Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Eyed Dog :)

Well let me see. You’re all getting flooded out and all of that craziness and so am I. It rained for like 10 minutes here and the streets were like streams. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and we can compare them because I’ve never seen rain like this before. Man it’s insane! But I talked to my comp in a Donald Duck voice like Skyler and I used to do but he just thought I was weird. LOL - my humor isn´t for all I guess. =P

Well crazy stories for this week. I was off on changes for the day with Elder Braithwaite and we went to go visit this inactive older woman like 78’ish and she said she needed to wash her clothes but had to get water from a well and she couldn´t do it. So being the awesome missionaries that we were we went and helped her so we used the cool crank and pulley system like back in the Wild West days. (hahah) But as he was doing it his hand slipped and smashed him in the head and it started bleeding, so the crazy old lady got some cream stuff that smelt like mint chocolate chip ice cream and some sugar and managed to stop the bleeding but man all we were really worried about was the pulley because it kind of came unhooked. But everyone came to see the funny whit kid who smashed his head by the well. hahahah that’s one story….

Also today we went to the capital to play soccer and we won it all! It’s sweet!

1 – Megan wants to know what type/brand of soccer ball do you use down there?

Well that’s an awesome question. The best here are Adidas and Nike but they have lots of knock-off pretend brands and then brands that no one knows about. LOL

2 – Did you make your big shoe purchase? (I hope they are as cool as the wearer…)

I managed to get some shoes that fit me and work and not for too expensive so I hope they will last for a while - even though they were made here. hahahah

3 – Have you been able to advance from the goalie position to an actual player in soccer?

I’m getting better and better and I’m not always playing goalie just when we start losing. haha but I’m getting better believe me!

4 – What is the craziest thing or person you came across this last week?

Definitely the one eyed dog here that is super gross and my comp always has to look at it. We are thinking of putting it out of its misery because man it’s so nasty!!!!!

5 – Do all of the missionaries in the house eat together or do you end up fixing food just for yourself &/or your comp?

Well I make food for my comp and all that stuff but usually its “every man for himself” kind of thinking. If food is in the fridge for more than a few days, it’s eaten even if it’s not yours. hahaha we´re guys.

Well I’m going to try and send some pictures now so we´ll see.

Ps: I’ll try and not worry about them (the little things). =) Deal?

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