Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Laser tag for New Years Eve - Oh really now!?!?!? You all decide to do fun stuff now that I'm in Central America for new years!!!! I´m mad! But I can imagine you guys playing laser tag! I´m really impressed though! Running around and what not!? I hope that you took some sweet pictures!?!?! Where ever is Boondocks - is that the one by the freeway on the way to Provo?? or idunno...

Dang, Steve Darais is already back. I remember him being around and playing with Chris and I, and then once he left on his mission it felt like last year. That's cool how Chris called on New Year's so that the whole family could talk with him instead. So did he really like his mission then? Steve? I don´t know of any missionaries that return that didn´t like it but still...

So the temp here is actually good today because there is like a breeze thingy going on, but the other couple of days have been super super hot. Like just walking around the block we both would start sweating. But so is the life here in El Salvador. hahah - mom would like it though. =)
It sounds like to me Amanda is learning to be quite the handy woman. Maybe by the time I get home she will be able to make me some ice cream out of snow too!!! hahaha

1 - Did they also have fireworks for the New Year's celebration?

They hand TONS of fireworks for the New Years; I´d say almost more then there were for Christmas. The funny part was that the next day the streets were even more covered in papers from the fireworks and NO ONE was outside. Like literally NO ONE! I am in the second capital of El Salvador and the streets were bare! I was thinking that if a giant bomb went off last night and everyone got turned into zombies, that would be how the city would look. But we still had to work. SO we went out tracting and sadly no one wanted to talk to us... =( probably cause they all had hang overs still... hahahahahha That night we just hung out with a member family and played scrabble with dice... in Spanish... hahahah It really wasn´t fair, but I didn´t get last place??? haha

2 - Any sign of your new pet (rattitui)?

Well no more rats that we know of.. We put out some traps and such so that if he did come back through our drain we would get him. =P SO no rats only cockroaches. =P

3 - What is the biggest animal you have seen? (from Amanda)

Well the biggest animal.. hahaha a cow. =P Okay so we´re in the city and there are cars and tons of busses and all that jazz and some guy around here has a wagon and cows and rides though town!!! It makes me laugh every time I see him because it's this huge city and then these huge cows!!!

4 - Did you make any new year's resolution/goal?

Well I kind of did, not really any terribly serious ones but one of my goals is not to get fat. I definitely don´t want to do that. If I come home fat someone has to make me join a weight loss group or something. hahahah

5 - What kinds of food do you actually have in your refrigerator? (from Amanda)

Food in my refrigerator... Well right now not a lot because its p-day; we´re going to buy. A big pitcher of cool aid, a pound of frozen beef, some drinkable yogurt that are almost gone, some cups of water, some left over lasagna from a member, some month old onions, and some baby potatoes. =) That's our food!!!!!!

Well there weren´t any crazy cool stories this week sorry fam.. =( but New Year's fireworks kept us up way late!!! My comp started to yell at them to be quiet but it didn´t work. hahahaha

Well I'll make a poem:

Roses are red

The church is true

The mission is great

But I really want food!!!

LATERZ FAMILY!!!! (and my large fan club)

Elder Sutton

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