Sunday, May 15, 2011

SKYPE Ready - May 9, 2011

You’re telling me. It was more of a surprise for me I think. I mean I only get 4 times in the mission to call and talk to you guys and after tomorrow I’ll be down to 2! Dang talk about weird huh?

But today we went to eat at the president’s house in the capital because my zone baptized their goal of 25 people and that was even a record breaking amount! Awesome huh? Well if anything the work will always go forward. We have two more twins that are 26 that are SUPER positive and I’m sure that we are going to baptize them and they will be excellent members of the church! I’m super excited every time I see them in the church. They are short little guys with curly curly hair! hahaha

1 – What is your SKYPE ID? (remember ours is suttomd)

Well I think mine is derek.michael.sutton because I just did it and all that junk. So look for that and if not I’ll make a new one tomorrow and add you guys! So make sure yours works!!!!

2 – What is the best thing that happened this week?

xxxxxxxxxxxxx (my comp’s moms email) But it has to be the dumb little moments I have with my comp every day. I just love walking around with him and talking about the things that we did and just everything, it makes me laugh. But we have been looking for this guy for about 1 week now and we have looked over all our area and can’t find him but we just make up games and stuff when were asking people and talking to them. It’s awesome.

3 – What is Elder Fox’s address or at least home phone number? (I may call his mom to tell her that her son is in the best hands in El Salvador!!!!)

Hahahah I just told you her email so I just read your mind! phone is xxx-xxx-xxxx and mom have fun talking and explaining who you are. But her name is Karen.. =)

4 – Did the ward down there talk about mothers? Our primary (only about 25) sang 2 songs for mothers today – they were so cute.

Well here they had the mothers actually talk in church and sing and all that. The only problem is that they really can’t sing here so it wasn’t so great but I still enjoyed it. And then a lady made some pins and all the mothers wore yellow. I really liked it. But I forgot mom... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!

5 – How often do you have to speak in church?

Well here not too much - in my last ward like every other week so that was kind of a pain. Here with 120 members they usually find someone to actually talk...

DANGIT, I have to go and buy the food and all that junk but I love you all and we’ll talk tomorrow about all my life and the happiness you all bring!!!!

But remember that no matter where we are in my life, god wants us to be happy and will always prepare a way for us to find it. We just need to choose his path... deep huh?

Elder Sutton

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