Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

Dear Family and all others who love listening to me. =P

Well yesterday wasn´t terribly lucky for me being 10/10/10.... I didn´t die! How about that? But yesterday was honestly one of the most amazing days ever. I have such an appreciation for Sundays now that I’m here. I got to play the piano in two wards here because no one else could play the piano and I was totally fine with that. I love to play the piano and while I did that, my companion took some of the young men to get our investigators to come to church. I really thought that it was awesome.

Uncle Ken had a birthday already!! That’s crazy to think that I’m going to miss everyone´s birthday for the next 2 years including my own. Oh well who knows how birthdays go here or even if we do anything. There was some sort of celebration yesterday, but I don´t know what it was. Lots of fireworks that sounded like guns so that freaked me out but my companion reassured me they were fireworks. =) We passed by this church that was partying with lots of people, and I told my companion that we should go and preach to them all in their chapel. HAHAH Kidding.

I totally remember Bruce Merrell in the airport. It was very strange to see someone I knew. Like literally I was staring at him trying to remember who that was and he was walking by me and I stopped him to say hi and we talked for a few seconds before I checked my luggage. I wish I would have asked him more about stuff but he looked busy.. I sort of miss white people... =( I like the people here and all, but I just stick out like a sore thumb! Everyone knows that I’m the gringo and so they try and talk to me in English and it makes no sense. Just like the little kids! They watch movies in English and just yell things at me. Sometimes they aren’t so good...... hahahah

Who all is reading my blog?
Like all of the family or just you guys and the bishop? I would like to address my fan club personally, but I don´t know who they all are!!!!! HAHAHAH
Kevin is back already?
Wow he was at church too? Of course when I’m gone! Maybe I was just a bad influence on him or something =P Really, I’m way excited that he is going to church and all! It makes me happy! Someone should tell him to hit me up with some letters or something! I want to see how things are going!

- What direction is the village you live in (N/S/E/W) from San Salvador? Is it one hour by bus ride or walking?

Okay well that’s a good question... I believe we are east!! YEAH I remember now we are east!! Haha I remembered when I was typing it. The place is called Santa Anna or the closest place I believe, and it’s more closer to two hours in a bus. But they are charter buses that we take to and from the capital with a movie playing (that I can´t watch) and they kind of stink. But they are better then the regular buses. I don´t go there much but it’s an awesome experience.

- Have you used your filter straw yet or regularly?

Well I haven´t used my straw yet but I have used my bottle. Usually where we eat they know that we can´t drink the water so we get like juice or pure water. Our cook has a jug for us that she puts in the small fridge before we get there.

- Is it getting any easier to communicate with your companion? Does he like to work hard?

It’s getting a lot easier because I’m getting the ear for it. Speaking is still a struggle but I imagine that comes with time... I don´t know. Well yes he likes to work. He is a pretty good companion and the problems that we´re having are being resolved. Don´t worried mom. He knows a lot about the scriptures and is a pretty smart guy. =)

- How was the hamburger last week?

I ended up not getting a hamburger... =( I am going to try this week! I got like nachos because they were cheaper.. We have a budget you know... Are you proud of me because I haven´t used my money yet? =) I have had to eat less though some nights... But it's all good!!!!!

- Have you been able to teach any discussions yet or are you guys mostly just making contacts?

Well yeah we teach lessons every day usually like 4 lessons and we contact also. We try and get 4 new people and addresses every day to put in our investigator bank so we can teach them. =) It's tough contacting people... I´m struggling with talking to them but my companion is there to help. Usually hahahaha... Okay but get this - everyone here is a lot more friendly then back in the states. You can just walk by some random person and say Buenos Dias or Buenas or hola and EVERYONE will say it back or say a little phrase Que le vaya bien (that’s the Spanish of the day).

- What is the best thing you have eaten so far?

Well the best thing that I have eaten... Probably the tortillas are really amazing and I love the refried beans. I could live off of those. I kind of do (haha), but you can buy them in a bag at the super market for pretty cheap and they are really good. Just heat them up and make an egg and your good to go. =) I want to eat a real pupusa here. Maybe we´ll do that today.

That’s too bad about the miners in Chile. I bet Jared has heard about the whole deal with Chile because that is where he is. How long have they been down there?

And BE football? Are we actually trying to play well now or what!! HAHAH finally!!

Oh dang!!
Megan has my cell phone number now. Well does she get any texts from my friends thinking that it’s me? That’s pretty funny if you ask me. Plus it’s purple and girly so I don´t want it anyway. =P But it sounds like she had quite the adventure for her first experience with the dating scheme of things! I would like to go rock climbing but there really aren´t mountains around here... There are a couple of volcanoes and I think that we might go climb them one day or something. That would be pretty cool!!! I really don´t know what we´re going to do as a companionship today for our p-day. It better not be just sitting in our house or I’m going to shoot my companion... It's even better if we do something with another companionship because then I can´t kill my companion or there will be witnesses. =P

Okay so lets see.
Now is the time where I tell you all my stories and such... Well we did have 2 baptisms in our district last Saturday and that was awesome! My companion got to baptize one of them and I don´t know why or how he got to do that because they aren´t our investigators. Maybe she asked him to. Both were girls and older. One is like 75 and the other around 40 so yeah.
The weather is still scalding hot and I’m going to try and buy a handkerchief today to wipe the sweat off of my face!!
It literally is super dooper hot here.
We also had a service project that we did last week where we went to a school and gave it a make-over and such. We painted the walls and fixed the garden and all that jazz.
One member in our ward is an artist and is awesome with spray painting and he painted a mural of a cove and a boat and a light house. It was awesome!!!

Well this week I got an e-mail that said that I have 2 packages at the mission home!!! I´m way excited for those!! =) They are small but still it’s something from home and I can´t wait!!!!!
Hum.. I don´t know what you guys want to know about what’s going on..
It’s a lot like the cities in Mexico.
There are tons of dirt roads with huge pot holes that they fill with broken plates and such (it’s weird but resourceful). There are also these huge locust looking things that fly around at night and they are huge! (As long as my foot.) My companion stepped on one the other night and it was the grossest sound I’ve ever heard in my entire life!!! Crunchy and all that sickness.. ewwwwwwww

Well I have my camera today and I’m going to take some pictures and avoid being pick pocketed so that will be tons of fun!
I´m still trying to figure out how to send letters and such so I probably should write some today but we´ll see if we´re totally busy or what is going on. =)

Until next week.
I love you guys. Like I said, I pray for you all every night. I know that you will be blessed too because I’m out here and that I’m trying to work hard every day and stay on task. I miss ya. =)

Elder Sutton

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  1. Hey Elder Sutton,

    We are praying for you... I am grateful... I can read your blog and keep up with your comings and goings.

    Bishop V