Monday, April 25, 2011

Senior Comp

Man, I surely hope that you have taken pictures of Amanda´s graduation and all that. If not I’m going to be super mad! The only son of the family is getting left out of all the fun. Did she have to put on the whole gown and all that? I loved when I graduated and all that; I felt super special. I still have the picture in my photo album of us three kids and me in my gown!

Hahah, silly Megan, always being a little bit of a mental case and not playing soccer as well when the coach is gone. I am finding out that it comes with being a girl – that and those crazy hormones. I am never going to forget those days when Megan would just start crying for nothing and we would ask her what’s gong on and she would just cry and say "I don´t know" (hahah)

What’s going on, dad? I´m going to have to come band whip your team into shape! I know that we can´t be perfect in all the games and I´m sure that dad gave them quite the talk. I always loved those from coaches. We get tons of them on the mission! We call them Machetes! hahah

Don´t worry mom; I´m sure that they still will love you at the nursery. If it matters, I´m going to still love you if you don´t finish your hanging baskets in time - even though I´m thousands of miles away and all that. Your favorite son still loves you. =) AWE!!

1– Do you actually have a way to Skype on the computers down there if we decide to go that route?

Well the thing is that most have skype but this new area I´m going to might or might not, but I´m going to make sure to get it or something. It will be sweet to see you guys again but it´ll be a little hard – I’m not going to lie. Crazy how the technology is changing and we can use skype huh?

2 – What’s the best thing your new cook has made for you? Learn how to make puppusas yet?

Well no one wants to teach me how to make pupusas. They don´t want the missionaries learning to make them so that they won´t buy them! But I will!!! Don´t worry family! But the best thing.... I really liked her fried chicken she made and also she made cheese filled squash one day that was pretty good. I never was a huge fan of squash either!

3 – Do you have a new address for your “new” mission yet?

Well sadly we don´t have the new direccion (address) yet.... =( I´m sure to let you know asap! We´re a little slow in the office here. hahahah

4 – When Elder Cano leaves to go home, do you see a transfer in store for you as well? It sounds like you’re in a little bit of paradise – minus the bugs…..

Well I´ll tell you a little about my transfer...

Things are going to change quite a lot now. I´m going to a new area and they are going to put sister missionaries in this area =( =( I´m going to an area called Atiquizaya!!!!!! Man that is super hard to spell. I´m going to be the senior companion! Unless I´m super sinful, I´m going to be senior companion from this day forth until the end of my mission... Crazy huh. Apparently the lord and the president have a lot of confidence in me huh? LOL My area is called El Angel. I´m going from a branch here of 50 to a ward there of like 150 and supposedly the members love the missionaries and give us food and stuff.. (ahahah) I sure hope so because I´m not too fat anymore. (hahah) My new comp is going to be Elder Fox and I´m going to be his second companion in the mission so he is a baby baby in the mission. (hahaha) I´m going to be a step dad in the mission!!!! Ask Eric about that one...

Wednesday I´m getting out of town. But for sure if I ever come back here, I’m going to go to Apaneca because I love this place with all my heart and it’s so beautiful... Also my ward mission leader is the coolest guy that I know!

5 – Do you sleep with mosquito netting?

Well no I don´t. Right now it’s too cold for mosquitoes but in my next area it’s going to be hot and humid so I’m going to sleep with lots of bug spray on! J

6 – Do you drink your drinks out of bags with straws (like in Mexico)?

Yes!!!! Actually I drank one today! It was pretty sweet. Everyone here uses bags and stuff. It’s one way of saving money on buying little cups for everyone! Also I figured out that the water here is bad but it doesn´t affect me! How crazy cool huh? I have a stomach of a Latino!

7 – How much is gasoline? Ours is $3.55 a gallon and on its way up.

Well the gas here is 4.50 so you guys are really lucky! There are some poor people with cars here and somehow they are paying all that money for gas! I don´t know how but man they make it. The people know how to live in these conditions and they all do it with a smile. We have a lot to learn from people like this. We just baptized two kids last week that really are poor poor kids but they knew that this was true and they took the step of faith.

Well I have told a few people that I have facebook so I hope that they are finding me all right but who knows. Just make sure to accept them and when I get back I´ll check it and see if I really know them. J

Well I just want to say how much I really appreciate all of you and the support that you give me. I really am blessed because I firstly have a family who loves me and loves each other, I have a home and I have my testimony. I can´t explain how much you all mean to me and all that I have learned from you all. I know I sound like a baby but it’s really true. The mission is the best thing I could have done with my life because it helped me find my life. Find who I am and all that I have. You all!

Elder Sutton

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