Monday, March 7, 2011

WOW!!! Time Flies!

Well I'm going to get my share of water here soon. So I don´t feel too bad for you guys getting rain. I'm thinking months straight of water is going to be quite interesting. (hahah) Actually, I'm not all that excited for it... BUT it's one of those adventures that I'm going to have whether I like it or not.

That is really sad about Brother Hess. I hope there weren´t many problems with it all. He really was an awesome man.

Well talking about lacrosse, why didn´t you guys stop lacrosse for me until I get back!! I'm definitely going to have some fun playing with the guys when I get back, but the problem is that I'm going to be super fat so I'll have dad work me out. (hahah) Maybe some of the new kids will give me a run for my money..... Doubt that!!!!!!!!

Dang that month went by sooooo fast. I remember in the beginning when grandma & grandpa went down there to Mexico around my birthday and now their back already. What in the heavens happened with February?? At this rate, tomorrow I'm going to be done with my mission!!! Let's hope not. =( But I really hope that I'm invited to go with them when I get back. =P I am really super curious to see how the difference is between Spanish here and there. Even the Spanish between here and my companion is different!!!

Speaking of what in the heavens - why is Megan going to prom anyway? First of all, she is like 6 years old and second why is she using a fancy dress and third what the heck about this guy??? Man I haven´t been introduced yet or anything. What a good date he is going to be without introducing himself to the brother of her!!!!!!! Seriously..... What happened to little Megan...

1 - Do you pretty much live surrounded by the jungle (the picture looked quite dense)?

Well yeah I pretty much live in the jungle!!! It's sweet but different at the same time. Like literally I don´t live in the jungle but in a tiny town in the valley.

2 - Have you seen snakes, rats or other strange creatures or eaten anything strange lately?

Well I've seen snakes, rats, bats, EVERYTHING!!!! I kill them all too.

3 - Anything new with the temple completion?

Well it should be open for open house in July and ready to go in August so we´re all super excited for that and I'm super excited to go back again!!!!!! Even the people are super excited because they don´t have to go to Guatemala to go to the temple anymore.

4 - How are your knees holding up since you're prayer schedule has increased? (Megan's question)

Well actually my knees kind of hurt from all the walking and stuff. Not so much the prayers but walking is super mean up and down hills all day long!!!! Especially in the jungle!!!! (hahah)

5 - Have you seen Bryant or the other Brigham boy lately?

Well actually I haven´t seen them in a long time. Months actually - maybe they all died and I'm the last one here. I sure hope not but from my perspective, I have no idea even where they are in El Salvador... Maybe you could fill me in mom??

Well I'm kind of super rushed today because we´re going to the distribution center in San Salvador today and I don´t have much time to write. I promise next week will be super better. Just nobody hate me okay??

I love you all and I'm super happy to be on the mission!!! With all the good times and bad times. =)

Love Elder Sutton

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  1. hi Derek, I am in Maui. I have access to a computer, yea. Hello ! I am so amazed by your experience. I get to read your blogspots but seldom get to view the photo's. I love knowing that you are accepting every day as an opportunity. I'm so amazed at how quickly you are adapting to such a daily changing lifestyle. OK truthfully I am totally jealous of all that you get to see and do, the lifetime friends and life changing experiences you are having. I love you Derek. Stay safe, healthy and confident. Holly