Monday, March 14, 2011

Changes But I Stay!

Well hello family dearest!!! I remember Amanda saying that to mom. Mommy dearest. (hahah) Well man it sounds like things are going crazy fast back there in the states! Like usual. I Still can´t believe that Megan already went to prom let alone with a guy... How crazy. That is super sad that the lacrosse game got canceled. Hated when that happened. Maybe I'll come back for a little bit to show the kids how to play... (HAHAH - kidding kidding) I love it here. I remember Amanda doing something like clay pigeon shooting too. How well was Megan at shooting guns? Does she have bruises from them?

Well talking about how Megan can´t play soccer, I'd say that she needs to practice but I haven´t been playing much lacrosse either so..... I think I'll be in a worse of a boat then Megan is right now; plus I'm getting fat so maybe I just won´t eat for like 3 weeks. Sounds like a perfect idea!!!!!!!


Well here are the sweet news on changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m going to stay in my area and someone else is going to come here named Elder Cano. I actually knew him in my first area!!!!! So things should be super fun!

1 - How was your bus ride to San Salvador last week? What did you get at the distribution center?

Well the bus ride was super hot and super long! We crossed the whole mission to get there and then we crammed ourselves into a small room. But it was sweet; I bought myself another Book of Mormon in Spanish and a bible in Spanish. The ride was awesome. We talked a lot. (hahaha)

2 - Have you had success in the postal delivery service from us yet?!?!?!?!?

I got my birthday package from you guys and I actually made some videos of me opening them. =P So I'm sending off 2 memory cards and I think the video is on it. =P I sure hope that they get to the house!!!!!! P.S. LOVE everything that you sent me!!

3 - Is your comp still on track to go home or has he requested an extension since his present comp (YOU) is so GREAT?

Well he actually had an extension and then last week a family asked him to go to the Guatemala temple and be a guide for when they get sealed!!! He just called the president right now and said to cancel his extension that he is going to the temple. It was quite the news actually. But that decision was super tough for him. He was pretty preoccupied all this week. But it's all turning out for the good.

4 - What is your house like? We really want to see new pictures - at your convenience..... hahaha

Well speaking of my house you should be getting my memory cards and those have tons of pictures in them. I hope that they get there. =/ My house is sweet; it's in like two parts - one for cooking and cleaning and bathroom and one to sleep and study. It really is pretty nice especially for the conditions here. The mission really does try and take care of us. =) So don´t worry too much mom. =P

5 - What do you eat and drink for breakfast in the mornings?

Well now that I have cereal I'll be eating that, but usually I try and eat fruit and stuff. Sometimes I get lazy and eat a cookie.... or nothing.... That's going to be my goal this change, to eat breakfast and eat healthy!!!!

Well I don´t have tons more to say except that the mission is awesome. I´m so great (glad) that I made the decision to come out here. It's super tough but man I'm learning tons about the church and myself. Hopefully I'll make it to the end so I can apply what I've learned here in the mission. =P ( hahahahahaha)

Well I love each and every one of you. Feel free to send me some letters if you want? :) I just sent a batch of letters off so I hope you all love them. =D

Elder Sutton

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