Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No AC? You're Spoiled!

That’s so funny that you guys put on your air conditioning and all that. Here someone asked me if I had AC back home and I said yes, like everyone does in one way or another and they were super shocked!! Like it’s not something that anyone has here. Maybe in the richest buildings they have a little of it but really no one has it. You guys are super spoiled. I´m thinking about taking you guys here for a week and making you see how I’m living without anything special!! (hahahah - Spoiled gringos!)

Dad sent me a picture of the Angel Moroni!!! Man the temple looks almost not real with all that’s going on there. So it’s really made out of bricks and stuff like that. It looks like a computer made picture. (hahaha) I sure hope that you all went to go and see it get put up because I’m super jealous!!!!!!!!

Dang, it sounds like Kevin isn´t having the time that he thought he would in the Marines huh? That’s kind of sad though; I’ve been trying to write him and all that but he hasn´t sent me anything back. I don’t know - I can just imagine that it would be really hard. If it’s possible tell him to write me; I got permission from president to write him. Make sure to keep me informed anyway.

It seems like there are tons of people going home this change. Like the entire mission is getting changed into new people, which means that we old guys are getting slowly older and older!!

BUT I did get your package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! You guys are my favorite ever, you spoil me.. =) I love the candy bars; I’m trying not to eat them too fast, and I’m actually using the shoe laces right this second and the tooth brushes I haven´t used yet... =/

But we did just barely baptize! It was quite awesome; this kid is so funny named Joel. He is 12 and his nephew baptized him.. Yeah his NEPHEW!!! hahah

1 – Tell us all about the El Salvador temple…… (What it’s like, your favorite rooms, etc.)

Well the El Salvador temple is super amazing. It’s not super huge but it very beautiful. It’s like a castle on the hill here. Right as you walk in, there is a picture of Jesus and two Latina girls (I think i told you that). And the baptismal font is super amazing. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. Man i sure hope they let us go in for sessions!

2 – Have you been able to take more investigators through the temple and whom?

Well we have been taking tons of people there. We have taken a lot of kids with us too; we just have to pay for the bus. (haha - but sacrifices bring blessings..) =)

3 – Did you receive the box we sent a few weeks ago with the chocolate chips in it? (There actually should be another on the way with a surprise)

Yeah i got it!!!!!!!!!!!! Again muchisimas gracis!!

4 – Who was the most fun person you were able to speak with this week and why?

It would have to be yesterday Hermano Afane. He was called to be a bishop at 19 because he didn´t go on a mission and then he was a bishop for like 13 years! He is awesome; now he is old but he is super rich here. He just sat me down yesterday and we talked about the church and about you guys. Just about everything. Just helping me out with some of my problems that I have and even better - they gave me pancakes!!

5 – Do you have mosquitoes and/or other biting insects that cause you grief? (hahaha-sorry)

Yeah here the mosquitoes are getting super bad!!! It’s because of all of the water and all that but man I got a bite on my hand between my fingers!?!? How weird, but I’m fine. =)

6 – What kind of things do you do as the senior companion – are you kind of like the “big brother”?

Well there is tons of stuff I do. I have to talk on the phone and when we don´t do well, they machete me. (Haha) It’s just more responsibility. Like I need to make sure we have everything planned well and are on task and everything. But the thing is, it really depends on your compañero because there are some that you can just be normal and some that are like babysitting them the whole change. (haha) But that’s how the mission is right? I wouldn´t change my experiences for a million dollars.


I´m going to Sonsonate! =/ It’s by the beach and man it’s super-hot there. When Bryant gets home ask him about it and he´ll tell you it’s super-hot! But the good thing is, I might get to go on changes by the beach!!!! That’s my goal. I´m not going to do anything wrong; I just want to see how it is here. =) Same with my comp. He is going there but to another area. I´m go an area delicias (hahah) but I’m going to baptize a ton over there. =D

Well I love you all and I hope that you all are receiving tons of blessings and never forget why we are here. Never give up!!!!! There is always a calm before and after the storm. =)

Love Elder Sutton

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  1. me gusta esta historia, y te agradesco por querer mucho a mi papa le enseñare esto deveras gracias :)