Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy - Busy - Busy

Wow the Box Elder lacrosse team actually lost! I didn’t think that this day would come. Like I told dad it’s because I’m not there to help the team out!! But I know that when you play them again you will show them what’s up!! I really have high hopes for this team and I hope that you guys are recording at least a few of the games so that I can watch them when I get back. =)

Wow – Katharina Andersen is back and she made it back alive from the mission and from what I can hear the mission makes the people weird to be around. I’m certainly hoping that I’m going to be super weird when I get back so that everyone will have to help me back into reality. Plus I’ll just speak in Spanish all the time so that no one will understand me!! But really, the mission kind of does mess with your head. Like right now I can feel my voice changing or I can say my accent and all that jazz. I think it’ll be awesome when I get back and you can all laugh at my Latin accent. I hope to have one anyway.

1 – Did you watch conference and if so - in English or Spanish?

Well luckily this time we could watch it in English! But the thing was we were in a room alone with the other gringos and it was sweet! We had our own little English party in there and for a while, I felt like I was back in the states watching it then when I stepped out - it was like a wall of Spanish that slapped me in the face!! It makes me laugh. But that’s one reason why we are weird on the mission!

2 – Where do you wash your clothes?

Well we have a woman that washes our clothes and stuff but I like to wash my own socks because she kind of takes a while to do it... So I do that by hand in a thing they call a pila... It’s just like a giant concrete tub that holds water. It’s nothing too drastic but definitely nothing I’ve seen before in my life. I’m learning how to do lots of stuff by hand and maybe one day after the mission, it’s going to be of some use? Never know?

3 – Do you have a cook yet?

Well actually we started to have a cook but the thing is that we are almost never here to eat. We are seriously running around like mad men and when we do have time we just grab all that we can to eat so that we will have some energy! BUT the food that everyone sent (Grandma, The Dinsdales, and the fam) are super appreciated... Man you guys don’t know how much you saved my life with that food! I actually made hamburger helper last night and it was pretty good!

4 – Do the people in your area have a different dialect than in Santa Ana?

Well actually they don’t have a huge difference just the words that they use. Like they don’t have a different accent, but they just talk with different words. Because here everyone is a farmer and stuff and it’s like going out to Corinne and Salt Lake.... (HAHAHAHA - just a little joke for the Noyes family!) It is super awesome to see the difference out here. We have one area where we walk for hours to get there and they live in the pure mountains and they literally live off of the earth. The way that they talk is different too. (Hahah) That’s actually where I came from today!!!

5 – Is it easier to meet investigators with a native or a gringo companion?

The work is tons easier with a Latino companion. It’s actually sweet having a Latino companion; plus I learn Spanish. =)

Well I imagine that I should explain why I didn’t write Monday - huh............. Well okay here is the thing, we had it all planned out to work but then some problems got in the way. Here is the story. For our p-day we decided to go and play soccer on a turf field in another area so we left the house here at 9 to get to Ahuachapan and take a bus from there to the other area. We got there and we ended up waiting there for almost an hour for the Zone leaders, who always seem to be late, and in the mean time we only talked with a few drunk people, or should I say they talked with us. =P Once they finally got there we finally went to play for 2 hours, and man I got burned on my face. Let me all tell you..... But it was awesome! It reminded me of when we went to California with USU lacrosse and played in the super heat. After that we had to go to the capital, San Salvador, to get some stuff worked out with the nurse. So at like one o’clock we took a bus there and got there at like 4. We talked to the nurse and ended up that she didn’t know what was going on. So basically we went there just for the fun of it all. (HAHAH) BUT the best part was we went to eat at Wendy’s after!! It has been so long since I’ve had something other than beans and rice!!! You have no idea how much I loved that burger......... UMMMMMM!!!!!! Then we went back home on the bus and they were playing "The Punisher"... which was pretty bloody so I didn’t watch it..... and we got in the last bus to come to my area and man was that packed. I had to ride in a ball because my head would hit the ceiling and there were no seats.... Poor Elder Sutton..... =( Once we finally got here at like 8 at night; we wrote president and then after we went to our house and ate and went to sleep!!!!! MAN that day was super crazy....

I’m still tired today because of that day... =( But today we had to hike in our area again!!!! There are no days of rest for the missionaries - just prayers from the people that love us. =)

Well I hope you loved my little story and all. It was quite fun to write. I’m still super dead right now so I’m going to go. (hahah)

Love you all and appreciate all the prayers for me..


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