Monday, January 17, 2011

Rice & Beans

I think that you should all take a trip here then tell me what a heat wave is!!! I'm pretty sure that the sun is actually getting closer and closer to El Salvador every single day. I´m sure it's like a crazy natural phenomenon. But I'll be missing it during the raining season. I´m really not looking forward to getting wet all day every day.. =( Plus I was thinking that when I finish my mission, I'll come back during the raining season. =( Dangit, all my stuff will be wet; but I'll probably just end up chucking it all so I can fit cool stuff in my suitcase. I found this sweet machete here! Super cool! Maybe I'll send pictures of it. =)

I want to go and have a sleep over in Provo with Amanda, too!! That's not even cool. But how does it feel to be all alone in the house? I bet really weird. Can you imagine one day it´ll be like that?!?! OH just kidding; I´m living with you all my life. That's what you told me huh mom. =P At first I was like, "who took the girls down to Amanda's house????" OH WAIT!!! Emily can drive.... HOLY CRAZINESS, time is running by faster then I can believe.... =( It's good and bad....

Megan's ditching her own father's birthday for a date??????? Wow I can see who is more important in her life.... =P (kidding - just teasing) But who is the date with?? I also sent dad a letter in the mail so hopefully if the guy walks fast enough, the letter will get to you guys in a month. LOL

1 - Is your new area still in Santa Ana or is it more in the country?

Well it's still like a city. It's really in Santa Ana but just another part. So I'm still with big homes and such but the members are better and a little more poor so this area is way cool. =) We´re working with a partial member family so that we can baptize the parents. The kids were baptized like a year ago. =)

2 - How big is your new ward & do you get to play the piano in this ward too?

Well the attendance was like 81 yesterday. Good but not super huge, and I had to play the piano but on a FLIPPIN KEYBOARD!!!! I hate them with a dying passion from the depths of Hadies!!! I decided yesterday that if I get a house, I'm going to not eat for like a year so I can buy a REAL piano. It's worth it. (hahah)

3 - Did you find a new apartment or are you still living with the zone leaders? (what's your place like?)

Well we´re probably going to live with the zone leaders for good. It's pretty close to the top of our area but our bishop wants us closer. I don't know. Maybe we´ll move. Not sure. But it's a fairly big house; a member rents it to us for way cheap because we´re the missionaries. =P

4 - What's the best thing you ate this week?

Well defiantly pancakes with peanut butter!!! Our cook makes us like real drinks! She puts apples in a blender and mangos and all that and that's super good! Basically anything that's not Beans and rice!!!!!!!! I like it tons still but come on..... Every single day of my mission is pushin it..... hahahahahaha But its better then starving. =)

Well let's see if anything cool happened this week: OH! We went up to this area called Buena Vista - or to translate it for you gringos "good view". It's literally on a "mountain" or a giant hill here and I get such a good work out walking up that. I´m sweating and all that when we get there. And of course our investigators live at the flippin' top!!! I´ll take some pictures and all that.

Also washing clothes by hand is quite fun. Like getting the soap and scrubbing yourself and then rinsing it and hanging it up to dry. Quite the experience. So what do we learn from this??? Never complain about putting the clothes in a washing machine!! Deal? Deal!!!!

Well, I love your prayers and your support always.

Love Elder Sutton

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