Sunday, December 5, 2010

November 30, 2010

Man do I have some stories this week but I don´t want to type it all… J I´m working on trying to get my hard drive and my pictures on the same but this computer I’m using is terrible and I’m probably just going to go to a members house where their computers aren´t 50 years old! I´ll answer the questions right now so that I can tell all the stories!

1 – Do you and your companion have a cell phone or a house phone (either)? How do you communicate with zone leaders, etc.?

Well only the zone leaders and the assistants get to have cell phones so that is sad, but we actually have like two phones; one is a set line and one is a ¨tellular¨ (it’s like a cell phone but bigger like a regular phone). We usually use the land line because its tons cheaper!

2 – What time do you get up in the mornings – leave to tract – come home in the evening/night?

Well we get up at 6:30 every morning and we eat, shower in the cold water and study until like 11ish then we go and do all the work until 1:00 and eat. We eat dinner at like 9:30 when we come back. That’s not always the most fun but sadly it’s a rule not to eat dinner until we come back at night. L

3 – Have you done anything fun on your p-day (checked out some topless babes or anything)?

Well really we haven´t done anything super crazy but our volcano experience. I’m going to write about that in a minute. J

4 – How was your interview with the mission president? (did he give you a promotion?)

Well it was really boring. He sat us in there and prayed, asked if there were any questions and then we bore our testimonies in English (I think he wanted to practice his English) then he shared an experience in Spanish then sent us on our way. Nothing really special. I don’t know, maybe I just haven´t done anything wrong. But it was lame!!! (hahaha)

(Hahah) Black Friday! I forgot totally about that! I definitely don´t miss doing that! It’s more of a girl thing then a guy thing I think. I still am not that all into shopping. J

Well let’s start off Sunday. First we went to my companion’s old area because he got to baptize his old investigator and so we went to our sacrament meeting then ditched to go to Atikisia. That was really legit! (It was tons of fun going to his area.) We went to see members and friends he had and all that, but it literally was a jungle! Like dirt roads and bridges and cows and farms and all that in the mountains! Then we went to the church building and it was tons nicer than the one that we have here!!!!! (hahahaha crazy) That night was the best. We ate Thanksgiving dinner with the bishop over there! Like turkey and potatoes and all that! It was our own Thanksgiving! J

Okay so yesterday we went to hike the volcano near Santa Ana! It was really legit the only problem was that it took us like 4 hours to get to the top and we got lost on our way up! Our so called ¨guide¨ got us lost and then some parts we had to crawl on our hands and knees! To top this all off, we were wearing church clothes because it is a new rule in the mission to always be wearing church clothes!!!! Let me tell you we all almost died. We didn´t plan for being out there all day long! We left at like 8 am and got back at like 6:30! (hahaha) I got some pictures! But everyone is dead today! Let alone my shirt is super super super dirty!!!!! Man, this story doesn´t even give it justice what we all went through!!!!!!

But all in all we got a great story and some pictures!!!

All is good here though. Christmas is coming up and we´re seeing Christmas lights and all that more and more every day. It’s crazy to think about how long I’ve been out on my mission already.. (hahah)

Love you all.

Elder Sutton


  1. We received our letter late this week because of Derek's trip to the VOLCANO - what fun!!! There's an empty spot at our house without him here...

  2. I can just picture him hiking a volcano in church clothes. . .

  3. I am glad that Derek got Thanksgiving dinner. I can only imagine how dirty his shirt was!!!Jen