Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Companion

Happy Second day of spring!!!!!!! Well, it feels a lot like the same here.... Hum... Maybe someone forgot to tell the weather guy that it was the first day of spring. Actually don´t do that; I don´t want to actually have the rain start yet so I'm going to enjoy every second I can get!!!!!

It sounds like you guys are all being little angels and visiting grandpa and singing and all that jazz. =) I remember when I went to play my trumpet for the nursing home in Brigham City. (haha) Good old times but that was quite a while ago plus it's been like forever since I've even touched a trumpet.. I´ll get on that right away. hahah =P Plus about those Reese's peanut butter cups you took him................... I´m hungry. =D

Wow maybe I'll change my view now and go to BYU. It sounds like that's the way to go now a days - good lacrosse team, basketball, football. What now!?!?!? But man at least Utah is being put on the board by someone. But just remember last year when Utah State beat them in basketball!! (I don´t know what happened this year or if they even played)

Wow the phantoms Sam and Chris......... hahah. In Spanish there is a word "Chambon".... and that's what I'd call them because A. I haven´t heard one word from either of them and B. They are going to see my family. I think someone needs to kick them in the pants and tell them what's up. I´d do it but my legs are only so long..... =(

WOW even better news!!!! Box Elder Lacrosse sounds like its rocking. Someone needs to give dad a high five for that one. I bet finally all the hard work is paying off that he is doing. My claim to fame is that I started him in lacrosse. =P So when he is a huge D1 coach, I'll be able to see him on the TV and say, "I was the reason he started playing lacrosse!!!"

1 - What's your favorite way to eat your "beans"?

Beans???? (hahah) Well, I like them in a bag. Here they call them liquado or like liquid. So not the beans like we get from a can. I like putting beans on sandwiches and stuff. That and somehow I got addicted to garlic salt so I'm putting that on just about everything I can get my hands on............. I´m weird, I know...........

2 - Do you ever have problems with gas or is it something you have just gotten used to?

GAS?????? Okay time out........ That's a little weird of a question.. (hahahahahahaha) I'd tell you guys but A. lots of people read this email (or so I hope) and B. I don´t have problems with gas. =P

3 - Are the mosquitoes bad in your area?

Well the thing is that it's too cold in my area for mosquitoes to live. Like they all die so luckily no!!! =) But also I die. Like last night..... SANTA VACA!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha It was sooooo cold!!!! I almost died.

4 - Did you ever get the package Jennifer sent? I think she included socks - if it didn't, you may just have to buy some...

Well actually I got an email that says I have a package in the office and the Zone Leaders just have to bring it to me. And supposedly it's kind of big. Cross my fingers and hope that it's got socks in it!!! I´m actually wearing socks that they gave us at the Christmas party thing that they had for us. Apparently I'm not the only one that has problems with socks because they gave all the missionaries socks. =D

5 - Besides a new case for your scriptures, what did you buy yourself for Christmas & your birthday (something cool - we hope)?

Well I got a sweet bag that's called a Morral here. It has "El Salvador" on it and it just looks sweet. I use it every chance I get just to show it off. It's my pride and joy. All the members tell me that I need to give them my bag, but I just can´t get up the heart to part with it. So it's going to be mine the rest of my mish!!!!

P.S. - I heard a second about Barack Obama doing that whole air space with Libya. I don´t really understand what's going on with it all. We kind of are shut off from the world here.

Well a quick summary of this week. I officially have killed my first Missionary in the mission. Elder Marin is in his house and hopefully doing sweet adjusting to the real world and I got Elder Cano, whom I'm also going to kill. So at the end of this change I'm going to be pretty ¨baggy¨ as they say in the mission. =P

I also had a sweet conversation with a photographer here who was from New York. He travels all around the world taking pictures and is going through El Salvador to take pictures of Guatemala and stuff. He apparently has gone all over Europe and Asia and all of Central America. It sounds like quite the lifestyle. He even has gone bankrupt too!! And guess how he got the money to start this up? 1. He was a calculus teacher at night and an elementary school teacher by day... hahah 2. He sells his pictures but not digital. He is total anti-digital. (haha) We went off on that subject for like an hour, but he sells like those slide things. Dad has a box of them down stairs. It was quite refreshing to talk to him about everything; he is Jewish and right now kind of atheist. (hahah) Such an interesting man and best of all, he told me I was an "intelligent Kid" (hahaha) WINNER!! Probably because I loved talking about politics and religion and photography, etc. I talked to him and decided something... after my mission I'm going to learn either French, or an Asian language. =) I think French would be easier but I don´t like doing stuff easy. We´ll see. (they say that the second language is easier to pick up)

Well that was my story of the day. Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope that you join me next week at this same time when we talk more about "The life of Elder Sutton"

Love ya´ll.


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  1. Derek said his new companion was a "pill". He'll have to work on him a little. Elder Cano is at the end of his mission, so he may just be tired or lazy????