them. They don´t really bother me. =)

6 Have you seen Bryant?

No, I haven´t seen Bryant. He is like a ghost here. I don´t know what area he is in or anything, but a lot of people seem to know him. Maybe because of his red hair or something but still it’s different. =) I want to see him.

Well during conference I thought about last year when I was watching it with you and how I would fall asleep and such. It’s like now I’m not even tired. I think I’m getting used to being tired all the time. Plus, I am really really listening to the conference talks and they really are amazing! I never realized how little I was paying attention to them until now.

I’m going to give you a rundown of some of the things that we do slash some of the thoughts in my head. =) First of all I want to tell you and everyone out there reading this to invite the missionaries and feed the missionaries and just plain talk to them. You have no idea how much members mean to us here. The reason that I’m still smiling and still having fun even though I have no idea what’s going on is because the members. They give me food. They try to help me with Spanish. They actually listen to me. They are the reason that I’m making it right now. I know that the members here are a blessing from God. And honestly, the church is still true here in El Salvador just like it is in Brigham City or Germany or anywhere. Remember that!

Second, I’ll tell you about Hermana Constrella, I believe that is her name. She lives in this little shack right off the road. I´m going to send you my memory card somehow so that you can see what I’m talking about when I mean poor. But she is THE NICEST SISTER EVER. Besides you mom of course =) She is always there to make me smile. I honestly love her and I‘ve known her for just one week. She has such a powerful spirit. She is our cocinera so that means we go over and eat there every lunch and she gets food for us and cold drinks and everything even though she has so little. We pay her once a week but ´m sure that never is enough. She really is a saint.

Well we pretty much teach all day every day. This day we contacted 80 people and got a lot of people to set dates for us to come back and teach. =) I´m going to look and see if I can buy a panuelo today. (He said to look it up and it’s a “head scarf”.) I need one way bad (por mi cara). hahaha

I have to write my mission president right now or I’d write you more. My computer crashed and some guy worked on it or I’d have more time. =) Expect letters from me around this time every day.

I love you all family. Everyone! A day doesn´t go by that I don´t think about you each individually.

Thanks, mom, I’m going to try and keep smiling. I love you all. Really.

Que lay vaya bien familia.

Elder Suit-oon (that’s how they say it)

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