Wednesday, July 13, 2011

El Salvador Temple Opens

Man, the good old days of chilling out in the sun in St. George and going swimming. Well the only thing is that you guys better not stop going there when I get back or I’m going to be super mad. (hahah) So Megan is deciding to take the burned look now!? I bet that looks good on ya.=P (hahah - I’m teasing) But how is the weather up there? I bet it’s super-hot like usual!!!!!

Dang! Why isn´t anyone taking care of dad while I’m gone? I think that is the first accident we have had in a long time in the Sutton family, unless Megan has had any fun experiences since I have left?! I only remember that one time I crashed the green truck into the old high school receiving dock, but I think that did more damage to the stuff in the back of the truck then the truck itself.. (hahah - that truck is a beast!!!!)

1 – Do you ever floss you teeth? (Megan’s question)

Well before this change I would have to say no, but now I bought little tooth flossers from the super market, (crazy, they have tooth flossers but not peanut butter) but now I use them just about every single day. I have to keep up my attractive smile somehow?

2 – Have you found any investigators to take over to the new temple yet?

Well we went last Saturday, and this Friday we have another trip scheduled. I want everyone to pray so that my investigators will all go. We have told just about the whole world here that we are going that day; now they just need to make the time to go with us. But really, I was telling dad, that the temple here is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen in my life. I looks like a box but in the inside it’s super beautiful. Right as you walk in there is a painting of Jesus Christ hugging 2 Latino children and man it looks so real! The people here are really blessed to finally have a House of the Lord!

3 – Are you about due for companionship changes or will the President leave everything the way it is until he settles in a bit?

Well that’s a fantastic question, changes are the next Wednesday, not this one but the one after. I have absolutely no idea what is all going to happen. This will be the first change of the new president and it will be interesting what he will decide to do. =)

4 – Do you have someone to wash your clothes in this area? Are you a “clean” companion or do you leave a trail everywhere you go? (Mom’s)

Well yeah I have someone to wash my clothes in this area so we´re all good in that aspect and the better part is that she doesn´t work! So she gets our clothes done really fast! I have clean shirts about every single day!!!! Well of course I’m the clean companion! You taught me that way!

5 – Do you do exercises every day (sit-ups, push-ups, etc.) or is your exercise mostly a walking regiment?

Well I play a lot of soccer and that. Sometimes I do pushups and stuff before I take a shower to make the shower not soo cold! But don´t be expecting me to come back all ripped and strong because that’s not going to happen at all!! I´ll work on that when I get back.. =P

Well Bryant is leaving and then there will only be 2 people from Brigham here... sad day, huh? The mission just won’t be the same! The even more dumb part is that I never was in the same zone as Bryant! I still remember when he sent me a letter and while we were driving past that cowboy place.... I don´t remember what that store is called.... SMITH AND EDWARDS!!!! (hahah - just remembered) But he was telling me things I needed to bring and all that. Well at least I know that it’s possible to live through El Salvador and finish my mission huh? =P

Well I don´t have much else super exciting to tell you guys just that the temple here is amazing. Hopefully this Saturday we´ll have 2 baptisms, and I hope that you´re all praying for my investigators. They really need it. =D

Love you all.


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