Monday, October 18, 2010

Vegetable Soup - Yuck!

Buenos Tardes de Santa Anna!

Well Yes, I did actually get to see Bryant Schaugaard! It was pretty cool. Honestly I was in shock to see him. I had no idea that I was going to see him that day. We were going to a follow up meeting for all the “newbies” and their trainers and out pops this red head! (hahah) Literally I was in shock to see him. I could barely talk in English. He told me that I look a lot different and that he almost didn´t recognize me. Which is weird; I don´t think that I look any different but that’s probably because I have to look at myself every single day. Dangit.... =P But yeah from what I hear we get to have a Christmas party with all the missionaries which should be lots of fun. I´m still not sure what I should do about presents or if we are even allowed to have any presents. I don’t know. I don´t have any idea what things I would want.. hahah. I´ve just been trying hard to remember the people here and their names and where they live let alone think about what I want for Christmas.... Its going to be soooooo strange having Christmas in the blazing heat... I can´t believe it, but it´s going to happen twice so I better get used to it. =P

So it sounds like the construction project for the new room is under way and I’m assuming that dad and yourself mom are the main work force with Megan and all her projects and stuff every single day. Who knows? OH, one thing that I would really like that I told Amanda and I’m gong to tell you. PLEASE take pictures of the project while its under construction and all that stuff. I don´t want to be left out =(..... That way I can have some sort of idea what’s happening over there in never land. I remember the time I went and helped Graydon and Kevin strip wall paper from a house and that was tons of fun!!! NOT!!!! So exactly what are you going to do to the whole house??? Or just the family room or the basement or what???

1 – How is communication coming along with your companion and the people in your area?
Well the communication is coming along. It’s not perfect because he can´t speak English but everywhere I go I have my little note book and my dictionary and if there are things that I don´t know I write them down and when I get a second I look them up. All the natives steal my dictionary to look up dumb words and then proceed to yell them at me in terrible English. HAHAHA its way funny. =P

2 – What is the best thing you ate this week? (We hope you are eating more food than less food – you don’t have room to loose….)

Well the best thing that I ate this week.... Probably two things: First I ate this stuff last night for family home evening where they got eggs and put like chili on it and stuff. It was quite good actually. (I still have yet to get sick. =) knock on wood) hahah Second our cook made this potato stuff which I really liked! It was made with like cream and all this stuff. Very good.

I did find something that I didn´t like though. They call it sopa de vendura (vegetable soup). It’s got all types of squash in it and meat and this stuff that was nasty. I recommend no one try it. Hahaha

3 – What is the best thing that happened for the week?

The best thing that happened to me... Well I’ll tell you two things one about our investigator that we found. He lives in this house kind of by Carmen Ordonez whom we are teaching. He was sitting out there one day and started talking to me in English, and I thought it was yet another drunk trying to be funny. So I just ignored him until I realized that he actually could speak English. So we went and talked to him and he was kind of drunk so that was fun. But we convinced him that we would stop by a few days later. Then this week we stopped by Carmen Ordonez´s house and he was out there so after we went and talked to him, and he apparently lived in the states for quite some time until he was deported. (hahah) All the drunks here were deported from USA. (Not really but it seems like it.) But eventually we got to talking and he is very interested in the church and actually came to sacrament meeting for an hour the day before I even taught him part of the lesson in English!!!!! Way awesome!! It was the primary program too so I hope that he liked that yesterday... Talk about difficult though. It’s hard understanding grownups speaking to me let alone little kids who can barely speak themselves!!!! It’s all good; one day I will be able to understand everything. Spanish is coming along.

4 – Who does your washing? (you or is there a member you pay)

Every Monday morning we get up and at seven walk to this lady´s house that does our washing for us. So to answer your question, a lady in our ward does it. So it’s the Elder´s quorum president´s wife. =) If that makes any sense to anyone. She does a very good job too at it. All the dirt in my collars is gone the next week so that is amazing in itself!!!

5 – Do you know either Elder Preston Ferrin or Elder Finlinson?

I do know elder Finlinson!!!! (Hahaha) He is in my zone and when we get together we always talk!! He is pretty cool! That missionary mom´s website is quite something! But I don´t know Preston Ferrin... Never heard his name before.... =( Santa Anna is pretty big and I don’t know all the missionaries in it. Just in my district and zone. We don´t get to see many other missionaries. Elder Finlinson went to the capital today to fix his police report because they were having some problems.

I just want to take the time to say how smart you are mom. How you had me pack all these things that I would have never in my life thought of it and then had to come down here and use my money to buy... Let’s just take one example: Q tips. I used those this week and I would never have thought about it. It’s quite crazy. There is a reason that you’re my mom. I´m glad that you made me think of those things ahead of time. It still feels like I’m on a vacation right now. Like in a week, I’m going to come home and keep going to school. I don´t know how to explain it. It’s one of those “newbie” things. I’ve been talking to Elder Finlinson about this, and he feels exactly the same way as I do. It’s almost not real. When the day comes that it does feel real, I’m going to be almost done with my mission. That’s why I’m doing my best now to work hard, obey the rules and have a little fun. =)

I want to see the front yard all dug up. All I can remember is all the flowers. I can´t believe that it’s getting cold there and going to snow in the winter. People here think of snow as in the fairy tales and such... Like not real. My companion lived in a small town in the mountains of Guatemala and his parents told him last year that "it fell snow" as they say here. And people were like shaking their heads because they didn´t believe it!!!! hahahha

Oh I got your letters mom. Well two “Dear Elders” talking about before Megan’s party and then the other one was about after the party. I kind of laughed because of how I got them both at the same time. At the same time it made me realize that life is still happening back at home without me. Why didn´t you stop time, mom?? I thought you were going to do that for me???? hahahah I bet you´ll get right on that. =P

Wow Brandon is home now. That feels like such a long time and yet such a short time that he was out on his mission. Did he like it? What did he have to say about it? I have been receiving a few emails from Jared just simple chats and he seems to be doing pretty good. It’s almost a third world country in Chile so he almost knows how it is here. =P You don´t really know what poor is until your sitting in a shack on the side of the road, and they use what little money they have and get a soda pop and put it in a refill mug because its the best they have. =) Yet the people here somehow find a way to still give. They have nothing but still give everything. We could learn a lot from mimicking the people here.

OH!!! You looked up where I live???? It is pretty cool huh. =) Well I live really close to the stake center. It’s called Modelo and my area is Independencia. If you can find that then your really close to my place like 4 blocks away. (hahaha) You should look it up on Google Earth and next week I can direct you to my house. I bet you’re at Taco Time right now with grandpa and grandma... How are they doing? What is happening around the family? I want to know!!

Oh that is what my blog looks like!! Dang, I had no idea. I don’t know if I can look at my blog, but I did anyway. (hahaha) You should tell my friends and everyone about my blog, mom, because it’s really really really hard to find time to hand write on p-day. I don´t know if you understand, BUT ITS REALLY HARD!!! Don´t worry I make time for you guys in email. But yeah I loved the letters you sent me. Also, Paul Wood sent me a little letter and I finally got that. If you get the chance tell him how much I really appreciate hearing from him even if it was just something they had to do for elders quorum; I still really appreciate it.

Well this week a councilor from the area presidency is coming to the stake center which happens like twice a year and we get to attend it!! This really is a huge deal here. The mission president, who lives 2 hours away, drove up here yesterday and is coming a couple more times this week to prepare for him. I don´t remember his name but he is white and speaks Spanish and English so I hope that I can hear a little English but I doubt it. There are some people here that speak English but it’s broken and not so good. It helps though that they try. If anything the members are patient with me. It’s hard. I don’t know if anyone can really understand unless you have experienced it. It’s funny to see all the heads turn and everyone look at me and my short little companion. =P They are really funny. When I talk to them you can tell they really pay attention because I’m a big white guy in a shirt and tie. OF course they are going to listen to me. I just need to speak some more. My companion is pushing me to talk to members which is good. I know having him as a companion is helping me learn in more then just one way.

Well also I just want to say how much it means that you write to me. Some of the elders here don´t receive letters from their parents or anyone and they just write things to their family and hope that they get them; they have nothing to look forward to on Monday besides just resting. I almost just want to give them your email so you can write them but they only speak Spanish. If you learn fast, I will. =P If anything you won´t forget about me huh mom. =P

So we are hoping for a baptism this month. I found out that this area that we´re in is one of the tougher areas so that is part of the reason why we aren´t baptizing like all the other elders. We have people they just give us a time to come teach them when they know they aren´t going to be there. It’s pretty sad because we waste time just looking for them. Oh well: I’m still doing this for God. If nothing I’m learning how to speak Spanish and you guys can have the blessings. =)

I hope that the food is good at Taco Time and that you ate something for me, mom. I hope that Megan is doing well in the boy department and in school. Remember that I survived school and that means you should pass with flying colors. Just don´t take it for granted; you only get high school once. =) Dad, I got your picture from work and I sent you email back but you weren´t on... =( Just remember, dad, that I’m always going to be your son no matter where I am in the world. Amanda, I just wrote you but remember to have some fun. Life is nothing without laughing. =)

I pray for you all every day.

que les vaya bien.

Elder Sutton

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  1. I think the soup will take an acquired taste - give it time - NOT. You may want to stick with the eggs and tortillas.