Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amanda's Graduation!

Well that’s good to know that eating bananas may help keep fleas away. It’s just one of those things that happen when you are in the fields here; there are tons of dogs and cats and they all carry fleas. It’s just what happens. Before the mission I didn’t think that it would ever happen to me but it’s just a part of life now. I hope that with these flea collars, maybe they won’t want to eat me. (hahah) It’s really all good. I just didn’t have time to look for shoe laces yet but I’ll look into that. I don’t know the things here aren’t really made that well but who knows. I’ll just work something out. (hahah) They are just shoes anyway.

It really is going good here. This week in the church we had 45 people so that was super nice and hopefully they keep coming. Even though my comp ends his mission in like a week, I’m going to make sure he works all the way until the end!!! I’m kind of mean like that. We are also going to have a few baptisms this Thursday and it’s going to be great!!!!

Also, I’m getting more and more into soccer. Like I know the best sport to touch the earth is lacrosse, but I’m getting to know some more things about soccer like Real Madrid and Barcelona played on Saturday, I think, and it was a tie and they are going to play Wednesday!! It’s going to be intense! I’m going to have to ask some members how it’s going!

Wow - so now Megan can be in the cool madrigal club like us. I honestly did like my time in madrigals; I really hope that she enjoys it like we all did. But don’t let it get to her head or I’m going to come back and beat her up!! =P Also, I remember a few good cold days playing lacrosse. It’s good for her to toughen up! Sometimes I would come back and not feel my fingers and everything and I’d take a cold shower just because the warm one burned my skin. Maybe she will be tough when I get back =P (hahahah) HARRY POTTER came out? Man, I forgot about that. How is it? I hope it is as good as the books were, but I’m glad that it is in two parts so that it has everything!

I think dad is doing fantastic with the lacrosse team. Beating Sky View is a quite the challenge. When I get back ill show them how to really play lacrosse! Then ill show Megan how to play soccer! Man I’ve got quite the homework ahead of me. =P As for my memory cards, I have them all ready to send I just haven’t sent them yet. I’m just so busy running and running and running and then at the end - running again. I promise to do it and then you can see Apaneca and Jujutla!!

1 – Have you been checking into our special Mothers’ Day phone call? Are you getting a phone card again or do we need to connect another way?

Well I have been telling dad that I have been thinking about that and the president says that we can call in skype now. I don’t know if you’ll want to do that but its an option and I’m sure that I could try and get a cell phone again. I don’t know. What do you all think?

2 – Did you find more socks in your water boots?

I did get some socks but I already took out all them in my boots. My boots are all ready for the water! I’m not so ready but my boots are. (hahah) I also did get the package with socks and I’m actually using a pair right now. They are quite nice using new socks.. haha - the little things I enjoy..!!!!

3 – Do you have plans for Easter Sunday (it’s this coming Sunday)?

Well actually this week is called semana santa - or holy week in English. Here they are all doing stuff (the catholic church mostly) like having parades in the streets and going and doing their masa or what’s it called in English. But we aren’t really doing anything like as church or missionaries, but maybe we’ll include that in our teachings or something!!!

4 – Do you live in a neighborhood or an apartment? What are the neighbors like?

Well our neighbor is a doctor and rich but we always get stuff like mail from him. Hahah I don’t remember his name but its quite cool, but really nothing too cool. We have a cyber café next door and then a police station also. So if something happens we can go there. (hahah) I live in a house because there aren’t apartments in Apaneca. There isn’t a ton there/here but it still is very beautiful!

5 – What’s your favorite part of the day and why?

My favorite part of the day..... man that’s a good question. I really like the mornings and the nights when I can just read and look up stuff that I have questions and all that. I don’t know - more then anything relax. Or when we go eat with our cook because we just got one. She is really nice. Her name is Sister Emma like the wife of Joseph. (hahah) They are quite the rowdy family. It makes me laugh whenever I get there. It’s awesome!

Well tell Amanda congratulations and a hug from me because she finally made it!!!!!!!!!! One day I’ll do the same - I just am taking a two year break... or .... work. hahahah Now she only has to work and work and work! Unless she is going to study more but the thing is, I bet she is ready to be done for a while! I would be too. But it’s all good. I’ll throw a party for her when I get back. (hahah)

Well I love you all.

I hope that everyone is doing amazing and super happy.

Elder Sutton

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