Monday, January 10, 2011

Emergency Change

Well today we went and played soccer and football on a turf field that the stake president owns here, and it was soooooooooo hot.. hahah You guys don´t even know. I´d trade you guys in just like 3 seconds. I can just imagine how much I'm going to freeze when I get home. I just can´t even imagine how cold it is. I´m turning into a Latino. Like at night, I put on my sweatshirt and my pajamas because it drops like a few degrees and I freeze to death!!! (ha-ha) I´m going to die in the snow.. :(

Wow Box Elder actually beat Logan for once in the whole world?!?!? I hope that there was a huge party and that everyone celebrated! I remember back in the day when I was a senor and we would always lose to them, but look at us now!!!

Yeah so I heard about Amanda getting a new bed!! Lucky little girl. I still have my legs hang off the bed every night. (ha-ha) I remember my old bed (which I think Megan stole) where I could actually lay out flat!!

1 - What was your favorite thing that happened this week?

OKAY so here is the super craziest story of the week!!! SO surprise I'm in a new area. =) I moved last Friday to La Libertad. (hahah) They called us Friday in the morning about 11:30 and said pack your bags and clean your house you have emergency changes.... I was like what?????? My comp kept on asking them if we did something wrong, but we didn´t!!! Okay so the reason for the emergency changes was that the area I was in right used to be where the sisters were, and one night some gangsters came and painted gang signs on their house and knocked on their door. So the president took them out the next day and put us in there. (Hahha - I was like thanks president. Putting us with the gangsters..) But really it was just bad for the girls.. I'm still with Elder Winters and all that but we didn´t get to say goodbye to anyone!!!!! My whole mission was in that area and then they took us out in two hours!!! I only got a picture with the cook and one member and that was it.. We have to look for a new house and all that. For now we´re living with the zone leaders, (ha-ha) but it's awesome. We already have 2 baptismal dates and we've had 3 days; and we found 16 new people to teach. So opening an area isn't that bad of a thing. =)

Story number two... Okay so yesterday after church a member called us up and said, "hey you guys can speak English right?" We said yeah. Well he continued to say that he found an oriental family that could only speak Spanish so he wanted us to go with him and translate. So we went to this house and then knocked the door and a girl that was oriental came to the door and my comp said "Hey do you guys speak English?" she said not really and she brought her brother and immediately he was like "Hey guys; what's up?" So we started talking for a few seconds and then he started speaking to the member in Spanish with us and SURPRISE he could speak Spanish too. They all could!!! (ha-ha) We then were let into the house and there was a huge courtyard like in Asia and tons of people and a lady at a chalk board. They were giving Mandarin Chinese classes in Spanish! So we were like - heck yeah!! We sat through it and learned some stuff. So I can say that I was taught Mandarin Chinese in Spanish.. (hahahah) But it's so legit!! We stayed after the class and invited them to mutual - all 10 of their family. I´ll take pictures with them but most of them can speak like 4 languages and the dad like 5 or 6. It was awesome!!!! They told us about their culture too. So legit.

2 - How is your Spanish coming along?

Spanish is really improving. The only problem is I still ask a lot of questions and my comp kind of gets annoyed with them all. (ha-ha) Oh well, I'll keep doing it anyway. :)

3 - Are your nights quiet so you sleep well or are things noisy and you're always tired?

Well they are really actually quiet in this new area. We live like in front of this patriarch´s house and it's a quiet neighborhood. hahah

4 - What's your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day... well that's a tough one. Probably lunch. Our new cook is so sweet and awesome! The only thing is that we need to kind of wake up this ward that we´re in. The missionaries before weren´t super excited and all of that so we´ll work this all out. But this new area is sweet! Like we´re doing way good now.

I hope this week was exciting for you guys too, and that my stories weren´t boring. (ha-ha)

Love you all,

Elder Sutton

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  1. It really is great that Derek always seems positive about everything! We miss you but are proud of you.