Monday, January 24, 2011

Grateful to All

Okay so I live with 1 other pair of missionaries, or a total of 4 in the house. One of them is from Guatemala and is learning English so he decided to try and teach us in English and they both struggled way super bad!! It made me laugh. We talk in the house in English sometimes but usually not in "formal English" so when he went to teach it was super hard for him! (hahah) But hey, I thought this week about the day that you guys dropped me off, and we went to Olive Garden!! That's weird. I know it wasn't on dad´s birthday, but I did think about it. Our minds are linked since you went there this week!!!

Well I'm sorry to say this but I'm pretty sure that I couldn´t take the weather in Brigham either!!!! At night when it's like 75 degrees I have my jacket on and my pajamas and all that and I kind of am cold! Oh yeah! I forgot how grandma & grandpa always went to Mexico during my birthday. But now I can speak Spanish and they can´t; one day I'll go with them and be their translator. (hahah) That would be sweet!!!!!

That's sweet how Chase Petersen is going to Mexico! The only problem, I told dad this, is that the visas take like forever to get them!!! I remember in the MTC where the elders who were waiting for a visa eventually got shipped off to missions in the states until they got their visas! I'm sure that things will work out. Chase is supposed to go there. =)

That's really nice of the Terrys. =) If anything, I know that they at least thought about me during the Christmas season even if their card didn't make it to me. =)

1 - In your new area, do you do your own laundry?

Well I kind of do my own laundry. I wash my garments (if that counts), but I do it by hand. I´m not too bad at it either. =) I´ll show you how when I get home. It's kind of time consuming but not super tough. =)

2 - What special purchases did you make last week? (I spied on your account.... hahaha)

Well I still haven´t bought anything yet. I just took it out so that you wouldn't change your mind and take the money back. =P But I'm really going to get some leather things for my Bible and Book of Mormon. =) They look so cool and help with the water.

3 - Are you letting you hair grow a little or are you still trying to sport a new do?

Well it's actually super short. (hahaha) I´m changing how I'm looking right now so that I can look a little professional. I show people how I used to look before the mission and they say that I look super weird! (hahaha) It's all good.

4 - Do you have to use chapstick or are your lips ok with the humidity?

Well I use chapstick just about every day. The humidity is pretty rough at times. Especially during the day around lunch. Talk about super hot. Walking in a dusty streets sweating isn´t fun!!!

5 - Are transfers coming soon? Are you looking forward to them?

Well transfers are actually around my birthday. I think before my birthday actually.... =/ So we´ll see if I'm still here for the next change. Who knows... I kind of am looking to a change. I´ve been with my comp a while and he is getting bored of me a little and me of him.... but he is good. One pair in my district have been together for like 4 months or more. Something crazy like that! (hahaha) So who knows.

WOW!!! $80 for my birthday between you and grandma & grandpa!!!!!! Man maybe I'll just stay out here for the rest of my life!!! (hahaha) But really - thank you guys!!!!!!! That's awesome. Maybe I'll go buy a cake (we can´t make them because we don´t have an oven) !!! =D My family is awesome. If anything, I know I have the coolest family ever. =)

I really do thank and appreciate every one of you guys - (my mom, dad and sisters and tell all the people in my ward and all my friends & family too)! Everyone has had some impact on me being here. Even though it's super hard here, it's the best thing that I can ever do. The most difficult two years. =) But salvation never was easy. If it was I wouldn´t have to serve a mission. But until then. I love you.

Elder Sutton