Monday, October 25, 2010

Real Milk This Week

Wow it sounds like I missed all the party with Brooke Walker!! Dang I want to be on TV. Maybe I’ll just do something crazy here and they'll put me on the Spanish TV. Okay just for the record we went into a member’s house and I watched a little TV. GASP!!! Yes, I’m a sinner but I don't know if it counts if I can't understand it. I can basically understand all the words that people say to me but the news is flippin crazy!!! Goodness!!! I can just imagine how a sports game would sound! But how did you work out the whole Brooke Walker thingy? It sounds like you were in the right place at the right time on this one! I've always wanted to be a movie star. Well there always is after my mission. =P

OH!! Before I forget, does anyone have Tyler Conrad's email? I got a letter from him finally, and he said that he hates writing and is going to start emailing from now on but I think that he might be writing to one of my other email accounts... =( Sad day....

So speaking of the Mo Tab Choir, I have a new profound love for them here on the mission. We are allowed to listen to other music here, but ALL of it is slow and they sing about sad things.. Mo Tab is always way fun to listen to because they are more up beat!!! (Hahahah) I'm growing more and more appreciative every day of the things I used to have. Even now I’m sleeping on my spare mattress sheets as a pillow because I don't have one. HAHA It’s not bad I’ve been doing it for 4 weeks or something.
Dang! We have changes in like 2 weeks! That went by way fast! I figure that when we work hard, everything goes by way faster! Church goes by faster, p-day goes by faster and even the weeks go by relatively fast! It’s really a whole new world out here on my mission! It doesn't feel like real life! AH! I probably have said that before but it feels like I’m on a vacation right now and I’m going to be back like next week. HAHAHAH SURPRISE - I’m really on a mission.

Well so you're having some chilly weather. Let’s see right now it’s like 75 and it’s going to get hotter and lets see..... Yesterday.... the SAME!!!! And the day before that.......... THE SAME!!!! It’s so flippin hot here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I don't want to hear about this chilly weather such because I’m sweating my face off every single day!!!! HAHAHA =P
Everything is going to change though in the raining season. I can tell you right now it’s going to rain buckets. Literally; EVERYONE has huge buckets in front of their houses. (hahaha) but guess what, no snow... =( I'm going to be having a scolding Christmas. =( Maybe you could send me some snow? kidding kidding.

Oh speaking of which mom I got the Halloween package from you! Okay I love you so much. Literally, when I get back I’m buying you a car and another house.. You are the best ever!!! We all love the Halloween pumpkin. My comp had no idea what it was but I do. =) That was our Halloween present. =) Plus the candy. I am sharing a little with him. (hahaha) I also got some letters from you and Amanda. I wish I could do something for you guys. Literally you guys made my day!!! =)=)=)=)

1 - Do you have a specific street address for where you live? (we got on google earth and want to see your approximate location) Are there any special “city” landmarks around you?

Ah.. Good question I really have no idea what our specific address is. They don't really tell us and I don't know why.. But look for our stake center. I don't really have any other way of getting to my place then that.. Well there is a big cathedral in the center of town and also a big mall! The city is Santa Ana and our zone is Modelo my area Independencia. =) I'm kind of lost in this planet of El Salvador. Hahaha

2 - Have you found that there are certain foods they DON’T have down there that you miss?

Well let’s see they basically don't have everything but they have Pepsi and Coke. That’s for sure and besides that, if you can find it American here it’s flippin expensive! Like name cereal here is way expensive so I don't get it. I get this random kind here with an elephant on the front of it. I don't really remember what it’s called. There is no canned soup here which is weird. This week I’m going to buy real milk!!!! =) no more powder milk for me for a little while. (hahaha) I’m so excited!!! They don't have all the candy that we have there in America. They love crackers and cookies here so those are really cheap and I get tons of them.

3 - Does your companion come from a big or a small family, members or non-members?

Well actually my companion was nacio en la iglesia or was born in the church like I was, and he has a lot of brothers and sisters - I don't remember exactly how many but a lot. He lived in the mountains in Guatemala so it was freezing cold at his house and no one had electricity so that was weird, but they just finished building a church in his town and the church has electricity so that will be a surprise for his family!!

4 - Have you seen any more giant bugs lately?

Well let’s see there are tons of those giant bugs but my companion hasn't killed any yet. He tried to kill a gecko with one of those bottles of insect killer but that just made it mad and it ran away. He really is crazy. I told him that if he killed it that he had to eat it. =P

5 - Are you a regular playing the piano in church yet?

Oh yeah I am definitely a regular at the piano there. Everyone expects me to be able to play all the himnos here and so far I have done a good job at it but who even knows about next week. I'm just waiting for one of those hymns that are only in Spanish to show up and I’ll have no idea how to play it!!!! (hahaha good times. =P) Yet again mom I owe you another house and a car for making me take and continue piano.( hahahah)

6 - Did you have your meeting with the general authority yet or is it this week?

Yes, Elder James Martino came and we spent the whole day talking with him. Our zone and like 2 others in our stake center. It was way awesome! Both he and his wife came. They are right now living in Guatemala because he is in the area presidency over those areas too. =)

My week was pretty good. I really loved the general authority who came. He was really powerful and I wrote and learned a lot about of things that I need to do better and what I need to study. I still love the members. I´m alright with the walking a lot, but I definitely get tired through the week. (Hahah - especially Sundays =P) Well I’m trying to get a little better every day with Spanish. Some of the members say that I’m learning really fast, but I don´t know if they are just being nice or what....

I´m looking forward to our call on Christmas to hear your voices.


Love your son

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