Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shoe Blow-out

Well those farmers’ tans actually sneak up on you if you aren't careful. I mean it’s something that just bites you and while I’m here on the mission I can’t really fix that but don’t worry I’ll be my good old tan self pretty soon. (haha) My face and arms are really tan if that makes up for it. The thing is that it’s not really a good place to tan here. Plus we try and stay out of the sun all day; it’s super hot!

Well if anything it sounds like Megan had a blast at the dance, and I’m assuming she got her good night kiss from that boy or whatever. They need to cherish their time together while they can... =P (hahah) don’t get mad Megan!!! Well I think that sounds like an awesome idea to play mud volleyball. I bet they were pretty covered at the end of it all. Also, that’s amazing about her blessing and all! Mom you really should consider getting yours. I was reading mine the other day and it really does help me know that I have something more to do in this life then just the mission. (hahah)

The lacrosse game sounded so great. I’m actually sitting in this cyber here and I would pay to see this game - just for the last part. That’s something really special that they did for the autistic boy. It is something that he might not ever forget. Then you come out and get creamed by Timp! What happened there? I didn’t know that they were so good?

1 – Were you terribly late getting home after Tuesday’s SKYPE chat?

Haha - not terribly late or anything. Thanks to my amazing persuasive skills and my amazing charm and looks, I got out of it. I’m just good like that.

2 – How are the investigators going? (You talked about a new girl who was really positive.)

Well right now we have one that wants to be baptized on the 23rd and then 2 more that we’re working with for the 28th so hopefully we’ll finish this month with three. Don’t worry, we’ll take pictures of them all. Also, the activity where we’re going to make sloppy joes (p.s. try explaining that to little kids; it’s tough) should help us find some more investigators and so I’ll be super happy with that!!!

3 – Do you know your actual street address or what landmarks do you live by? (We looked at a map of your city today and saw the layout and some identifying building.)

Well I don’t know how to explain it. There are fields of artificial turf by my house and we live in quite a big house. The fields would be the best land mark!

4 – Any latest info on the completion of your new temple?

Well it’s still in run for the open house in July and I think that if we take investigators there we can go there! That would be awesome. I’ll find some people and just take them there so that we can have a sweet trip to the capital. (hahah) But it’ll be like 4 bucks to go... so I’ll save my pennies to take my investigators.

Well officially my shoes died today because we played a little basketball with Carlos here and they totally died. My feet touch the ground and I ripped my socks. =( For sure I’m going to buy some so no worries!!! hahaha

Well really I loved talking over SKYPE to you guys. It was amazing. 2 more times though.... =( But it was awesome.

Love all of you and especially a shout out to Holly then Scott and Jeff and Tom!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! But I hope you eat some good cake and ice cream because I’m not too fond of the cake here to be honest with you guys. It’s better back at home. (haha)

I don’t know of anything else to ask or talk about. I’m super tired from playing basketball and I’m super out of shape!!! hahahahaha I’m fat!!

Love Elder Sutton

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  1. talking to Derek of skype was AMAZING!!!! I sure love my big brother!!!!