Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day - When?

Wow man look at so many of the things that are happing out in the real world of Utah. Well it looks like Megan did quite the good job on her knee and that she will be having some fun on the sideline like when I messed up my ankle over in Idaho, I think it was. (hahah twins!!!) But it looks like Idaho Falls is getting better at lacrosse? Hum maybe they want to play lacrosse too. LOL

Well man why isn’t Megan trying out for American Idol or stuff like that or at least the Sutton family because apparently we are pretty talented huh guys? Then dad sent me that piece about the Utah State program and maybe I’ll look into going there to play or at least go there to get rid of this fat that I found here in El Salvador!!!!!

Okay and about being lined up with the sister of Kate thing - I’m 100% on board with this awesome idea! I totally dig the idea of a nice British accent. Plus I can serenade her with my Spanish and it’s perfect! We could be part of the royal family and we could have a house in
England. Great idea. Just got to start to get to know her; so someone needs to get her address please and thank you!!!!!!

Man now Megan has a boyfriend? What is this world coming too!!! I’m definitely coming back and having a nice chat with this
Tyler kid. But I’m sure that mom has had one with Megan; it means something coming from the older brother. =P

1 – Any new address yet as to where to send packages and/or letters? (Hopefully you’ll get the package we sent you 2 weeks ago….)

Well I officially have a package in the office and I don’t know who it is from so we’ll see about that but for now they aren’t saying anything to us about the change that will go on. But hopefully they will at least tell us in time so that we can let you guys know.

2 – Are you going to use Skype for our conversation this next weekend? (We have registered and our ID is: suttomd) We can do the phone thing if you can’t work it out-you’ll just need a phone card.

Well someone needed to tell me that it was this next weekend. No one has even said anything to us as of right now. I’m sure that we will figure something out because I think that I have to sign up for an account or something but I have the power to talk on the phone so I’ll ask!! (hahah) It’s a benefit of being senior companion. (hahahah)

3 – Would it be better to connect on Saturday or Sunday and what are the time details for the conversation?

As of yet, I’m not sure.... =( I think the Mothers Day here is different and honestly I have no idea.. Please don’t be mad. If you do, I’ll have to call Amanda or grandma.. (hahahah)

4 – Is your new comp relatively “normal”? Where is he from and is he willing to work?

My comp Elder Fox is the funniest guy that I’ve met in a long time. I’m his step dad so I feel so sweet to have my first son. He says "keep on keeping on". Not too sure what that means but it’s sweet huh? He is from Tooele Utah (can’t spell) and is super funny. But pictures are soon to come!

5 – What city are you now residing in and is it finally warmer at night?

I’m in Atiquizaya. I think that’s what it’s called and I’m living in the middle of the city almost, close to these artificial soccer turf fields that we played on today and we totally won!!!!

6 – Any plans for Cinco de Mayo?

Well I’m not so sure about the 5 of May but I hope something. I talked to my comp and we are thinking that it’s just the people in Mexico. But who knows!!!! We aren’t really well informed here if you can tell. =P

Well let’s see what’s going on. I’m living with two other elders (Elder Aguilar and Elder Navarro). They both are El Savadore├▒os and Elder Navarro served 12 months in Belize and can speak just about all the English that you could ever want so our goals are to - A. teach my comp Spanish and B. teach Elder Aguilar English. Pretty simple huh? But I totally love the showers here and everything. Man are they so nice; it’s not so ice cold. But every morning we play soccer with the ward boys at 6 and I’m working on my skills. (hahah) but that’s another thing. The ward I’m in right now is huge - like 117 people in church yesterday. The ward is El Angel. (hahah) but really we are mostly loved as missionaries here. More then my last area at least so maybe I’ll get a little fatter because I had to go down a belt loop here. =( Also I sweat like it’s my job here so heaven knows that I smell a little bad. I just continue using my deodorant!!! Winner!!

Well I Love all of you. Don’t forget to write me!

Amanda, p.s. I got your invitation to your graduation. But I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to make it in time.......

Elder Sutton

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