Monday, March 28, 2011


Man, of course BYU went and choked! That's what happens. (Haha) Maybe one day they will be good like USU. I still am impressed with how far they did get, and I hear from dad that the lacrosse team is doing even better. Maybe I'll go play for them after. =P hahahahah Not too sure right now.

Oh the good old JAZZ games.. I miss going to them. I remember going with Holly in her car (which I drove) and we had a blast. All the way back we talked and I'm not sure if we won or not but it was sweet. (Haha) But just so that she knows, I am using the t-shirt a lot here in the mission. I really love it!!!

Man!!!! I´m super happy about Box Elder lacrosse and how dad is kicking them into shape. I just wish I would have been around to play at this time. But like I am telling dad, I'm going to come back and show them how we REALLY play lacrosse. Every once in a while I bring out my lacrosse sticks and throw against our walls because here everything is brick. =P But I am preparing myself to come back and all that - push-ups and sit-ups and that's the extent of it. If it works for inmates in jail to get buff it has to work for me. =P

1 - Where is your new comp from and what is he like?

Well my comp is from Guatemala again. But this time a little less weird then my trainer. He still is a bit crazy, but it's good. Normal is super boring here in the mission. His name is Elder Cano. He is from at least a modern part of Guatemala so he knows what technology is. =P The thing is he is super short and I think that's just a Guatemalan thing. (haha) I'll send you all some pictures of him soon. Deal????

2 - Have you heard anything about your mission changing (ie. boundaries, name, zones)? We keep hearing that the mission area is being readjusted......

Well that's the dumb thing. In July (when I complete 1 year in the mission) they are taking out San Salvador from our mission and they are taking out more areas and zones. It's a bit sad; I really wanted to serve there and see the big capital but it's alright. We still will be able to go to the temple. =) But yes to answer your question; it is being changed!!

3 - How are the member of your branch?

Well they are doing super good. Yesterday we had branch conference here and we had the most people ever in our sacrament meeting. 70!!! WOW!!!!!! It's super awesome. But the problem is that a lot were from the stake center so next week we´ll see what happens. The branch is doing well; of course the normal problems with gossip and because it's such a small branch we know everything but besides that - its super awesome!

4 - Do you have to bless the sacrament, play the keyboard, give the talk and give the lesson all in the same day?

Well usually I don´t have to bless the sacrament. I usually play the piano and sometimes talk in sacrament meeting and then we give the Gospel Principles class too. So not a super ton but at the end I'm pretty beat. Running around making sure everything is working out well and then teaching really gets to you!! But I love staying busy. It helps the time to fly by and helps get baptisms. =)

5 - What have you been doing on your p-day lately?

Lately I haven´t been doing a lot. Today we´re going to play soccer so I'm hoping that I'm going to burn some calories today. =P (hahahah) Then I'm thinking about buying a memory card here so that I can put info on it from my Ward mission leader. I hear like a 4 gig here is around 8 dollars so I'm going to look into that. =) I don't know, that will be my surprise for today I guess. Maybe I'll buy some food if I have money left. =P hahah Don´t worry, I'm not going to die. hahahaha We have a family in our branch (The Borja Family) and they really try and look out after us. Saturday they gave us tortillas and some chicken so that was awesome. =D

Well I'm going to wrap up my email right now and I hope that you all loved my email. =D As you all can tell I really love writing you guys. This week was a little hectic and I hope this up coming week slows down a little. But it's alright, like i said, the time is flying by!!!!


Thought you all wanted to know that. =P

Love you all.

Elder Sutton

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