Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flea Collars

April 11, 2011

Well, don´t worry about anything because the rain is coming really soon.... I´m not looking forward to it but its gotta happen. =) hahah Like last night it rained like there was no tomorrow! But the funny thing is that it rains like crazy for like 20 minutes then it stops! But as for right now the clouds are trying to engulf the town! It’s like those horror movies when the people enter the fog and then the killer comes out and kills all the girls first then stabs the guys..... Kinda gory... hahahahah but really sometimes it’s pretty cool! If I ever return here I´m going to show you all about this place. It’s pretty sweet. Like a little village tucked up into the mountains. =)   Man!! I´ll come back and help any one of you for a little while but like you said I have tons of things to do as of right now. We have baptisms to plan and dates to put with other people, but playing some lacrosse would be the coolest thing in the world right now! Dad sent me some pictures of when I was playing lacrosse and man do I miss that crazy sport! I´d even play in the rain or snow!! Crazy huh? But what is this about Megan going off and doing all of her things alone and going on dates and driving etc... I thought that wasn´t allowed by my parents... I think they are getting softer and softer because she is the "baby" of the family.. I bet Amanda would agree with me.. hahahah but I remember when I had that restriction period. It was quite the time of probation for me because I just wanted to drive everyone around.. hahah the good old days huh? =P I´m old and fat now.... =(
1 - We're going to start putting together another box - what are some things you are missing out on?

WINNER!!!!!  I was going to ask about some stuff too.. hahah   One... they are telling us "white people" haha that if our parents are going to send us packages they need to do it fast because like you know the mission is changing and the office is going to Santa Ana. So just so y´all know. Okay the things that I would "like".... hahah are first.... CHOCOLATE CHIPS!! I have wanted to put them in pancakes for about 6 years now...... hahahahahahahah well another thing is I was wondering if you could send me a hymn book in English because someone in my ward is bugging me about it. If not, don´t worry about it. =P Then at the end I would love if you sent me some shoe laces..... hahah then there are more things that I want like candy but that’s only if there is space... hahah =D   !!!!!!! I forgot, if you could send me a lanyard that would be awesome!! Like those lacrosse ones I have in my room.... or had in my room.... But I want to put my keys on something!!!!!!!    

2 - Who has been the sick one that needed the nurse - you or your companion?  (what's up with that?)  

Well actually I went to the doctor... haha but don´t worry I´m not dying right now just having some problems. But they should be fixed and all then if she ever decides to call me back..... She forgets a lot (the nurse)....

3 - Have you seen any monkeys or do you only see big bugs and mice?

Well there is like a mini zoo near my house and there are actually monkeys there and I had some photos of them!!!!! But I still haven´t sent my cards to you guys.. I just am so busy.... BUT I WILL!!!!  PROMISE!!!! and about the whole bug thing.... I was wondering if you could like send me a flee collar or something against flees that would be sweet.. I think that explains enough...... hahahahahahaha  

4 - Do you still clean your shoes regularly? Do you need more polish?  

 Well I kindof talked about my shoes. They kindof are falling apart but I might save some money to buy some new ones but I´m hoping that they can last through the water at least.... Lets all pray for my shoes!! hahahah I´m a little bit weird I know... plus my English is dying too so I hope you understand what I´m saying.

5 - How's the "farmer's tan" coming along?  

OH MY....... I hate how my skin is right now. It’s like a super farmers tan times ten million!! My collar tan I have and my legs and my chest.. I´m pretty much the whitest white person that has ever existed here. But the good thing is that no one sees my super white because I always wear the same clothes!!! hahah Maybe we can go to the lake when I get back or something cool huh parents!?!?!?

6 - Tell us again the name of the town in which you live?

I live in APANECA!!! The county place is like AHUACHAPAN. but Apaneca is where I´m at right now.  

Well I´ll write you a little more later today but I ran out of time for now.... =( I love you all and I´m perfectly fine in my health department. =) Don´t worry mom!!!   Wait for a little.. I´ll write more.. But at night... hahahaha   LOVE the coolest elder around. ELDER SUTTON 

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